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  1. upperbarclayshouterOTBC

    Another grant holt thread

    I know everyone says ive got inside sources but i have, go back and check my previous posts, i put on about bechio and kamara a few days before they were confirmed.

    Im a big fan of holty and always will be however, he has told the club he wants to move back up north, but only if the right offer comes in for the club, if im to understand correctly. Over these last couple of days we have seen the rumours that wigan have bid for him etc, so maybe there is some truth maybe not, i am only passing on what i have heard to you all, whether you believe or not is a different matter.

    I truly hope he doesn''t go as i think he has one more season in this league with norwich, but if he did decide to leave if the right offer came in i would wish him the best of luck.
  2. upperbarclayshouterOTBC

    Ideal signings for norwich???

    yeah he sounds like he did alright yesterday but still i know hes setting up goals but i still think we need another goal scorer the game against qpr proves my point martin couldn''t a barn door with a banjo  3 one-on-ones and couldnt finish any of them i would just like to see another goal scorer to give us more options if holt gets injured we are screwed up front need to bring someone in with goals under his belt
  3. upperbarclayshouterOTBC

    Ideal signings for norwich???

    ok so i know over the last few weeks and before that Norwich fans have been saying we want this player and that player at the club. So far the only player that i can see as a good signing has been Barnett yesterday he sounded absolutely brilliant still not sign of Tierney and lets face it wilbraham hasnt been the best in what i have seen of him with only a decent 20 minutes or so for the cardiff game. So my question is this with the move for bennett looking like its stuck for a good while even though i think we still need width in our play, im still with many of you fellow people that say we need a striker i think it is the position that is either going to make or break our season, i know Holt has been the absolute top man for us this season but i can not see much support coming his way. Martin well tbh this season has just not been here for me he seems afraid to shoot and anytime he does its either miles wide or the opportunity has go it''s self however yesterday sounded a bit better but a striker needs to be scoring goals. Jackson i feel sorry for as hes not had much of a chance which might be one reason why PL hasn''t gone for another striker yet to give him chance but i can only see this being a matter of time so what are we left with nothing really!!! So many threads on here include getting Cody back the one problem with that is that he is on a permanent season long loan so he wont be returning till the end of the season. Well i think there are a few options i have always been a big admirer of Adam lallana i would love to see him here 9 goals already this season plus he can cover midfield which i know is already packed but i think he would give us that dynamic upfront cost most probably the issue. Morrison seems to be the popular choice on here and i think would be a good signing. or maybe even a premier league loan that maybe can give us the goals we need maybe anchiebe from everton that was just a thought not my own personal choice before i get bombarded [:)]
  4. upperbarclayshouterOTBC

    aaron wilbraham

    Right come on honestly firstly its 100,000 as many have mentioned its not bad for a player that is either cover for holty or someone who he plans on playing, secondly it does bring the concern of what lies in store the OJ and Cody whether they now have a place in the team Chris lakey made a perfectly good point the other day would city fans prefer a youngster to come in cost loads and needs nurturing  to make him a top striker or bring someone in with experience nows there job and how to do it well within a team. I have seen the figure of 1-1.5 million mentioned so if we go for 100,000 for wilbraham and Barnett must have cost us a bit so i can see there being not too much left over. Just another quick point everyone is on the assumption that PL is looking for a defender striker and midfielder well i can see the defender point clearly as there is no outright cover for Russell martin and Korey has filled in the past however midfield im not to sure i know were light on the ground at the minute but with the likes of Surman to come back im not to worried so maybe another striker is on the shopping list for PL hey we have seen stranger things happen at Norwich