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  1. Ok there is a serious threat to the PL at present. The Main sponsor has seen the writing is on the wall and now want out. The lower leagues are in trouble yes, but all of the Premier teams are in more mortal danger than anyone on here is predicting. The Premier League presently has a gun to its head, it must finish the season with the current TV rights intact. If not then SKY will pay out zero. The vast majority of the booty from SKY apparently does not get paid out until the end of the season. SKY suddenly wants to jump ship as their long term growth is collapsing all around them. By the very nature of the league not being completed in full or declared void allows SKY to walk away with its money in its pockets and clubs no longer able to finance the contractual monster they have created. This will allow the TV companies to come back with a vast reduced offer and we are talking about a 90% reduced offer. SKY itself may yet go from boom to bust even if the season is completed. The prospect of Football returning with Crowds is very unlikely until a vaccine or a drug that saves lives. The real prospet of this happening maybe as long as 2 years away. Clubs will go bust and the bigger the club, the bigger the bust. Look at Spurs with their new half a billion stadium, how will thy finance it now. Its grim but nobody wants to talk about it yet. Only 5 weeks into this disaster, wait until we are in week 15. Most industries will have collapsed, SKY subscriptions will start to be cancelled the whole pyramid will dissolve.
  2. Leeds home tickets went on sale to members only and sold out within the hour today, Norwich will now be mindful of Leeds fans buying tickets in the away end, hence restrictions.
  3. Merry Christmas from the the top of the league.
  4. ...........clearly top of the league old boy.
  5. Norwich will finish 5th, thats a cert..............
  6. Oh and every pub in Leeds is full of Leeds fans so must have been true....NOT!!!
  7. Sorry but anyone with an ounce of sense will work out he is telling untruths
  8. [quote user="leedscanary"]Hey Guys, we had a good result with a draw! So I thought I''call in on the Boozer that is near me on the way home, I know the Landlord so thought I''d be OK. Big mistake - saw the goals on SSN and didn''t react - but after my third pint got the guts to talk some guys about the game. Well one flew at me with a headbutt when I let slip I was a Norwich fan. I tried to reason with him, but all he could see was red mist. It was the gayest headbutt I have ever seen in my life LOL![/quote] Now why dont I believe you. All alone was you too. The only funny thing is you trying to big up our reputation.
  9. UEFA Fair Play ......but not if you can cheat and get away with it so long as time has gone by. Therefore WACCOE and always will be. Also we are disliked because you are told to dislike us. We wouldnt have it any other way.
  10. Betwwen the Ground and the drysalters pub there is plenty of car parks. You maybe best trying to park at the drysalters itself as you will have a nightmare getting out of all car parks at Elland Road. the pub is a 5 min walk to the stadium but you will be able to get out and away once you reach your car. I normally park my car for free in the estate opposite the Drysalters. Most car parking is £5. Alternative is you park in the car park opposite the away stand but you will still have to walk to the Pub and back again and you again will be delayed trying to get out the car park.
  11. Known about him for years and I believe him to be a walter mitty, nearly fell off my seat when I saw he had dundee. I,m not sure about his credentials that he is a real Lawyer.
  12. [quote user="Harry"]There is the Drysalters pub Elland Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire (LS11 8AX for Sat Nav) Are open for all Leeds United home games and welcome away supporters. They have parking & are only 10 minutes walk from the Ground. DRINKS ON DRAUGHT Carling, Carlsberg, Carlsberg Export, Fosters, Stella, John Smith''s Smooth, Tetley Smooth, Guinness, Strongbow & Woodpecker Ciders. OTHER DRINKS Range of Wines, Tea & Coffee.FOOD Available all day, 2 main courses from a selection for £7.00.The Old Peacock pub (which is behind the South Stand) is not recommended for away supporters.[IMG]http://i530.photobucket.com/albums/dd347/barclayendchoir/BingMaps_1297954226737.png[/IMG][/quote] The map is wrong, the Drysalters is further down from the flag''A'' about another 200 yards or so just off the map past crow nest lane on the ring road
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