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  1. Good luck Danny on beating it. Best broadcaster for a long time and then that happens.
  2. Anyone know when the tickets for the matches at home to Leeds and Ipswich goes on general sale?
  3. [quote user="Harry"]snorefolk say it wasn''t a penalty and so do Radio 5 [/quote]Silly question I know... who are snorfolk?
  4. AJ I hope they cover all our matches(A) v QPR - covered, goalless draw (good result)(H) v Palace - not covered, lost(H) v M''boro - covered, win(A) v Cardiff, away win?
  5. Just if anyone hadnt noticed Cardiff v Canaries on 5live sports extra take a look here thats if you dont want to use canary player or bbc norfolk its amazing what being near the top to the league does for radio match coverage
  6. [quote user="Herman "]Purple and Yarmouth,go to the NCISA website,click on the PUPS link and there is a list of other sites that will give you betting data[Y][/quote]Thanks Herman, appreciate it.[quote user="nutty nigel"]  Here''s that essay young Nana told you about.....[/quote]Simple as then
  7. Simple as thenIll go for Blackburn v Chelsea away win if it hasnt already been picked
  8. Hey guys new to pinkun. What is the Pinkun Pickers all about and how do I get involved?
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