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  1. If anyone has any spare please can you email me. paulingi73@gmail.com
  2. I usually drive to Leyland and then get the train to Horwich Parkway. Parking has been a nightmare previously, although this time around it may not be as bad due to poor attendances. Not surprising at £32 a ticket.
  3. I''ve just checked the website and there are two tickets together in posh lower stand and individual tickets in other stands. Otbc
  4. Tip for you - keep checking the online ticket section for the Everton game on official website as I was lucky on a couple of occasions last season when returned tickets were re-listed and both games were sell outs. Otbc
  5. will send next day delivery tomorrow to arrive before 1pm Tuesday. Advertised on wrath also. Email me if interested. english73@talktalk.net OTBC
  6. Hi mate, I was the lucky 10th person in the que on Monday, i think i was speaking to you and your dad? when we were taken to the inside ticket office by that chap, the 8th person in the que pulled out and two more tickets had been returned whilst i was buying a ticket! Kept thinking afterwards, if only i took your mobile number i could have rung you. otbc
  7. I''ve emailed you mate. Let me know if it''s still available? Cheers
  8. does anyone know what our allocation is for next week and if you can buy tickets on the day? OTBC.
  9. [quote user="City1st"]"We are overacheiving at present and need better squad players to progress, but our transfer budget doesnt accomadate for this"] Absolute sh!te ! If we are over achieving (as you claim) then we will need better players to merely remain where we are. Perhaps you might care to tell us all what our transfer budget is - and why you have been informed of this whereas almost everyone has not been informed. Or maybe tell us why Lambert would be joining (because of ''factors'') a club that you later state, DOESN''T go for managers already in a job ? As to how good a squad is their results will determine that - not trolls on forums.[/quote] Calm down!! why such the harsh response?! no need for that at all. Last time i checked, this was called a forum? We are punching above our weight at present and this is down to great management, which we have not been blessed with for a long time now. This is a positive not a negative. I dont know what our transfer budget is but it cant be great based on our level of debt and previous signings As i said, i think its unlikely Lambert would go to Burnley as they dont normally go for managers who are currently in management, but if they did, he may be tempted, as he will no doubt have more resources [better transfer budget, no debt] to get a team into the premier league.      
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