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  1. I was surrounded by moaners in the upper Barclay at the forest game and people constantly winging about Jackson, even when another player was at fault. Some bloke even suggested that the club should tell Jackson to start eating McDonalds because he''s too lightweight! surely a player that relies on pace and acceleration needs to be lightweight, as any extra weight he gains will slow him down.
  2. For me the best site by far is ontheballcity It''s well set out, isn''t stuck in the dark ages (like the pink un) and there is a great bunch of people on there who actually have a good discussion about NCFC rather than the some of the keyboard warriors that can be found here.
  3. Should be going out for a drink in derby this weekend to celebrate the victory over QPR if anyones up for it
  4. Hey i''m also a student in Derby, didn''t know there was another Norwich fan here although i did have an inkling after seeing all the Norwich based graffiti in Syn when we were top of the league last season! Thought the Brazil game was really enjoyable and surprisingly worth the £30. The 13,000 that were there made it a really good atmosphere unlike anything i''d seen at a game before because of the giant flags and samba bands etc... plus Alves'' goal was brilliant and i was sat just behind that goal in the first half.
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