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  1. He''s in both squads. Playing for U21 then straight off to senior squad
  2. Theres a square near templemead station - We''ll be in the Whetherspoons there
  3. According to SSN they have already spoken with O''Neill and Sven
  4. I think it''s just his way of keeping everyones feet on the ground. If he starts shooting off about how great we are we''re sitting ducks for other teams
  5. How many do you think we''ll take down there?
  6. Surely your Just Aylsham carries that information!
  7. Do it! Since I moved the other side of London this is one of the matches I always attend. 60 of my mates are coming down next week for a stag weekend so should be a good atmosphere in the away end! The stand is of the old corregated iron type so can be noisy but this is traditionally not a great ground for NCFC so travel down and cheer them on! There''s plenty of boozers around the ground and the journey is nowhere near as bad as Preston!
  8. Worst tunstiles in Britain has to be Forest. If you are over 10 stone you have to go in sideways!
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