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  1. [quote user="im spartacus"]sat in the barclay tonight and there was a group of lads in the top corner of e block who were making a bit of noise and genrally enjoying themselves not doing anyone any harm... i couldn''t believe the negative comments they were getting off supporters who clearly thought they were better..one bloke behind me even shouted "if you don''t come every week then shut up" perhaps they can''t afford to come every week they were all of student age.. at least these lads made an effort which is more than the team did , maybe they were a bit annoying maybe they don''t come every week but they had norwich shirts on and knew all the songs so they haven''t just turned up out of nowhere... its come to something when you can''t let off a bit of steam in the barclay end we were all young once [;)][/quote] ''knew all the songs'' think the only song i heard was otbc, about 30 renditions of it ffs
  2. [quote user="Joanna Grey"][quote user="merson_dim"]Who cares? Hardly the end of the world is it.[/quote] Hi Felix! How''s the milk? [/quote] No, I am over 21 and own an Adult season ticket. But with prices football clubs charge now, and we''re and we''re getting worse and worse for it, if someone wants to save a few pennies - doesn''t affect me.
  3. [quote user="norfolkchance1"]If its anything like Wigan away they''ll be standing not sitting. (Sorry couldn''t resist!, I''ll get my coat)[/quote] I doubt it, the only people paying £50 for a ticket are the mongs who like to sit in silence.
  4. Who cares? Hardly the end of the world is it.
  5. [quote user="Robert N. LiM"]Soccer AM encapsulates everything that''s wrong with football in this country. And it gave the world Tim Lovejoy. Hang your head in shame for working for Murdoch. That''s a no, by the way.[/quote] Spot on
  6. theres a circus in the town in the town paul jewell is the clown is the clown and andy marshall hes a scum cunt ipswich town are going down going down
  7. From time to time I''d go in on my uncles adult ticket when I was a u16. No chance of a downgrade... of course it its the other way round you''re forced to upgrade....
  8. bolton & wigan >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> manutd & chelsea
  9. [quote user="Dan Druff"]£52?? Ludicrously over priced. I would be surprised if our support is as much as 500 at Old Trafford. Football clubs need to get a grip. I can see attendances dropping dramatically while these wallet busting prices remain in force. [/quote] Chelsea tickets are £50 and mongs still snapped all those up. We will sell all these £52 man utd tickets too. Not to me though. I won''t be paying those stupid amounts. Over £100 for 2 games of football, you''ve got to be mad to do it.
  10. [quote user="A Change is Gonna Come"]Only around 200 tickets left for general sale on Friday I have been told by a member of the ticket office staff![/quote] Shame English fans can never take a stand against outrageous prices.
  11. [quote user="Gene Tierney"][quote user="CityLegends04"]http://www.canaries.co.uk/page/MatchTickets/0,,10355~2401465,00.html4,500 sold! We are Premier League![/quote]GET IN!!!! make it sound like a home game. Nobody cheering/singing/chanting gets a kick up the arse.[/quote] 17 club cabbage coaches gonig, will mostly be sat in silence.
  12. yeah he looked very good and bristol rovers looked most threatening when they played the ball through him.
  13. [quote user="Gene Tierney"]Sometimes OTBC is sung so bloody fast it''s bleeding ridiculous.[/quote] Yes. If we sung it correctly it would be spine tingling. But as its sung these days it just sounds naff.
  14. That is to Ren but I cant be arsed sorting out quotes
  15. [quote user="Ren"][quote user="Barclay hero"] There are a lot of people moaning about this but, comparatively, its fairly affordable." Maybe. Will you still consider it reasonable when youre charged 600 quid plus for a ST next year? Cos thats a likely starting point if we stay up [/quote] Exactly - to all those laughing at the casuals, you could well be moaning come March next year when you are asked to renew at top price. Surely as fans we should stick together over this. I am not going to Chelsea as I think they are ripping people off, but no doubt I will just get comments like "we dont need your support anyway". If enough people made a stand then clubs would have to re-price, but all the time we act like sheep then clubs will rape us for all they can. [/quote] You''re spot on.
  16. Don''t understand how people can compare football to a gig or whatever to justify high prices. You can''t compare them.
  17. I think it''s just sad. Dread to think what my ST will cost next year.
  18. [quote user="norfolkchance1"]Knowing that we play for a cup each time we play Sunderland due to the friendship between the clubs. I think with the game being shown on sky it would be good to get 26000 of those half and half scarves made up with each club name on and somehow tie it up with a deserving charity - maybe with links to both clubs. Just a thought maybe.[/quote] you must be kidding me. why would i want a sunderland scarf
  19. Cringe at some of the replies in this thread. "Price you have to pay when you''re in the Premier League". Not only is that a a strange attitude but it''s wrong too.
  20. £50 a ticket, if you do apply you''re an absolute mug.
  21. plenty of johnny come latelys next season then.
  22. [quote user="Barnett is King"]Just read on a few sites that it is 3000. Is this true? 76,000 seats and they give just 3000 to away fans? If so that''s a joke! That''s just 3.9% of seats for away support. Surely this is the lowest in England if so? [:(][/quote]Please shut up mate.
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