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  1. [quote user="SPat"][quote user="1st Wizard"][quote user="SPat"]   why did you suggest that there should be a statue of her outside Carrow road for saving the club then? Your words. [/quote] You can of course prove that Spat, can you?. I thought I said Mr Watling!. [/quote] Posted 16/01/2004 " In my new found, and uncomfortable position of restraint, I sat down and thought of the two statue''s outside the ''binners'' Poorman Road, and thought, hey!, loads of clubs now have statue''s to people who have done great things for their club, well why not City?. Arthur South, G. Watling, and Delia Smith spring to mind, and although in the past I''ve been supisious of her motives, without a doubt, she must be favourite, if only for saving the clubs a**e after the fat mans demise." How about that as proof? [/quote] Game, set and match to SPat on this one I believe!
  2. All the best Craig. Thanks for the memories and the loyal service through good times and bad. Gone, but not forgotten!
  3. Give that man a cigar for a truly wonderful post and I certainly share many of your sentiments expressed in this post. 
  4. Age: 38 Job: Software company. Fan: About five to ten away games a year and no homes of late alas, since our season ticket base hit record levels. Link to Norwich: Born in Norwich. Lived in Edinburgh, London and now Crewe. Where did it all go wrong!    
  5. I enjoyed the day and the game. Like you say two sides are excellant and when they get it finished then it will be a smart quality ground. Their fans made some noise and I was sitting in block ''Y'' which must have been near you right at the back. Hard for us to get an atmosphere going since the sound went upwards and away. Although was so tempted to run onto the pitch whilst on the way for a toilet break when the game was on... Thats not meaning I would have done it on the pitch either! Good day out and we went to the No 1 club where everyone was friendly. However Blackpool seems closed down right now and finding a place to eat afterwards was not easy. Glad I did not make a weekend of it.
  6. I was there and think those ratings are pretty much spot on. Nice to see us not crumble after they levelled. Thought Marshall played well and lets hope he continues with that form. Came for crosses well and even the one''s he missed he put off their attackers. I also thought Robinson played very well today and Safria. Dickenson has talent and all the attributes, but for some reason the game appears to be passing him by for now. A player lacking confidence and maybe a goal for him would bring the best out in him. Also praised for PaulM and Thorne who both done well when coming on. Now can we win the reply and get Ipswich at home in the next round!
  7. I thought Brown played well and as already stated held the ball up well, but did not win too many in the air. Still Blackpool centre backs were pretty tall. Would be nice to see him combine with Ernie when he''s back. As for the rest of the team they dug in and battled well apart from Dickenson who seems very low on confidence or if I wanted to be harsh just uninterested. My MOTM was Robinson. Played well in both midfield and when he was back in defence.
  8. On a slightly separate note to SPat’s, but what’s the best away pub you have been in on your travels and the worse?  I have a had few adventures in pubs while following the team. Memories of a nice honest pub in Huddersfield, that had strippers on during Sunday lunch which made one think about meat and two veg. Popping into a pub near Sheffield station and only realising after 10 minutes why they were playing 70’s disco music and everyone was with same sex couples. Walked past all the pubs down to West Ham since they looked far too scary to even enter and remember standing outside a pub near Euston with Stoke fans when Pompey arrived and all hell broke lose.  Favourite pub has to be Cardiff the whole street in play-off year and a great local boozer we found in Barnsley. Least favourite one would be Yates in Wolves. Just don’t like them fans at all.
  9. Well I am travelling up with SPat and five others. So thats a start of a crowd. However one word of warning about SPat.. He a has a slight tendency to be late, so you better it make it half-time instead.
  10. One could argue ( although results are not proving that) that players on their last year of contract might try harder to impress?  I doubt many players leaving our club would be going to top flight clubs and could expect a cut in wages if let go? Norwich are one of the higher payers in this league I believe.
  11. I assume most Town fans would rather have our financial position, than what they are currently lumbered with. Therefore I believe our boards financial planning is better than the beloved Sheepshanks down the road. How he dares to take a bonus payment is beyond me and at least Delia and the board to my knowledge have never done that.
  12. Norwich has always generally been a soft touch team to play at home. What has that got to Delia? Our home record has always been quite strong which kept us going in most years. Grant is right in saying that we need to toughen up, but I really think that image is not down to the current board. It''s always been the case with our football philosophy.  
  13. Well six of us are going from Nottingham, Crewe and Chester. Looking forward to the game and a new ground. However praying for a sunny day, since that stand is a bit open to the weather! Praying even more that we turn up on the pitch. Still I think we are going to win 2-1.
  14. That''s a possibility, but I think Delia is a fan at heart and being there at Crewe when we won the title was a wonderful day where no doubt she was seen as a positive force. Delia is a major celab in this country and I don''t see myself how that affects us not being seen as a serious football club.
  15. I have no problem with Delia''s media image and on the whole I think it benefits the clubs profile in potential off deal activities and sponsor etc. Of course we get some banter from rivals for here half-time remarks. However I am sure we are all big enough to cope with that and there is no such thing as bad publicity, then again a certain celebrity may not wholly agree with that statement right now!
  16. I think it will be a cracking game with both teams up for the game and really looking forward to my trip to the seaside. Fortunately only 70 miles for me up the M6 and another ground knocked off the list. For some reason and not based on form or logic I think we will win 3-2.  Always the glass half full here.
  17. Matteo is a good player, but been out injured for ages and past his best.  Doubt he would have come this far from his North-West routes anyway.
  18. Well there''s a surprise SMidger. You not believing what Delia clearly stated last night. Reading the Pink''un article their position seems abundantly clear and reasonable to me. Then again it could all be spin, half truths and distortion... Let me guess what you believe
  19. [quote user="Cluck"][quote user="Sons of Boadicea"] I do not buy this "Delia gets abuse because she is a woman" rubbish. Delia takes most of the flak because she is: 1) One of the major shareholders of NCFC and 2) Rightly or wrongly she is seen as the public face of NCFC. Some of the stuff she has said in the past has been ill advised, I recognise that she has said some of these things in the heat of the moment which to me shows her passion for NCFC. I would like to pick up on a couple of things that other posters have said: BBB - Maybe the reason that the fan waited until the forum at Diss to make his point is because he/she wanted to do it face to face and this was their first opportunity, isn`t this what these meet the fans forums are about? Sheded - Take your point about making a fool of yourself, but how many habe done it in front of 25,000+ people and live on national TV?. The point is she had the opportunity to do it given her position/status. I`m afraid to say that if you are in the public eye and you make ill advised statements (even if they are made with the best of intentions) these statements will have a tendency to come back and bite you in the bum, and I say this as somebody who had defended Delia and MWJ against the more vitrioloic posts in the past.    [/quote] Odd when having to put forward a reason why Deliliar gets so much stick...it turns into a transparent attempt at humour by the usual squeaky suspects........[:)] She gets stick because she is using our club to boost her own celebrity profile...while neglecting the important bit....the team. Woman or man...I care not....but when Norwich City is so obviously hijacked by a "C" grade celebrity...becomes a laughing stock off and on the pitch....loses it''s sense of place....loses it''s credibility as a worthwhile opponent....gets so deep into debt that it can no longer compete....slides down the league to potential obscurity....sells any player worth keeping....hires budget managers who continue to fail.....wastes millions on kitchen and restaurant facilities...... sells off land assets to prop up the finances.....blows a legacy kindly left by Geoffrey Watling....creates a cynical season ticket scam to fill the stands with tut tutting squeaky family groups....AND claims she has saved NCFC from oblivion.......she deserves all of the crap she gets..... The sooner she goes and takes her Disciples with her the better....and if half of her mother fixated fans went as well....we might get back to being something worthwhile one more........a serious football team representing the proud county Norfolk!   [/quote]   Delia maybe many things to you Cluck, but ''C'' list celebrity never... Not many people are just recoginised by their Christian in media circles and she is acknowledge as a women whose recommendation can change peoples buying purchases in the culinary field at least. You really do have some whisk to whirl with Delia. Come out of the closet Fanny Cradock...
  20. [quote user="YankeeCanary"][quote user="GJD"] Good fortune to you YC if you are in the enviable recliner with such robust finances. However ever thought of investing any of that wealth in ''little old Norwich''... Think of the fun you could have with certain poster on here. Might be worth spending the odd million or two just for that sport!   [/quote] Be careful, GJD, my real name might be Chase. [/quote] Then no doubt YC you would be welcome back with open arms by many, since it was the enlightened and careful regime of Mr Chase that was behind our greatest ever decade. Then again maybe we had a good set of managers, players and youth scheme, plus a league that had yet to feel the full affect of Sky''s money that helped us to such heights, rather than the man himself who in my book still remains Persona non grata at Carrow Road.
  21. Good fortune to you YC if you are in the enviable recliner with such robust finances. However ever thought of investing any of that wealth in ''little old Norwich''... Think of the fun you could have with certain poster on here. Might be worth spending the odd million or two just for that sport!  
  22. The outcome of that battle with the FA I am looking forward to, since it appears he is not for backing down. Another thing about Jordan was that he use to praise NCFC board to the hilt, but maybe that''s because we are always very generous when we play Palace!
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