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  1. Stick with the same team, bar a deflective pass for the first goal and a free kick which you can do nothing about we played well. Y change?!!?! We will score, somebody is gonna get a good thrashing by us sooner or later!!
  2. I think we''ll win, Lambert has installed belief in the team and they''ll show it again tomorrow!!
  3. Tongue in cheek comment Nexus, calm down!! Squad = team of players Fitness = he won''t get fit sitting on the bench  
  4. He must be gutted, everyone seems to be ahead of him in the queue at the moment. Will he play again for us??
  5. I do agree in some respects CT, but that doesn''t stop us from letting him get fit by bringing another striker in, adding something to the squad and make him work for his place. We all know when fit he is quality in front of goal.
  6. We wouldn''t get those players anyway, they are all in the 25 man squads and play for England!!!!
  7. New poster here so don''t shoot me down. I know this has been talked about way too much but I believe we need a new striker not as a backup to Holt but one to put him under pressure, If Palace can get the quality of James Vaughan then surely we must be able to pick someone up from the Prem??
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