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  1. i got ncfc down both forarms!! and the club badge on the top of my arm!! fancy another 1...   Premier league champions 2011/12 [:p]
  2. Never do well on sky! and seem to stuggle agaisnt the lesser teams... im going for a    2-2   or 2-1 loss!  hope im wrong!!
  3. Kenny R Martin   Williams Hudson Hill Snodgrass Taraabt Pratley Hoolahan Bothtoyd  Graham Subs; Camp,Gorkss,King,Sinclair,Eagles,Mcgugan,Ambrose  
  4. Man city would surely rather boyata get some game time in the championship then playing in the reserves!! 
  5. Gutted!  massive player for us!! with whitbread''s injury history aswell!! he''s bound to get injury aswell..
  6.  traveling up from north devon for 8 hours, i wasnt  guna leave a second early glad i didnt!! 1 of the stewards came over and told me to leave as i was still sat in my seat taking in the fact we scored another important  late late goal..
  7. i thought kebe and long were very impresive, causing us problems all game!! long seem to win alot of headers agaisnt ward even tho ward is alot taller! b good to see long here tbh, cnt see it happing tho
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