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  1. I was just about to post that link as well. Great minds and all that. Well he''s a central midfielder if my memory serves me right? Ageing, but was a decent quality player. Not sure if his legs have gone now though? We have injuries in that area, but not sure if he or we would contemplate the move! Personally I can’t get over the idea of his loyalty to that mob down the road and would rather not see him wear the club colours, even if very briefly. Bigoted, short-sighted yes, but we can’t all be reasonable all the time… Still if he bags a hatrick for us, then my prejudices can be overcome    
  2. I had a knack of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Old Ford transit van went passed me and couple of mates before the game and back doors flew open like the Sweeny! Cor blimey Guv I was on my toes quicker than Linford Christie that day and never made it to the match! Was clocked speeding down the Acle straight..
  3. I never made it over to the old Den and it did sound a place that you kept your mouth shut when out in the streets, but the new one was OK. Fair enough they had just beaten us 4-0 on the opening day, so the locals should have been happy! Went to West Ham last year and the walk down from Strafford station we passed some of the most unappealing pubs in London. However around the ground was OK, but might not have felt the same in the mid-80''s. Was looking forward to Leeds this year, since I have not been to the ground, but maybe not so much now. Also planning to go to Cardiff, since the it''s another one to tick off on the list. Always had fun at the two Sheffield clubs and every Yorkshire club apart from Barnsley funnily enough where I seemed to remember some of the Burberry clad locals inviting us to dance on the pitch afterwards. Still they had just been relegated the poor dears. Glad to here that Bournemouth treated you so well Kathy. It does make a difference to one memories.
  4. Birmingham fans are no angels themselves and I suspect if we had won that penalty shoot out they would not have been as fair minded as us Norwich fans. I remembing them coming to Carrow Road in fancy dress on the last game of the season in the mid 80''s and being chased by various assortments of Brummies down Riverside road. A lovley bunch of people! Also remember being chased by Millwall fans before the six-nil win as well in the 80''s and I started to get a complex at one stage! However it kept you fit going to football in those days...
  5. Following on from the Millwall post about being best away fans at the Millennium stadium which surprised me.  I thought I would start a thread along similar lines.   Basically what''s the most intimidating ground you have been two and which was the most welcoming?   For me I have been to about 33 grounds now and I would have the following two.   Most intimidating – Wolves and I did not go to the playoff game, which I hear was most interesting!   Most welcoming – Crewe, especially the last visit. I did nearly get thrown out of the home section for celebrating our first goal a little to heartily, but the head steward let it pass and the fans around were a great bunch all game, plus great scenes on the pitch afterwards. Happy days!
  6. This article in the Observer sport yesterday might be enlightening on Premiership money and in itself is a worthwhile read. Not a great fan of the Palace chairmen, but his analysis is thought provoking always. http://observer.guardian.co.uk/sport/story/0,6903,1583059,00.html
  7. Well Davenport signing would be a very nice Xmas present. Just the type of player we need to be attracting, young, talented, but maybe never going to make it at Spurs. We have a history of picking up good defenders from that club and that may now also include the Ginger Pele! Great result tonight and lets hope we can go on a wee little run and settle the nerves at FCR! I hope so since some happy news on this website is needed. Sometimes of late it''s been more fun reading the Samaritans message board...      
  8. Was not at the game, but that comment is just silly IMO and maybe tongue in cheek! This was the manager that got us to a play-off final and promoted (and relegated, but did we expect too stay up? I certainly did not), who also played at a top level football for most of his career.   Obviously he has much more football knowledge than virtually ever poster on here. So our manager says he in charge, not the fans. Well good for him, would we want him to take an opinion poll every week to decide who is to play? If he gets it wrong for much longer, then he will pay with his job. If he gets it right, then I hope some people will be humble in their apologies   Let’s face it no team coming down from the Premier league in recent years has found it easy and despite having a capable team we are struggling.  However the players seem to want to play for him and the board back him, so until that changes we can bitch and moan which is fine, but how many were moaning last Sunday?   Not a great Worthy fan, but to say he knows nothing about football is just silly. He has my support to the New Year and then I may reconsider.  Bring on Hull I say.
  9. Well if you stated all that then you are a real soothsayer!   So what’s the score going to be for the big clash and what are next Saturday’s lottery numbers as well while you at it!
  10. The board seems to be a good unit from the outside looking in without any real knowledge of their workings. We have a board member who gives us high media coverage for the size of our club. Think they have backed the manager with money when called upon, although agree that Ashton would have been nice in August, rather than in January. Maybe Crewe would not have sold him then? As for the current debate about the manager’s positions and the boards response, well they could sack him, but I think he still deserves the chance to make a new team and that’s what he is trying to do. It’s a dilemma how long you give him, but I think he deserves until Xmas before any action should be taken. Now that may be too late for us to make a challenge for automatic promotion, but not the play-offs. Other teams have done that before. Did not support his original appointment, but he got us promoted and to a play-off final with teams that I did not think were that great on paper. So he has my respect for that and would like to see him given time to turn it around. If we don’t go up then so be it. Life goes on and will my love for the club change no. Wolves, Sunderland, West Ham plus others struggled when first coming back down and Man City Wednesday and Forest got relegated. It’s a tough league and we are finding it out the hard way right now!
  11. It’s not one players fault for our current position and who’s to say another defender would have stopped these goals?   Flems maybe past his best, but his commitment and loyalty to the club through some very hard years do not deserve in my opinion this type of attack. We win and lose as a team, that’s what bonds players as we have seen in the Ashes this year. We need that spirit now to turn the corner.
  12. Only seen us play at Stoke this year, so can only balance my comments on that game and some guess work.   Doc at right back, not quick enough alas. Would play the following in 4-4-2.     Green   RB Colin LB Drury CB Flemming CB Davenport RM Marney CM Safri CM Hughes LM Hucks Str Lisbie Str Ashton   Tempted to play Shacks instead of Flemming, but can’t see how you can drop the Captain for this game and at Stoke he played better than Shacks fo
  13. Sounds a promising signing to me. Not sure who if any will get dropped straight away if anyone, but will add depth to the squad. Well done Nigel in my opinion. Onwards and upwards hopefully!
  14. Worthy deserves time to turn the situation around. Chants out are premature in my opinion for now. If things do not improve, then the likelihood is that he would fall on his sword in the next six games. If not then we might have real cause for concern.   I hope that does not happen for the obvious reason that we would still be losing, although maybe some people on here would be happy if that was the case! I sometimes wonder…   For now the best things that the fans who are there on Saturday is make as much noise as possible and bring back the FCR mentality. It might just kick start our season and lead back to the promise land of thirty pound plus ticket prices!
  15. Were you the idiot I sat next to last night Spat!   Generally agree with your comments. Thought we played ok in the first half especially the final 20 minutes, where I really thought we were going to take Stoke to the cleaners.   Even at two-one down I believed we would get back into the game, but Hucks silly sending off brought the game as a contest to a close.   What appears lacking is confidence. Guess it’s up to the manager to get that confidence back and that’s part of his remit. However I can’t really fault Worthy for the team his team selection last night and he can’t really be held responsible for individual’s mistakes or bad choices on the pitch can he which cost us the first two goals.   I think we can turn it around and with a couple of new faces even temporary loans we can still get this season back on course. Not in the Worthy out brigade, but also not supporting him forlornly if results do not change. He has my backing until Xmas, but if things have not changed by then I would hope he would start to consider his position.  
  16. Been reading this board for many a year and always enjoyed the disparate views with interest and enjoyment.  That’s what these boards are for no less.   However four league games into a season and this board seems different this season to me? Maybe it’s my memory going, but we seem to have turned from a club that was pulling together, to one that is pulling apart for now on these forums?   Now not going into this entire loyal supporter debate etc because that tiresome and pointless. I am an exile up in the North West and only started going again in 1997 to away matches with a good mate from Nottingham.  Others have joined us on the way to make a good group of friends.   In those days we were pants, we all knew we were, but no matter what we went and sang and supported the lads. Only once at Stoke away when Walker 2 regime was in charge did I hear and voice dissent because we were truly awful that day against a real poor Stoke side and I feared relegation.   Since that day we have got better in general with ups and downs, but the last three years have been generally positive. Yes I know we got relegated, but with the team we had we did well to take it to the last game of the season in my view.   What’s the point of this post! Well I am thinking that right now…Too much gin. However I would say this is the strongest squad we have had since the glory European years. We have a manager who whatever his faults has got us out of
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