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  1. I''m not attacking our manager or our fans (positive & negative) and being an eternal optimist myself can only think that we have a similar scenario that has engulfed some Italian clubs as to our start to the season. When we have played well QPR home / Spurs away / West Ham home and Newcastle away I reckon that our forwards were nobbled so as not to take the chances created and  I can see Fernandes / Sullivan Gold & Mike Ashley funding that (for The Spurs Game it would have been the media as they are desperate for AVB to fail!!) & 3 draws and close defeat suggests something not right but not enough to point the fingers at our players. Unfortunately our defence didn''t keep it close when they took their element from messers Fayed &  Henry. Now CFC away and a Russian owner with some alleged unscruplious business practice so I''m interested whos after the money defence or strikers  either  way its not until Arsenal at home (do things the right way) that I''m expecting a turn round in our fortunes. Unless of course its time we released our own slush funds or were we keeping that to January.......
  2. Spurs for me ... my wife is THFC and before we had our kids, I used to drag her around the country watching us and therefore went to watch Spurs as well... we both had our ''Judas'' moments at the same time us with A.Marshall and her with Sol Campbell both going to our bitterest rivals..... looking forward to Boxing Day now!!! (divorce on the cards!!!)
  3. but he did get a taxi ride out of it!!
  4. [quote user="hans moleman"]Is there somewhere online that the highlights from Saturdays match can be viewed? Cheers[/quote] I dont know about online highlights but being there Sat my views are: 1st half De Laat stand out player, Wilbrahaam and C Martin both worked hard ... at times we gave away the ball easily but looked comfortable when Cov had the ball, we did look pedestrian and slow at times when we had the ball. 2nd half after all the subs ... looked more comfortable, players such as Hoolihan were finding space, thought Morison and Jackson teamed up well, lot more urgency and pace when we had the ball, Naughton looked comfortable at left back, great cross from Bennett for Morison, superbly taken goal by Bennett, couple of things that stood out were in the 2nd half before De Laat came off was how he burst through the midfield nutmegging the last defender ... I was wondering what type of cross he was going to put in when he was tripped deliberately just outside the box .... and this was the first match Ive been to in thirty(odd) years where there was no chanting save a few "yellows Yellows" after Wilbrahaams goal (which was 2nd minute!!!) .... Cov support was abysmal considering they start season on Sat.
  5. [quote user="paul moy"]Indeed.... I have the same sick feeling in my stomach that I had when Mills and Sherwood left for a pittance. [/quote] but those 2 had other issues and had to leave .... Mills falling out with Walker and Sherwood going on strike (or at least missing before a friendly) ... they both were disruptive inflluences and had to be moved on asap. I have no issues with Cody and wish him well wherever he goes.
  6. [quote user="Muddy funster"]Your hoel shoudl be fine Pabs - it''s just the night out after. It''s a very insular area and so no-one from outside Wigan would go for a night out there. Most in Wigan would go on the train to Manchester or Liverpool etc for a big night out. That tells you something. Some areas even the stray dogs walk around in pairs.[/quote] unless your hotel is in Platt Bridge or Worsley Mesnes!!!!!!!
  7. not if he scores the goals that gets them out of that divison .... a la Holt for us
  8. [quote user="Beauseant"]QPR have just agreed a fee of 17m Euros with PSG for Taarabt. Interesting times at Loftus Road.[/quote] and 40% of that goes to Spurs as a sell on fee!!!!
  9. I don''t know about old women but as a kid my dad used to sit me on the fence at The River End or on the barriers in The South Stand!!!! ........ God I feel old writing this!!!!!!!
  10. 1. Bellamy 2. Martin O''Neil free kick winner away at 1p5wich (first time I had seen us win there!!) 3 Man U home 2-0 4 Dave Stringer 5 "6ft 2 eyes of blue" Duncan Forbes is after you... 6. The Asics ones
  11. Norwich Leeds Norwich Kendal Preston Wigan Rugby now Banbury ...... going south just now need to head East!!!!!
  12. As an aside ... my wife who is a die hard Spurs fan thought it was hilarious when Doherty signed for us as I used to take the mick out of her whenever he played up front in an emergency for Spurs!!!!....
  13. From a car reg site:   9. Barry Fry, the manager of ''The Posh'' Peterborough FC, bought POS 11 from dealer Regtransfers.co.uk. He thought David Beckham might like to buy it from him for his wife Victoria ''Posh Spice'', but Becks said she dislikes her nickname. In any case they already own W77 DVB
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