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  1. I find myself in Norfolk this weekend, specifically Ashwellthorpe. Will obviously try and catch the game. Was wondering if there were any pubs locally that might be showing it nearby. Thank you and OTBC.
  2. are people on the first row? my view is abit bad. perhaps someone could tell me another
  3. That is interesting chicken. I saw ola play against fenerbache a week ago in a friendly. He came off the bench on 70 minutes after PSV started the game with players all under 23. Guess it shows that he has some making up to do and all is not well between him and the club yet. Perhaps we may yet capatalise on this
  4. no thanks. prefer what we have got to be honest
  5. bridcutt might be a good signing but with tettey and johnson already plus the potential signing of fer i don''t believe we will be after him.
  6. What number shirt did he have? thinking of getting a dutch shirt with wolfie on it
  7. the passion and desire to win the ball back is lovely to watch. wba have been terrible but we deserve credit. what a time to get what i''m sure will be our biggest win of the season
  8. david healy was decent player from what i remember of his performances. crouch and hux along with kevin harper were something else in that promotion season though. in more recent times - lansbury, naughton and forster.
  9. Sign him up! Enquire about Naughton too though.
  10. SHOOOOOT! This is a great idea, it has to happen.
  11. I recall a few seasons back a manager whose name now escapes me organised a half dozen fans to go into the changing room before a key promotion game to tell the players exactly what promotion for the club would mean to them. If Norwich were to do the same before tomorrows game, what would you say? Maybe if we get some really good ones, it might actually happen or atleast they may be stuck on the wall... 
  12. I thought i spotted him in newcastle this afternoon around the Osbourne Road. Is this him, second from left? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=374544655997007&set=a.374544199330386.1073741836.273182259466581&type=1&theater
  13. Hello all, Anyone got any videos of the arsenal match? always enjoy watching our fans show other teams how it is done and the last 10 minutes sounded electric. Am a north london based canary so the win was especially good, 4 points from the 2 clubs already Thats all for now, OTBC.  
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