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  1. apart from standing aside and ushering there goal into the net he was fantastic :D What game were you watching? Or did you even watch the game? When called upon he was fantastic, a superb save at 0-0 and got a vital touch on another to send it along the base line. Also some good catches and went bravely in at the end. He was superb tonight!
  2. I think we need to start looking at ourselves too, instead of looking at the Ref''s decisions all the time, we were still in it and if we put the ball in the back of the net twice today without needing a penalty, we would of walked away with three points. We couldn''t so we didn''t!Norwich 0 - 1 WBA
  3. I have tried to move away from the whole Ref thing in my match report, see what you guys think! Norwich 0 - 1 WBA
  4. Do we want to be the darling sisters of the Premier League though? SO we aren''t adored by the media like Man U, Chelsea etc, but do we want to be?I get the lack of games thing though, not so good is it :(
  5. I like being in Premier League and not sure how people don''t like it, but hey ho, I guess it is what we know isn''t it!  It may be all about the money to an extent and yes there are world beating teams like United, City and Chelsea, but I would rather be cutting it at the top with these boys, than in the championship. The only thing I will miss is beat 1p5wich! Found this though, with some great memories of last season! Love Grant Holt!
  6. I have written a little piece that asks Club Or Country please comment on what you think.I have quoted you "Wings" and did message to ask if it was okay, if you have an issue, I can take it off!
  7. Wilbraham and Dawkin I believe, Surman missed a penalty!
  8. As others have said, it is due to agreements with Sky, BBC and the Premier league. You could always look a little harder and find it find it I am sure!
  9. You might like this article, Send In The Clowns - AVB!
  10. [quote user="GJP"]Looks a good player but by the same token he has already made mistakes that have directly lead to 2 of the 5 goals we have conceded (although you could argue that Pilkington could have helped him a bit more with Chelsea''s 3rd). If I remember correctly it was also him who let Ivanovic go for that unmarked header he somehow managed to put wide.   Do think he''s a good player though. [/quote]He is still young and looking to get experience as said in I tip my hat - Ritchie De Laet. Will be huge for us and shows just how quality he is on the ball and in general when you can make all these mistakes and still be seen as our best CB!
  11. [quote user="GJP"][quote user="Largey"]. I''m suprised he started ahead of Morison against Chelsea,  [/quote] Given that Lambert has just spent a fair bit of money on Morison I thought he might have shown faith in him and put him in the starting line up. However, at the moment Martin appears to fit our system much better than Morison and he knows how to link-up with the likes of Holt and Hoolahan much better.   It will be interesting to see how Morison fits in to our system and how quickly and effectively he can adapt to it. I also think he would benefit from a goal (as would Chris Martin) and needs to sharpen up his game a bit.   I did think the Chelsea game highlighted our lack of pace upfront though. They were all over the place defensively and had we had someone upfront with decent pace then we could well have got much more from the game. Morison looks like he has a bit of pace when he''s in our stride but neither him nor Martin have killer pace. Will be interesting to see what Vaughan has got to offer. [/quote]Hopefully pace, when fit. It just doesn''t seem to work out for him. Hopefully though, we can sort him out like Zak Whitbread!
  12. [quote user="Sir Humphrey Appleby"][quote user="Unhinged Wizard"]I don''t know what the general consensus is, but I know a few Man Yoo fans and they all think he''s shyte! [/quote]We''ll have him then because he looks quality to me! Pace, strength, a reasonable passer and a good header...what more do you want from a centre back.[/quote]If your Man U, either a decent amount of experience at Premiership level (hence why De Laet is here) or the promise he will be a future England international of the highest caliber. To say he is Sh)te is a but over the top, but Man U can afford to be picky and they have other, probably better options across the back four.
  13. I have heard you talk of this before..... its never been fixed for you?
  14. Agreed, I thought he looked awful in pre season but seems to have been very solid in PL, well done PL!
  15. Exactly the same for me, can''t use my phone or ipad! Annoying :(
  16. [quote user="Yellowbeagle"][quote user="Making Plans"] [quote user="MAJESTIC"]agree good move for every one involved[/quote] Especially for me as I''m sick to death of a new CM thread starting every day - the sooner he goes (for good) the better. [/quote] Dont count on the posts stopping just becuase he''s left. [/quote]I think they will....... Won''t they?
  17. [quote user="smooth"]smudger it was tieney who bottled out of the challenge in chelsea''s half. Now I rate Tierney very highly and he has performed brilliantly this year but that goal was not down to de laet. If he performs like this all season there will be alot of clubs looking at his signature with so many young players at man u in his preferred position.[/quote]Exactly what I was saying, he is so far down the pecking order, I wonder though why Fergie went in for Jones?
  18. Yes, I really rate him! I Tip My Hat - Ritchie De Laet
  19. I''d disagree.... I think that with anything like this they could quite easily leave IF tied into a contract. It is more likely run on Archant''s internal servers by their I.T department but too big to switch over to a new system as they will lose too much of a back log of data. SEO potential and users. After all I think many people would flood to a new site, if this one went down. However, I think alternatives have been offered up and they are not willing to move.It may be poor, but it''s faithful! So people don''t leave!
  20. Actually, the forum has Archant Norfolks highest turnover of page views out of any of their sites, which has an ad on every view. With rising print costs and decline of readers I thought they would be pumping money into this!
  21. Pete, I have been trying to reset my password, change it over the net and on here but it won''t let me! I have sent a few tweets and tried to reply to the emails I have had as it states in the email from the Pink ''Un! It won''t let me.....  HELP??
  22. [quote user="Gareth"]I thought he was one of the better performers tonight... [/quote]Please help me to change my mind, the pass back after coming back to tackle is sticking in my memory. Maybe I am being ruled by that memory (which I don''t think I am as I said before to friends, he looks terrible)
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