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  1. I know you can''t judge a player on 1 performance, but from what I saw of him against Cardiff the other day, I wouldn''t pay 4 million for him let alone 14.
  2. The boy can finish, as we have witnessed. A bit like Jerome but probably a tad faster and more mobile, would be a good signing.
  3. We certainly need to strengthen in certain areas, however I think you will be surprised at what our current squad is capable of in the premier league, given our current manager........
  4. So they played against 10 men because Redmond did nothing, then surely they are calling themselves Sh1t because they can''t beat us when we only have 10 men then??
  5. Strongest side possible, finish strongly, jump Boro for 3rd place and get Derby, beat the scum in the final, fairy tale ending.
  6. I still can''t believe that they are anywhere near the play offs, their brand of hoofball is dreadful, and I''m still at a loss as to how so many teams have succumbed to it........
  7. I have to agree LDC, I''m not slating the guy in any way shape or form, I like his passion and commitment and the way he plays, but unfortunately for him we do have other strikers ahead of him in the pecking order.
  8. Just perusing the internet and found that he personally said that "limited opportunities" at City were the reason for him wanting to move. Hasn''t exactly been starring or even starting for them over there, so doesn''t look like bad judgement by AN in my opinion.
  9. Think I read somewhere that AN had said that Lafferty wanted guarantees about playing and he wasn''t prepared to give them to him, hence sending him out on loan.
  10. A draw for them today would''ve been ideal really. It has however pulled us closer to the automatic spots, which is what these guys are getting at.
  11. All we need to do is nullify Mings and Murphy, they haven''t got anyone else to worry about. So whoever AN feels like picking really ;)
  12. It was Redmond that got flattened which led to the red card.
  13. SSN saying we haven''t/can''t agree a fee and that the logistics of it this late in the day also making it difficult.
  14. I watched this last night and it was utter dog turd!! How the eff can they be 3rd in the championship on that showing!!???... Any game in which they lose is an ideal result in my opinion.
  15. Scum vs Scum in my household, our scum against the wives (she''s from Pompey) scum......
  16. Ooops, so they are, still a bloody horrible thought though, them top of the league (even if its for a few hours), we''ll actually be doing them a favour if we beat Bournemouth, irrespective of their result!! Naturally I want the 3 points despite all of that.
  17. Naturally I would love us to beat Bournemouth, but that in turn means that the b1nn5rs could go top of the league, now that I don''t like the sound of!!
  18. I for one really don''t get the whole Lennon thing, he was managing a club with the biggest budget in a league where he had had no real competition, of course he was successful, I probably could be in those circumstances, yes he has got Bolton going (sort of) but what''s to say our new man wouldn''t do exactly the same at those respective clubs. Is it as much of a gamble as we think..... Got to give the guy a chance, he certainly has more experience at managing than our last "manager" did. He''s saying the right things, but putting them into practice will be the telling factor...
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