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  1. [quote user="The Walking Man "]I won''t believe that photo until there''s a press conference confirming it![/quote]   I''m holding fire on disregarding it until I see whether the tabloids publish it. If they do, then its definitely fake.
  2. Calm down, it''s just an opinion. I already said I realise I''m in the minority.   Resent being called a troll though.   Went to my first game as a 5 year old against Southampton (I think. Their kit was very different around then. We were in our fosters sponsorship period with the hummel sleeves so must have been around 1986-87) sat in the family enclosure of the south stand. Lived in Norwich from the age of 2 to 12 and then in Diss from 12 to 18 fighting the evil forces of Ipswich on the frontier. My Dad worked as the gate steward of the Castle Lounge for many years, before retirement and now has a season ticket in the same area. Living in the north-west restricts the number of games I can get to these days, but I always wear my Norwich shirts with pride. To call me a troll is to call all norwich supporters a troll.   This is what put me off posting on this forum for so many years. Having to defend my support of the club from other Norwich fans is sad state of afairs which I knew would happen.   Although I said I think an entertaining loss is better than a boring win, I would always prefer an entertaining win. If your going to win, you might as well do it with style.
  3. I realise they are the colours of "them down the road", but I don''t like the idea of our actions being dictated by them.   Its our history. Why should we let them stop us celebrating it?
  4. Now someone has put this thread back on topic following the Cat (Stevens) Fight:   Although I will always remember Gunn as a club legend for his services to the club over many years in many different roles, some of which during very testing personal circumstances I feel there are other great servants of the club that have yet to be properly recognised in such a way.   Just a players ball skills are not the only criteria when it comes to legend status.   For example I remember my favourite player as a child was Dale Gordon, not because of any goals he scored but because of the excitement involved in one of his many shot from outside the area which you could see coming a mile off, but still has no idea whether they would be an absolute screamer or clear the river end.   Anyway, I would welcome a change of branding to the Gunn Club. It has paid Mr Gunn its tribute. Now maybe it could give tribute to Goss, Drury or maybe even Fleck.   Under no circumstance should they brand it around Peter Mendham
  5. Given our finishing position last season, this may seem like an odd opinion to most but I go for out.   I want to be entertained by our football. Watching Norwich play under Hughton has come to feel more like a chore than a pleasure. Our year in League One may have been at a lower level of football than we have been used to in recent decades, but the entertainment and excitement of those matches was better than I remember since the early nineties. Walsall away was my favourite match I''ve ever been to and Tranmere away that season was huge fun even though we lost 3-1.   The last tow matches of 2012/13 have given a glimmer of hope as to how we "could" play under Hughton, but I expect it''ll be back to the normal defensive rubbish we had for the majority of last year.   Although I expect to be in the minority with this opinion: An exciting loss is better than a boring win, regardless of the level.
  6. Costa Canary wrote: "we cant have blue, any other colour except that.  iv''e always liked orange the dutch always look good in it and very few other clubs use it , just like yellow, which would make us stand out and be different, plus the new boys might feel at home!" Why do some fans not take the time to find out the history of their club? Our original colours were blue and white in a style similar to that of Blackburn Rovers. Back then we known as the Citizens, before the area''s craze of Canary breeding got noticed by the national media. Must of confused the hell out of these people when we had the 2002 centenary shirts. History Lesson over. P.S. I''ve always wondered why we don''t use this as our regular away colours given that they used to be our home colours.
  7. As a Norwich fan living in Preston (about 500 yards from the ground) I can tell you that the Norwich fixture has been selected as PNE''s annual super-saver match. Its done as a way of trying to offer a taster for potential PNE supporters. However, as the league rules say that away seats have to be the same price as the lowest priced home seats of the same type (in this case home and away supporters share a stand) they have to offer the £5 seat price to us as well. Even with this cheap match, my mate''s season ticket still works out significantly cheaper over the course of the season.
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