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  1. Happened just behind me. Portsmouth chap mid 50's celebrated their goal a little to enthusiastically. A Grandfather, Father and son took umbridge with this and made their way to him and exchange pleasantries. Low and behold sitting next to the these three Norwich fans was another 5 Pompey fans, who then came to their fans defence. Again pleasantries exchange, but nothing more. No mention of scampi as far I know!
  2. I suspect those who chanted that would argue that they were supporting the club and making their frustrations and feelings known. Whether that''s right or wrong or affected those players coming on is debatable. However taking your form striker off and maintaiming the same formation appears a suicidal decision by Alex and he appears a dead man walking to me.
  3. That decision to take off your form striker and only go one up front appears baffling. Could be the substitution that forces the change. Alex gave us some great times, but can only seeing this end one way and it''s time for change.
  4. Maybe Bowkett tried, but the banks would not budge?
  5. Certainly appears a strange omission from yesterday team without Tettey or O''Neil being available. Early on in the season he looked a decent defensive midfielder to me, but for whatever reasons is out of favour right now and one can only guess what they may be. More help in that area looks needed after yesterday defensive lapses when Tettey or O''Neil is unavailable.
  6. Excellent performance. Reminds me of a more mobile Peter Crouch.
  7. Was not Roader the Newcastle Academy boss at one stage? We need an academy for sure and I believe he is the man that can kick start that again. It may take time, but IMHO it''s worth the effort.
  8. Must admit that I had not heard of James Hollman before this tread, but it would appear on the surface he has been doing a very good job for a few years now. Now until there is official confirmation I guess we are all shooting in the dark, but a James Hollman keeper might be able to save one of those shots! Still if he is that talented I guess he will have many job offers and all the best to him if that''s the case. Seems a strange decision to make, but new chief and new broom I guess.
  9. My favourite was heard walking to the ground at Bradford many years ago. If memory serves me right it goes something like this.  “He come from sunny, sunny Spain. He’s Victor Segura. He crap and he never plays a game. He’s Victor Segura. Victor Segura, Victor Segura,   La.la.la.”
  10. [quote user="RUDOLPH HUCKER"]This is because Roeder heard what happened after the summer BBQ.[/quote] From the look of your avatar, Santa my have put the present up your tame cat by mistake!
  11. [quote user="Tom NCFC"] Robson can make the argument that he is one of the best ever. Look at his records PSV Eindhoven 57 Wins, 7 loses Porto 86 Wins, 11 loses Barcelona 38 Wins, 8 loses The man is a pure legend.... I recommend his autobiography too, it''s a great read [/quote] One of the best ever I think not! Certainly his greatest achievement was taking Ipswich to FA cup and European glory. He did amazing stuff for them and so they should be proud of him. As England manager he was successful up to a point in getting us there, but international success is deemed on trophies won and he won none. Then again I guess he is not alone there and at least he got us there!   As a club manager he did well abroad, but no European cup win to my knowledge which all true great successful football managers must win to be considered great in football terms alone.   He deserved his award no doubt for his contribution to football over the years and I hold my hat off to him for that, but he is no Brian Clough in terms of achievement.     
  12. Why would you want to ban him? He keeps me amused. It''s a message board and if his post past the moderators, then that''s good enough for me.
  13. [quote user="sig"]Ian Dowie...A face only a mother could love.[/quote] I think he was put up for adoption! Even a mother could not love that face IMHO.[:)]
  14. Why? He was the one player to start that played well IMHO.
  15. Very sad news indeed. A great player and I am sure Graham will be given a great send off by the Carrow Road faithful. My thoughts and condolences to his family.
  16. 5-3 defeat to Liverpool with that wonder goal by Justin. First game I went to standing in the river end on a crate with my Godfather Don Hindle. Alas I was supporting Liverpool at the time, since my icon of the time his older son was a fan of them. I and his son both changed our ways soon after and have seen the light of green and yellow.... What a game for a first timer. Thanks Don Hindle for taking me, best present a Godfather can give.
  17. I like many others were shocked and sadden by Graham Paddons death and he deserve''s and will be given a splendid send off by Carrow Road faithful this Saturday and no less is deserved. Alas I will not be there, but my thoughts will be there at three o''clock. As for the point of the protest, well I can see both points of views on whether it should go ahead. Personally I am not in favour of a protest right now, and that has nothing to do with the sad events that have occurred over the last 24 hours. Still I think both can happen without them being contradictory as long as the minutes applause is observed, which I am sure it would be since I think 99% posters on here are fans. Still if I was orangising such a protest, then I think I would postpone it, since any protest will be overshadowed by events that have happened and I would not want to upset fellow supporters when the same point can be made in two weeks time. Just my humble opinion.   
  18. I seem to remember Norwich and Brum boards getting along quite well in reading some article years ago. So maybe there might be some movement in that direction. Gold and Sullivan both seem keen to stay in football in some facility. I know some of their money maybe not suit all and sundry, but their businesses are legal and I doubt there are many males on this forum who have not at some time read the ''Sport'' or one of their more racey titles. [:O] They certainly appear to have done a decent job at Brum and could add much needed money, plus experince. Karen Brady would be good to have on board as well. Still I have inkling that the ''Turners'' are going to play a larger part in the future, so would not be surprised if shares were first offered to them.  
  19. To stop these endless arguments about who saved who etc. Maybe the Pinkun team can go back into their acrhive and give us the time scale of these events for once and for all stop these threads! As an earlier poster stated, that is history, but lets for once have the correct history of events and stick a hyperlink for any new thread on this endless argument!
  20. Britannia Stadium is a fair walk from the train station. The stadium is next to the bypass on the A50. Would suggest the taxi or bus option. Stoke fans have a rep, but never had any trouble there myself. The staduim is quite impressive, but too many open sides for a great atmosphere. We always take a good following there, so you will not be alone by any means and will be there myself with a few others from the midlands area. Suggest you take up the offer by an earlier poster and with them being local I am sure you will have a great day.  
  21. I use to buy new boxers for each away match. Not a superstitions as such. Just the one''s from the previous away trip were not fit for purpose!
  22. [quote user="Mark .Y."] [quote user="SPat"]Because the board will want someone guaranteed to get the support of the fans. That could be achieved with the likes of Jewell and Mourinho (obviously no chance) but Jewell will stay premier league. The only other options are ex players with reputation. Who else is there, Dublin, Iwan etc have no experience in which case that leaves Crook or Bowen, I think it''ll be Crook. [/quote] Maybe the board could be thinking of bringing in Joe Royle and Chippy as his first-team coach with a view to possibly taking over the managerial reins in a couple of years. Mark .Y.   [/quote] Now that would be an interesting choice. Royle has the experince and Chippy has the affection of the fans. Again I would like us to take this break to see many different potential candiates, since some sound scouting knowledge and networks of potential talent would seem necessary with money being tight for anyone to suceed  in that manager''s job.
  23. If the Turners are interested in taking a leading role in the club then all good and well. They appear from the surface to have been very successful in business and amassed a vast fortune in a relative short period of time. Surely that would even make the more pessimist/realistic fans on this forum happy in the short term! However whether they see Norwich as hobby or a business that needs to run on a business level might dictate their perceived welcome. Even people of their wealth probably do not have the spare cash in bank to just bank roll new players like the Russian at Chelsea. They are not in his league in financial clout. Still if they can clear the debt and bring in new funds and maybe tempt that other big financial hitter in who''s a Canary fan, then the future my start to look brighter. As for Delia, well I hope she continues to have some input into the clubs off the field catering etc and has a part, albeit smaller part to play in the future. They did their best IMHO and I hold them no grudge. Event dear boy we are all controlled by!    
  24. Yes come on QPR if the old Wiz can still work his magic!
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