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  1. [quote user="Gingerpele"]Surman, Martin, Bennett. In answer to your playmaker question. Quick forward, you don''t need one. Stoke don''t have one (yes i know Stoke play a completely different game style, and have completely different players) It wasn''t a negative team, Lambert had faith that the players he picked, in the formation he picked could do the job, they didn''t. Wether that is down to inability or luck or just a bad day at the office who knows. We created enough chances, based on the BBC''s highly inaccurate statistics we have quite a lot of shots. Martin, Holt, Bennett and Surman should all be able to create chances, with Johnson and Crofts providing support to attacks with either Naughton or Tierney out wide helping out. Its more than attacking enough if it works right, it didn''t work right today.[/quote]If anybody expected Surman to do anything today then they are on a different planet. Chris Martin is a striker, he shouldn''t have been required to play so deep, they were rubbish tactics. So what''s the plan then? How were they going to score? Martin puts the ball out wide to Bennett, we hope that Bennett has his crossing boots on, and Holt will get a head on it? It''s one dimensional stuff, so bereft of ideas and options. For me it was rubbish, we can agree to disagree, we didn''t look a threat going forward.I love the way that you use statistics in this argument. I''ll give you some facts using the same stats:West Brom had the most possession.West Brom had more shots on target.West Brom had more corners.West Brom were the away team. We looked useless, like relegation certainties, no threat whatsoever. Hoolahan and Jackson would change that. This is Worthington football, I never expected to see it from Lambert.
  2. Pretty sure that this will prove controversial, but I just thought our entire line up today was completely negative. We were playing certain relegation rivals at home, looking for our first win, and played a midfield of Crofts, Johnson, Surman, and Bennett...... a front two of Holt and Martin. Was that line up ever going to build any sort of monentum going forward? Who was supposed to be our playmaker? We had two players on the bench who are capable of running the game in the midfield, dictating the flow and tempo of the game, and capable of playing people in (such as Bennett). With Surman looking completely void of confidence, something that anybody who went to the MK Dons game, you have to wonder how the hell he got a chance today. I''d rather have Hoolahan on the left wing if Lambert really insists on playing a negative workhouse centre midfield partnership of Johnson and Crofts. Bennett got a lot of stick for looking ineffective today, would he have looked so out of the game if Fox was pinging 40 yard balls to his feat? If Hoolahan was on the pitch for link up play? I just don''t understand where our goals were supposed to come from today, what is Lambert trying to do with this XI? Crofts and Johnson aren''t creative players, they are the type of players who give attacking players the license to be a little more adventurous. To be honest, and I don''t care if I am criticising Lambert, it all reminded me of 2004/05...... only Huckerby was at least providing us with some sort of outlet. Who was supposed to be our outlet today? Was Surman supposed to do this? Did Lambert expect Surman to play a blinder today? Because none of us were. Lambert needs to wise up, this is going to be an long and boring season if he is going to be leaving the likes of Fox and Hoolahan on the bench. We were all saying that we should play football the way that we are known for, the way that we came up, and then we leave our two best passers of the ball on the bench? I don''t understand the vision, if there is one, and if there is one..... it isn''t going to work.
  3. [quote user="Gingerpele"]Sorry didn''t get your point. Were not actually going to play the same system and formation as Blackpool are we? I thought you mean''t go out and try to win every game, playing attacking football etc....[/quote]A middle four of Crofts, Johnson, Surman, and Bennett, with a front two of Holt and Martin, isn''t what I would call a positive starting line up for a home game against almost certain relegation rivals. Obviously our opinions differ somewhat, my idea of positive attacking football would involve Fox, Hoolahan, and probably Jackson, on the pitch. We were completely ineffective in until Hoolahan came on, we must be the only team in the league willing to play without a playmaker. All attacking teams have a playmaker, tell me, who was supposed to be our playmaker today? Who are the playmakers in our team? In my opinion we had our playmakers on the bench. That is my point. The Jackson suggestion is as a result of the complete lack of pace that we possessed up front. Look at any decent attacking team, they have a playmaker and a quick forward. We didn''t have either. How we could ever have expected to create chances today is beyond me, what with Surman looking lifeless all year. We were reliant on Bennett having a good game I suppose, but we didn''t have anybody with the ability to play him in. We had an attacking substitutes bench, I''ll give you that one.
  4. [quote user="Gingerpele"]Well thats what were trying to do, were not playing a different game. All thats different is were trying different systems, i would say not getting the luck in front of goal, but i reckon our shot to goal ratio from last season was pretty poor as well.[/quote]Are we trying to play like Blackpool? I don''t think we are, if we were we would have Fox spreading the ball around like Charlie Adam, and probably Hoolahan beside him. We played TWO defensive midfielders today, at HOME, thats negative tactics, almost Worthington-esque. Blackpool typically played one deep centre midfielder and allowed Adam to be the playmaker, which is what we need Fox or Hoolahan doing in every game, at least one of them. With Surman not exactly being an offensive threat either, it was a particularly uncreative work horse type team. If we don''t have two fit wingers (Bennett and Pilkinton basically), then we need a Hoolahan in my opinion. When we do have the two wingers fit whats the point in having them on the pitch if we don''t have a Fox or Hoolahan playing 40 yard balls to the wings? I seldom see Crofts hit the ball any further 15 yards, Johnson isn''t a passer, we didn''t have any decent passers on the field. Negative non-attacking tactics.
  5. [quote user="valiant"]yeah but we didn''t start with hoolahan, fox or jackson, so MATE, what part pf my statement did you not understand. I said TODAY we did not look like we had the ability to score, not last season.[/quote] I said:  but with Hoolahan, Holt, and Jackson, we have the ability to score more goals if we play the right system. You said: hmm didn''t look like we had ability to score today, I said: If we were to go all out attack, we would have had Hoolahan on from the start, probably Jackson too, and we wouldn''t be playing both Johnson and Crofts in the middle. You said: yeah but we didn''t start with hoolahan, fox or jackson, so MATE, what part pf my statement did you not understand.  I am misunderstanding? Or are you misunderstanding?
  6. [quote user="Chelmsford Canary"]Totally agree about the communication. Rudd is four years younger than Ruddy, and he spent several years out on loan etc etc when at Everton. This is what Rudd needs, as his learning curve is at the top level currently. Joe Lewis went to Morecambe and Stockport on loan. Rudd should have done same, and we get Marcus H as Nr 2[/quote]Hahnemann will be going through the draft pick / allocation process in the MLS, he wants to join his first club Seattle if another MLS team doesn''t pick him up before their pick. Their season ends in November. Interestingly, he never stopped training at Wolves, and if they needed a keeper he is considered a free agent and could be signed. Here is a quote from Wayne Hennessey:"We stick together and we’ve still got Marcus Hahnemann at the club, so there’s plenty of competition for places. It’s always the same for goalkeepers because everyone is battling for the one shirt and that keeps you on your toes".Just another example of yet another Premiership club with plenty of goalkeeping options. They have Hennessey, de Vries, and it transpires they still have Hahnemann turning up for work. He could effectively be used by them at any point up to early January, when MLS teams do the draft pick process. That is an example of clever football management. Mick McCarthy confirmed that he is looking at free agents, he a man who knows what he is doing, very clever. There are still lots of free agents out there that we could sign by the way, James McFadden is one. McCarthy is looking at El-Hadji Diouf and Steed Malbranque, as well as McFadden. We could sign Richard Wright if we wanted, I''d have him.
  7. Hoolahan is probably our only genuinely Premier class player, and the fact that he is on the bench is a travesty.
  8. [quote user="Boris"][quote user="LeJuge"][quote user="valiant"]hmm didn''t look like we had ability to score today, foster didn''t make a save.[/quote]I''m not sure what part of my statement you don''t understand, but by going down like Blackpool we would playing a completely different type of football with completely different players. We aren''t playing offensive football mate, we are playing Worthington football. If we were to go all out attack, we would have had Hoolahan on from the start, probably Jackson too, and we wouldn''t be playing both Johnson and Crofts in the middle. An attacking Norwich team would, in my opinion, include Hoolahan, Fox, and Jackson; with Holt of course. You know, the team that got us promoted? Playing attacking football? By scoring goals? [/quote] wake up guys all this players is very good for championship but gap is too big also bad luck +refferes against us all the time  make things impossible at the moment Simply we can''t play same formation who we used in league 1 at top level and to hope to survive it is not 1989 it is 2011... Seems PL try differnet things but we loose too izi pts against average teams at home so time for experiments is not much [/quote]Please explain how that formation won us a point away at Wigan whilst we won zero points at home today then? There are very few Norwich fans who don''t want to see Hoolahan and Fox in the team, and nobody said that we have to play the diamond  to accommodate them.
  9. [quote user="Cantiaci Canary"]Perhaps PL sees Wes as an impact man at this level?[/quote]That''s all well, but we need people making an impact over the whole 90 minutes, and he is the one. We all know that he is our best player, and therefore should be starting week in week out. First name on the team sheet for me.
  10. [quote user="Excited Canary"]Lambert has just said he is off to the plastic surgeon over a serious gap to upper lip. I hope Gabriel Tamas is proud! [:@][/quote]And I hope that Lambert stops letting refs bend us over and f*ck us up the arse every time we get out on the pitch. That means taking a few fines, a touchline ban or two, complaining to the FA, kicking up a fuss in the media. As opposed to saying nothing and letting them do it all over again. I bet the refs love the prospect of playing against little old helpless Norwich so that they can pull out a red or blow for a penalty, they can''t do it against the top six after all.
  11. [quote user="valiant"]hmm didn''t look like we had ability to score today, foster didn''t make a save.[/quote]I''m not sure what part of my statement you don''t understand, but by going down like Blackpool we would playing a completely different type of football with completely different players. We aren''t playing offensive football mate, we are playing Worthington football. If we were to go all out attack, we would have had Hoolahan on from the start, probably Jackson too, and we wouldn''t be playing both Johnson and Crofts in the middle. An attacking Norwich team would, in my opinion, include Hoolahan, Fox, and Jackson; with Holt of course. You know, the team that got us promoted? Playing attacking football? By scoring goals?
  12. [quote user="valiant"]i''d rather stay up playing like stoke.[/quote]We don''t have the players to play like Stoke. We have the players to score like Blackpool. We aren''t going to be able to play like Stoke with our defence, simple as. Our only hope is to go all out attack and try to score one more than we concede. Stoke have got Higginbotham, Huth, Shawcross, Woodgate, Upson and Wilkinson. They also have two quality goalkeepers in Begovic and Sorenson. We haven''t bought the right type of players to play like Stoke, but with Hoolahan, Holt, and Jackson, we have the ability to score more goals if we play the right system. Asking our defence to play like Stoke is a little like asking our attack to play like Manchester United.
  13. [quote user="exiled blue"]unless i`m mistaken isn`t that the two defeats on the spin that PL hasn`t had happen before?.[/quote]You are mistaken, the two defeats in a row was the MK Dons game, this is three defeats in a row.
  14. If it means playing attacking football with Hoolahan and Jackson on the pitch. Entertain me Norwich, entertain me.
  15. If he had made these mistakes at Old Trafford he would have had a boot in his face by now. Lambert and Culverhouse need to shake it out of him. If De Laet doesn''t spot the easy pass he needs to put it in row Z, there is absolutely nothing wrong with putting a ball out for a throw if you think there is a chance of being dispossessed..... look at Malky Mackay, if the ball came anywhere where near him in his own area it would end up over the City stand. I''d actually drop him for a few games. Clearly he has talent, but he isn''t here to show off his skills, he is hear to do what it takes.
  16. [quote user="canaryfan68"]Johnson had a good game today, if we take your point that Fox was part of a promoted team why are we playing Da Laet? Surman was truly pants today and he was part of a promoted team also, I would have started with Hoolahan before Surman. Well done Johnson,he was controlling the passing in midfield more than Crofts. Fox also is too light weight in midfield too.[/quote]Because we have a shortage of fit centre backs and sent Rob Edwards home at the end of the season?
  17. [quote user="Marty"]no need to slit your wrists quite yet! we competed quite well. yes we need points but they''ll come. We have not had too much luck, today we should have had a penalty and therefore a draw at worst. But we do need to stop the stupid mistakes.[/quote]One of the best chances of 3 points all season. If we don''t get 3 points against Swansea, I can see us finishing rock bottom, time for them to sort it out. I can''t take any positives from this, we lost a game that we should have won. We didn''t win, we didn''t draw, we lost. Football is a simple game, you get 3 points, 1 point, or 0 points, we got 0 points.
  18. [quote user="im spartacus"]outside ground at the next match on sky... imagine it if the cameras were there and the ground was empty cos everyone was outside protesting   we are obviously going to get fu(ked over by the ref in every game so lets start bringing attention to it .. the premier league is crooked  rotten to the core.. the refs are not incompetant they are crooked and dishonest... its time we started putting pressure on them to do the right thing... people power [:@][/quote]I can''t think of anything more embarressing. It''s time that Lambert grew some balls and realised that a tirade against the referees is worth a couple of games in the stands. We need Lambert to say it, he''s the only one in the position.
  19. [quote user="Chelmsford Canary"]I may have my NCFC goggles on. But we were the better team today[/quote]We were the home team and at times we looked like the away team, I wasn''t wearing any goggles....
  20. [quote user="Chelmsford Canary"]i thought when Vaughan and Morison came on we did not look as good. But Vaughan looks a hand full, so will do very well. Naughton has done nothing wrong. De Laethas made a few errors, but we have no options with Zak, Ward, and Ayala out.[/quote]I was thinking more along the lines of Hoolahan and Jackson to be honest, the final third is where we were lacking. Yes Vaughan will come good, but he is clearly 80% fit, just like Pilkington was, if they aren''t 100% fit they shouldn''t be on the pitch.
  21. [quote user="Norwich R Us"]For all the effort and attitude, we clearly don''t have the quality to win games in this division, especially with Hoolahan on the bench...The good news is we will have a strong championship squad for next time, but this is going to be a long, disappointing season.[/quote]We do have the quality, when Lambert starts picking the right eleven and stops being Mr Tinkerman. Hoolahan should be on the pitch for every single minute that he is fit, Simeon Jackson should have started the season, Surman shouldn''t be anywhere near the first team until he sorts it out, Chris Martin shouldn''t have got his place back as easily as he did, Anthony Pilkington shouldn''t have been brought into the team at 85% fit. And somebody needs to tell De Laet to stop trying to play like f*cking Maldini and to not be afraid to hit the ball into row Z. When we sort that out, and Lambert realises that Leeds fans were being serious when they were saying that Bradley Johnson is distinctly average, we might start winning some games. At the moment I don''t really know what Lambert is trying to do.
  22. What''s wrong with the 11 that we got promoted with? It is clear that Lambert doesn''t know what his best 11 is, it''s about time he made his mind up.As much as I do like Chris Martin, surely you have to win your place in the side back? Going into this season I expected us to start with Simeon Jackson, and can''t for the life of me understanding why we didn''t. Perhaps most significantly, why is our best player sitting on the bench? Hoolahan was decent in the first couple of games, scored our first goal of the season, and for me is truly our match winner. No comment on the goalkeeper risk, I''ve already made my feelings clear on that one. Ultimately though, we are crying out for Hoolahan and Jackson.
  23. [quote user="Bruce Eats Walkers"]Ian Murray, another world beater who did nothing, I remember pulling out Juan Velasco in the sweepstakes on Club Canary to Coventry, and almost bursting in to tears lol[/quote]He doesn''t really fit into this thread though, which is showing how many players amounted to nothing after leaving City..... Murray is the Hibs captain, has played about 100 games for them since leaving, and has been awarded a testimonial for them this year. He might have flopped at Norwich but he is a Hibs legend, so is clearly not a bad player. He is also responsible for one of the best media quotes in history:"It was the first time in my life I felt like chucking it during a game, a lot of the players felt that way. He''s (Roeder) an angry man, not nice to play for."
  24. Registered at Carrow Road, directors are David McNally and Michael Foulger, secretaries are Neil Doncaster and Samantha Gordon (who is also the club secretary). The exact same four are listed in the same roles for N.C.F.C. (Holdings) Limited. What do these businesses do, and why are their finances kept apart from those of the football club?
  25. [quote user="PurpleCanary"][quote user="LeJuge"]It serves us all well to remember just how awful we were for several years before Lambert, who remembers these.....David Carney - no club after being released by Blackpool.Mark Fotheringham - no club after playing 14 games in 2 years in the Cypriot leagueJason Jarrett - one of the worst Worthy signings? Go and look at his career post-Norwich! Currently without a club, although he spends less time without one than with one it seems.Simon Whaley - Plays for Chorley, that place made famous by Max & Paddy, in the ''Northern Premier League''.Jurgen Colin - Also struggles to get in a Cypriot team (island population 803k)Maceo Rigters - Plays in the Australian league Chris Killen - Plays in the ''illustrious'' Chinese league. Although in fairness, they might be paying him a fortune. Adrian Leijer - Played his only 4 games in England for us, before heading back to play in Australia. Alan Lee - Took him a year to score a league goal in League One, has now amassed an incredible 2 goals in 30 games after having been a player that people were calling for us to sign. In reality, he was overweight and put in a couple of decent shifts to win a contract. To think that some of us were calling for Lee over Holt. In fairness to him, he has scored 2 goals in 2 games this year, which is a vast improvement on his 0 in 28 last season.Carl Cort - No club after being released by Brentford.Zesh Rehmann - A player who at 27 years old has reached his peak, so went to show that to the world in the Thai Premier league. In fairness to him, it''s a good place for a distinctly average footballer to feel like they have the wallet of a Premiership player. Julien Brellier - Only played 11 pro games post-Norwich and then went into the French non-league at 28 years old, where he remaings.Alan Gow - Plays in the Indian league after doing not much at Plymouth and Notts County.Omar Koroma - Never played another game, anywhere, and hasn''t had a club for over a year.That''s a highly depressing list of journeymen, flops, and people who were simply over rated. It goes to show just how much money this club wasted over three or four years on useless ineffective footballers; I dread to think how much football agents took away from the club for this bunch of no-marks. Thank goodness for McNally and Lambert. Every player on this page is a Neil Doncaster legacy. Thank god for Lambert. Almost all of those players are still in their twenties by the way, only Jason Jarrett, Carl Cort, and Alan Lee, are in their thirties. [/quote] That is utterly absurd. Those players were the legacy of the managers who signed them. If they were bad choices they were bad choices made by managers alone. [/quote]Blimey, drama queen, hate to see what words you would pull out of the dictionary if somebody served you a flat pint of Fosters.It isn''t the slightest bit absurd, Doncaster dealt with player contracts, he also formed part of the board which appointed those managers, in fact he was in charge of negotiating transfers. Can you not remember the ''A list'', ''B list'', and ''C list'' malarkey? Just like it was Doncaster who agreed to the minimum fee release clauses for Earnshaw and Etuhu. So when you get quotes like this one: “We had a full interview process on Monday which lasted all day – and into the evening. And the decision to appoint Bryan, Ian and John was taken after a great deal of objective thought; trying to take the passion and the emotion away from it and looking at the qualities that we need to take us away from the difficulties we''ve had this season."So we can blame Grant, Roeder, and Gunn, and to a certain degree Worthington, for the decline of our club? Let me ask you a question, who do you credit for this clubs transformation? McNally? Lambert? Let''s assume that you credit them both with the turnaround. You can''t give McNally credit if I can''t criticise Doncaster, life doesn''t work like that.If you seriously think that Grant, Roeder, or Gunn, would have been appointed as managers of this football club under McNally then the only absurdity here is you. They wouldn''t have been, and therefore, I pinpoint this clubs decline to a miserable failure of a chief executive known as Neil Doncaster. When Lambert leaves, you watch, we will get another good manager. The McNally legacy so far is the appointment of one top class manager, the backing of that manager in the transfer market, the extension of the ground capacity, two successive promotions, and Premier League football. That IS the McNally legacy thus far, time for that to change of course, please feel free to attempt to spin the Doncaster legacy. You can''t use Worthington by the way, he was put in place before Doncaster was somehow transformed into a club solicitor into a CEO (amazing how we had a solicitor at the club and we didn''t once think to take legal action against somebody, yet a CEO with a football background has successfully settled a case against News Corp, isn''t it?). Now tell me that those players aren''t a Doncaster legacy? You are talking out of your rear end.
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