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  1. This is an interesting post that needs clarifying. 1. The FA, PL FL had (and still have) different rules in respect of TPO. QPR''s deal for Faurlin was ratified before the new rules were introduced. As soon as the FL rules were changed, QPR went to the FA and FL to make sure the deal was legally completed. The fee to the TPO was paid to them via the FA who approved the deal with the agent. 2. See 1, QPR went straight to the FA. The fraud issue is over a date entered incorrectly on a document - nothing more. 3. No illegal payments were made. 4. Not precedent. 5. The FA started investigations in January when Faurlin''s deal was publicised as £3.5m on the QPR website, not £600k as stated previously. No payment of £3.5m has been made; the deal was advertised as £3.5m to make it look like QPR were spending high. This is likely to have been to attract foreign sponsors and advertisers, particularly in Asia. £3.5m would be if Faurlin plays a specific number of games, internationals, wins certain trophies, his salary, goal bonus, appearance bonus, etc. 6. There is no precedent to suggest what penalty may be imposed. 7. Agreed. 8. Luton conducted 50+ deals with 6 completely unlicensed agents. QPR completed a deal using a subsequently FA licensed agent who holds FIFA and UEFA licences. And this deal was approved by the FA at the time. Boston United registered 6 parallel contracts with the FL to bypass the rules over turnover and salaries. Players were declared to earn a certain amount and paid something else above that. Boston received a 4 point penalty for these 6 offences that were carried over to the start of the next season, after they had been promoted. 9. Speculation - no precedent. 10. Agreed - but speculation. Interesting debate on here that seems to have been started by the Sun article. Shaun Custiss was interviewed on Talksport after the story broke and was very cold on the story; the rhetoric employed in his article was clearly absent in his interview. Good luck in getting 2nd - I''d much prefer to see you guys up auto than Cardiff - much better day out at Carrow Road.
  2. Thomas was from Burnley - £165k. Are you talking about Ian Gillard? My favourite QPR player of all time, left back, cultured and positionally fantastic.
  3. Dave Thomas - played with his socks rolled down. Brilliant. http://www.queensparkrangersfc.com/thomas.htm
  4. It''s the ongoing row that Dennis has with QPR over the fact that we didn''t have any hot water for one game and he couldn''t get a cup of tea. He wrote a very critical opinionated article a few years back and when challenged with it he replied with the following: As I say, I have made several visits to the away end as a Norwich fan, and they have all been awful -- not because of the football (Norwich won some of them!) but because, although I have watched Norwich at more than 80 grounds, the QPR experience is among the worst. The catering facilities are certainly among the worst. I''d say Port Vale are the only ones I have encountered where the staff care less and have worse equipment than at Loftus Road. On one visit, the kiosks were both shut until one, dispirited girl arrived ten minutes before kick-off and opened one. A huge queue formed. She fiddled about for a while and then announced: "Sorry, there''s no hot water". Then she closed the kiosk again. The School End stand IS dank. The area behind both the upper and lower tiers is completely enclosed by concrete and not properly ventilated. I''ve been dripped on by condensation (I hope it was condensation!) while queuing for the terribly inadequate refreshments. And, since the club was forced to put extra gangways into the seating to comply with safety requirements, there are odd dead-end arrangements and random bits of metal. Professionally, I''ve had lots of dealings with QPR. I interviewed Chris Wright for the Standard when he was your chairman and, in response to my outlining some of the above to him, he said that Jim Gregory had put the stands up on the cheap and that there were all sorts of design faults. John Gregory told me that, on his first day as manager, he was astonished to find a plank of wood, the sort you put on scaffolding, in the middle of the changing room floor at the training ground. When he asked what it was doing there, everyone just shrugged. It had been there for years, someone said. Gregory was definitely of the opinion that the club had been allowed to decay. That was his phrase. All those accumulated experiences, plus the shambles of the gun episode, the blackmail allegations etc, led me to the view that, over the last couple of decades, QPR have become a shoddy little club. I don''t expect you to agree, of course. Your passion for the club does you credit. We''ll have to agree to disagree. Mick Dennis
  5. The writer (Clive) is a journalist and does the previews and match reports out of his love of QPR. Always a good read.
  6. I know what our weaknesses are: Taarabt wants to beat too many players and takes the ball too deep up the pitch; Ephraim faders in and out of games; Helguson needs a few sighters to warm up; Mackie is a better 2nd half player when the defender tires; Derry can be slow; etc etc But why would you want to know all that? Are you going to call Lambert and let him know?
  7. [quote user="nutty nigel"]Are this lot really better than Gerry Francis, Stan Bowles, Don Masson etc? [/quote] They very well could be.
  8. KX to Holborn on the Picc. Central from Holborn to Shep Bush (for pubs), or White City (for the ground).
  9. I wouldn''t underestimate Lambert; similarly I wouldn''t look at Warnock''s record as an indication of how we''re playing now. I''ve been watching us for 34 years and the football we''ve played this season is the best I can ever remember. The movement is astonishing at times (our 3rd goal v Boro for example) and we''ve become incredibly difficult to get the ball away from. The 4231 system has been honed so well that any player coming in knows their role more than they ever have before. More importantly, we can win through pace and passing (Ipswich), digging deep (Palace), counter attacking (Leicester and Doncaster), or sheer power and technical ability (Barnsley and Scunthorpe) Faurlin returning could be the key. He was the outstanding player before his knock, playing off Derry and passing the ball about to the front 4 with a confidence that I''ve not seen before. Similarly, Rob Hulse may well be at least on the bench and his record speaks for itself. It''ll be a cracking atmosphere; there''s fewer than 500 tickets left in the home stands.
  10. Yeah, we''re rubbish. We''ll have no way of rotating the supporting 3 behind Helguson if one is struggling with his marker. We won''t be playing Faurlin instead of Buzsacky as Derry''s partner. We definitely won''t be re-signing Kyle Walker on loan to overlap the winger and give us width. And our defence are awful...won''t keep anything out. And we couldn''t play against Sheffield United or Middlesborough''s diamond formations either...
  11. Try this: http://www.kilburntimes.co.uk/qpr/win_tickets_to_see_qpr_v_norwich_1_674738?
  12. [quote user="A Change is Gonna Come"][quote user="Hoopy"]We won''t sell to anyone not on our database, i.e. anyone who hasn''t bought a ticket from us before. To get a ticket in the home end you''ll have to have bought one before, or have a home fan get one for you. At time of writing, it looks like there''s only about 3500 tickets left.[/quote]Phew!!! could be heading for a gate of about 17000!!![
  13. We won''t sell to anyone not on our database, i.e. anyone who hasn''t bought a ticket from us before. To get a ticket in the home end you''ll have to have bought one before, or have a home fan get one for you. At time of writing, it looks like there''s only about 3500 tickets left.
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