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  1. [quote user="nutty nigel"]Jon - I don''t think anyone has said this is anything new. As I said in the earlier in the thread we already have a totally original song. It is in fact the oldest known football song. And we are rightly proud of it. You are certainly not original using the song either. But to be fair although you now associate it with Palace the rest of us only associate that old Dave Clark Five song "Glad All Over" with your club. No wonder you feel the need to lay claim to a different tune[;)] [/quote] I didn''t lay claim to it, as I said Newcastle, Celtic and St Pauli have been using it longer BUT since we have been singing it for the last year and a half more teams have cottoned on to it, most notably Leicester, yourselves and also Blackpool sung it in the play-off semi''s end of last season. As for Glad All Over that certainly was ours first, as you point out. John Henty, the former PA announcer at Palace from the early 60''s til the late 80''s/early 90''s got a copy on white label and played it at a Palace match and it proved popular, before its release. Palace adopted it and a few yers later it was adopted by Blackpool. As I say, we aren''t claiming that the We Love You song (better known as that song from Sister Act ;) lol) is ours, far from it but we have somewhat made it more well known than other clubs that have used it. I had never heard that chant at any other football ground until the HF first used it, but as said about 3 or 4 other clubs had also used it before the Holmesdale Fanatics used it. As they say immitation is the best form of flattery!!
  2. Gotta say I find all this rather hilarious, this song is nothing new and The Holmesdale Fanatics here at Crystal Palace have been singing this for the past year and a half, and other clubs have been slowly picking up on it. The things, from a Palace point of view, it is quite flattering that more and more teams seem to be following suit. Yes, the HF did pick it up from other sets of ultras/ supporters (Newcastle, Celtic, St Pauli), but other clubs in the Championship are also picking up on it, so this song is nothing new but is effective when it gets going. Just hope it makes other clubs to form sects of supporters or the formation of ultras at other clubs. The HF are proof that if they can create an atmosphere in the present soulless, all seater stadium culture then any set of fans can do so!!
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