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  1. 3 minutes ago, paul moy said:

    I think Brits will be avoiding EU cars as much as possible due to the EU's attitude over the past few years.  We will be moving strongly towards electric anyway.  I am already electric BTW.

    You are many things, but in my humble opinion, you are not electric!

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  2. Nutty, here goes.

    Norwich half time and Norwich full time - £1.00

    Draw half time and Norwich full time £1.00

    BTTS - No - £1.00

    Norwich win, under 10 corners and under 4 cards - £1.00

    Josh Martin to score - £1.00

    Steiperman to score - £1.00

    Over 2.5 goals and Hanley to score - £1.00

    Norwich win 1-0 - £1.00

    Vrancic to score - £1.00

    Coventry win - £1.00 (bit of insurance)

    Placheta is a popular choice for scoring and I feel this could be a very good pick. Nutty I have sent you an extra tenner, so can we lump it all on him to score any time.

    Thanks everyone for all your help.


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  3. 3 minutes ago, A Load of Squit said:


    Minister blames public for second English lockdown

    Forget all your stupid graphs and experts, it's all your fault, I hope you all feel completely ashamed by your stupidity.


    Wasn’t he the one visiting his 2nd( or possibly 3rd home) during the last lock down. 

  4. On 03/11/2020 at 12:47, Rock The Boat said:

    The guy who failed to get elected is the guy who gave us Brexit and the biggest change in the UK since the days of Thatcher. He is by far and away the most successful politician of our time. 

    I have never agreed with Rock the Boat, and although I don’t agree with Farage being the most successful politician of our time, I do believe that if Farage had not been on the scene, Brexit would not have happened. Murdoch used him, and like everyone else who has used him, tossed him on the scrap heap when he was of no further use. He is desperate to be given recognition and would love a long term relationship, but alas, he is always destined to be a one night stand. 
    I can highly recommend ‘ The rise of the Murdoch dynasty’. The third episode deals with Farage and Brexit. 
    Just to make it absolutely clear, I detest the man. 

  5. 51 minutes ago, Herman said:

    How about all you RWNJs do a big herd immunity trial amongst yourselves. If it works, great. If it doesn't, well, no big loss. A win win in my book. 

    I was hoping that TFL would have a tube carriage for people who don’t wish to wear masks, a bit like the old smokers carriages. 

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