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  1. Are you talking about Trump and Pence, or maybe some Pinkun posters?
  2. Turkey for me and Galatasaray to win at home against Ankaragucu. 3rd vs 21st. For the Norwich bet, it’s time for Buendia to score. Very best of luck.
  3. I was hoping that TFL would have a tube carriage for people who don’t wish to wear masks, a bit like the old smokers carriages.
  4. On, crack and David Icke in the same sentence, seems appropriate.
  5. I honestly don’t think it can be Johnson as he craves the love of everyone. The problem is that he sold his soul to the devil(Cummings), and there is no way back.
  6. Cummings is an advocate of eugenics and as he leads the Tories, they all fall in line. He does not care about feeding under privileged children, and by default, nor do Tory MP’s.
  7. 3. Do not have children out of wedlock. Did you have anyone specifically in mind?
  8. Labour are leading by 20% at the moment, and I think the majority of Londoners can spot a con man a mile off.
  9. Did they mention they managed to reduce the TFL deficit by 71% before Covid hit. That deficit was built up by an adulterous buffoon, who spaffed millions of pounds on things like a garden bridge, water cannons and Plans for an airport in the middle of the Thames. The Tories are now planning to shaft Londoners by forcing the Mayor to increase the congestion charge to the North and South Circulars, and they will try and shift the blame on Khan. There is a Mayor election next year and all this will be chucked about by the Tory muck spreading machine. If Trump goes, I so hope their days are numbered.
  10. The best comment I see on this thread is the following - You've chosen to ignore content by SwindonCanary. Options you should all try it, it is so cathartic.
  11. Just hope this isn’t forgotten.
  12. And of course, in a very difficult plaice.
  13. Feyenoord to beat Rotterdam on Sunday. Beundia to score please. Good luck all.
  14. But we will have operation Moonshot.
  15. I have so far been particularly useless, so my picks should be taken with a very large pinch of salt! Spain to beat Switzerland BTTS - Cambridge United v Newport County Very best of luck
  16. I went to Hamburg a couple of weeks ago, and the difference in compliance compared to London, was worlds apart. We downloaded the Hamburg trace and track app, which we used in every bar and restaurant. Every single person on the train from the airport was wearing a mask, and correctly, there were plenty of police on the streets, and even in the St Pauli area, which was very busy, there was 100% compliance. It certainly didn't feel that mask wearing was a personal choice as seems in London. As an aside, Hamburg is a great city to visit for a long weekend.
  17. Trying not to continue my shocking losing streak by choosing the Dutch League with FC Twente v FC Emmen, home win. For the Norwich bet I would suggest BTTS - No. very best of luck.
  18. Just too convenient for my thinking. This is the state of politics when you don’t believe the President of the USA.
  19. Belgium League please. Standard liege to beat Zulte Waregem on Sunday. BTTS got the Norwich game. very best of luck.
  20. I blocked him months ago, I can’t believe you persist. Flogging and dead horse spring to mind. Just move on, nothing to see here.
  21. Miserable failure last week with PSG, so will go safe again with Celtic to beat Livingstone. with our new found defensive qualities, I will go for BTTS - No. very best of luck.
  22. As I am on plane waiting to fly to Germany, £5 for every goal scored by Zimmermann. Also £1 a point.
  23. PSG home win against Marseille please. for the Norwich game I fancy a draw. good luck all.
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