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  1. Ricky Lambert....... What a player would love to secure his services!
  2. Adam Drury, can you please interview Drury, he isn''t a target man.... I am sure you are in contact still and I would love to know as his career has progressed how his own goals have changed over time. I know we always go out (in our heads but not sometimes in earnest) to win every match but.... I just wonder as you progress your goals change as an individual.
  3. Furthering this...... does anyone in the league have a huckerby esque player? Its funny also who have been mentioned Holt wasn''t one of them. Furthering my opinion that he isn''t you archetypal "Star" but moreover a "gifted grafter"
  4. From what I understand of NCISA it seems to be a very elitist and old guard of Norwich city supporters that have their views and express them to gain support from their own peers. Is the fact that the name itself allies itself away from the regular supporter not a deterrent in itself? or will the new image bring NCISA forward as a vocal point for ALL fans with issues that effect norwich city at its core?
  5. I know it is not for us to get ahead of ourselves with the whole promotion thing but I do think we are missing a Huckerby esque player? I mean I can see glimpses of quality in every area (Although I think our quality in goal is Dec) Barnett, Crofts, Holt..... Is Wes our Huckerby player now? Or are we missing that absolute gem such as Huckerby that can bring that cutting edge? Lots to discuss but I look forward to the banter!
  6. This hoopy fella is doing my head in. I am not saying we should always slate our team in anyway but we do need to be able to accept our weaknesses. This guy doesn''t seem to be able to. I remember a Leeds side sitting this pretty last season and fans as cocky as them too. Lets see what happens saturday......
  7. Agree''d he has vastly improved and better competition has made him step up. In asking who the next target man is..... It is Ward, not in my opinion i think he is quality..... but wait 4 it/////
  8. Apon closer inspection it seemed worse on the night but its still wrong. Firstjedi..... No he isn''t my role model, but he might be some young lads and its not on.... After all we can''t all look up to high moral fibre of the jedi council, I believe nowadays children look to non-ficticious characters too :P Back to topic... still disgusting but not as hatchett harry as i thought!
  9. Trouble for Korey? Even with a right foot a LB in midfield would be a bit dodgy no? or is he a LW/B
  10. Linesman warch though? The corner that never was a corner and cost us a goal?
  11. I thought the ref had a good game, the lino on the away side was awefull .... I sit 4 rows back and 3 seats over in the barclay and I HAVE NEVER SEEN SOMETHING SO DIRTY THAT HAS ANGERED ME THAT MUCH IN A GAME.... IT WAS DISGUSTING....
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