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  1. Hughton should have played the same with more freedom earlier in the season, we could have been safer a lot earlier! However, Mr CH has accomplished our target, and we could even improve our last season finish with a result next week! KTF lol
  2. Wigan to field a strong eleven and Kone and that Maloney kid to get crocked please!
  3. I would play him at LB..thats where I have placed him, Whittaker at RB, is what I aimed at haha.He won''t play that team, just the team I think I would like to see v WBA, we need goals. The earning wages comment was a general one to the whole team :)
  4. I''m sure people do get it...A win will put us in better stead than a draw
  5. RuddyGarydew, Bennett, Bassong, WhittakerJohnson or TetteyPilks SnoddyWesHolt BecchioBecchio is sure due some goals. Time to earn your wages!
  6. He has had some very decent games, but also he has had some very poor games.... Re-sign Drury neeyul.
  7. Who cares? as long as Hughton stays put we dont have to worry
  8. This is why it is crucial we stay up. In my opinion, we have the worst squad of players in the premier league quality wise. The thing that made us click last season was PL''s ability to motivate a group of players and make them feel like they were good enough to compete at this level. CH obviously does not do that, and is also not as tactically minded as Lambert. Sure, we have good enough players in our squad but there aren''t enough. Snodgrass, Bassong, Ruddy and Turner can all cut it. If we stay up, I believe we will see Hughton''s real quality. In my opinion given the resources, Hughton will be able to build a squad capable of a decent premier league place. He hasn''t really had the chance to do this yet due to our restricted resources, but if we stay up, it will be the first time the club has really had any big money to spend on players. RVW looks like a great little buy and CH has shown with signings such as Turner and Bassong that he has an eye for a good signing (lets forget Kane, Becchio etc who seemed to be all panic buys). If, and that is a very big IF we stay up, we could surprise a few next season. Onwards and upwards.
  9. Ruddy - 7 - played well, not really to blame for either goalsR. Martin - 6 - Fairly decent, made good runs and a couple of good crosses, not a bad performanceJBA - 4.5 - had a nightmare I felt, but maybe because he hasn''t played in so long?Barnett - 6.5 - I love him. Sign if we can afford.S.Smith - 6 - Fairly average, would much rather have Drury though.Crofts - 7 - Just for his first half, thought he went a bit missing in the second half, and we lost our fight.Korey - 5 - Had a poor game, will bounce back however.King of Spain - 6 - Okay, not the best I have seen him.Hoolahan - 6 - Wasn''t the best performance by Wes, however when he did have the ball he tried to create somethingHolt - 7 - Good too see Holty on the score-sheet again, more of that please Mr. Holt, keep it up.Jackson - 7 - what a belter early on! if only that had gone in! his pace caused problems, Martin is going to have trouble getting his place back!SubsC Martin - 6 - Not too bad, probably wouldn''t have put him on the left though.McNamee - 6 - Looked very lively when he came on. Impressed.Johnson - Not much time to give a rating.Overall, I thought we had a very decent first half, and should have scored more in the first 45. However, the second half was dreadful. We missed Drury and Ward I feel.OTBC
  10. [quote user="First Wazzock"]I''m certainly not expecting him to play Saturday.[/quote]Ahaha, seconded.
  11. Cor dear, did not see that result coming...Also thought we were fairly decent in the 1st half, but the second half was a complete disappointment. Thought JBA had a terrible game, but to be fair to the lad we can;t pin all the blame on him.Plus points: Horse scored, hope for many more during the season, Crofts was good again, one of the ex-scummers didn''t score and the nutter who ran in front of the Palarse fans at Half Time.
  12. Would love to see JBA play tonight, and to be fair, I can''t think of any reason why Lambert wouldn''t play him...
  13. 2-0 with Wes beating himself up so much about the penalty miss at the weekend and he is going to score 2 goals. Oh and Palarse will get a lot of stick.
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