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  1. [quote user="Cantiaci Canary"]It''s nice to hear intelligent and reasoned contributions from some pleasant Leeds fans! Thanks guys - good luck next year (but I fear it will be a much stronger competition than 2010-11). [/quote]Most us are OK really! The seat smashing, train wrecking, disabled fans attacking, Nazi-saluting days are long gone!The "Bradley Johnson = Andy Hughes" is a decent comparision although Johnson has a bit more power and can dominate in the air.Hughes was awful for Leeds but his attitude was unreal for us and he acquired cult status. Johnson was booed off a few times for Leeds and a few fans called him summat like a "cult"Next year - if Lambert buys the cream of the Championship (as Swansea and QPR will no doubt do) then we''ll be fine - each team will be weakened in key areas for next season .(re. Leeds - I''d cash in on Snoddy  and play a narrower midfield with just Gradel wide and buy 2 class CMs with the dosh)so....Leicester, Leeds and Boro will be right up there and Forest, Hull and West Ham will be close too.Should be a cracker though with 10-12 teams all in with a great chance.Just hope you lot are competitive in the Prem (gives us all a glimmer of hope).p.s thanks for Huckerby in the Masters!
  2. Leeds fan of 30+ years here...Johnson is a below average Championship player - a real plodder BUT he is decent in the air and can fill in at left back, left mid or centre midfieldHis decision making and control are poor. His passing has improved but still not great. In all honesty he''s a big lump that can''t really tackle, run, pass or shoot straight. I''m glad we''re getting shot of him as we will never go up with him in the middle.Not sour grapes - just an honest opinion.On the other hand Snoddy is a class, class act. He can rip teams apart just with skill (he has no pace, but nor did Eddie Gray and he just waltz past players like Snoddy). Teams did suss him out little by doubling up and cutting off his supply but that wasn''t his fault! I hope he stays at Leeds cos he is a joy to watch at times but the Premiership beckons. btw - they both like a pint so you''ll see plenty of them in the pubs and clubs in Norwich! (you do have nightclubs there?!) Values..Johnson  300k at best.Snoddy £5mGood luck next season!
  3. Leeds fan here...Firstly congratulations on back to back promotions. You thoroughly deserved it!Re. Snodgrass. I''d be surprised if he went to Norwich. I think sides from mid-table up to 5th place would be looking at him. No disrespect but (for now) bigger teams will be sniffing.Snodgrass also has a couple of years on his contract so we are under no pressure to sell.However - if I were to sacrifice one of our better players (Gradel, Snoddy, Howson, Becchio) then Snoddy would be the one. The reasons being that he would command a fee of around £3-4 million and we could fund a proper promotion push with that money.What Snodgrass lacks is pace. If he had it he would be playing for a top 4 team in the Prem - no doubt about it. He is 2 footed, can beat men for fun, works fairly hard, good set pieces. I''m not sure he''d fit into your diamond system though unless he was at the top of it but then you''d lose his wing play.For the record I believe Gradel is more important to Leeds. His pace and directness gives him the edge over Snoddy even though he lacks the abililty of Snoddy.All the best!
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