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  1. Without being too political, this government throws the term ‘world beating’ with gay abandon, but if we can truly be world beating in one area, please let it be the roll out of the vaccine.
  2. That actually brought a tear to my eye. If I get my life back through their efforts and hard work, I will forever be in their debt.
  3. So , just to clarify, Sweden will not leave because of the deal?
  4. The offer of a tenner is still out there.
  5. I would have thought our financial services would have been too busy with our massive debt. Not sure how much it is, but will probably be world beating soon, especially with all the money the government are giving to their chums.
  6. I will have a tenner with you that Sweden will not leave if the deal goes through. I note it is only the Express reporting this.
  7. ‘The EU and China are close to reaching a long-awaited business investment deal, according to media reports.’ i assume we will have a similar deal, but better, world beating and massive.
  8. Such a top idea and has given my life extra purpose today!! For the Norwich game I suggest over 2 goals, over 3 cards and over 10 corners, at 7-1. BTTS Inverness CT vs Dunfermline. Very best of luck.
  9. Aberdeen to beat St Johnstone. For the Norwich game I would suggest another Buendia goal. Very best of luck.
  10. As a Labour supporter, I never liked Corbyn and felt he was a poor leader, but when the lazy question of ‘well could Corbyn have done better’, is trotted out, surely now, the only answer can be, Yes.
  11. Saturday - Leipzig have done it for me already this season, so Leipzig vs FC Koln, home win. Main pick Sunday - Olympiacos vs Larissa, home win. Additional pick For the Norwich game - Cantwell to score. Very best of luck.
  12. Although you frequently get your positive and negative mixed up.
  13. Don't want you getting your wires crossed.
  14. You are many things, but in my humble opinion, you are not electric!
  15. Germany please and Leipzig to beat Werder Bremen. Pukki to score anytime. Good luck all.
  16. Another setback last week, and so back to a club that has not let me down this season. Club Brugge to beat St Truiden. 3rd v 17th. For the Norwich game I will go with BTTS - No. Very best of luck.
  17. That one goal blew out 3 of my bets in one go. Disappointed, but every fiver helps. Really unlucky Diane, my banker of Dortmund to beat Koln, also went belly up, which just shows how difficult it is.
  18. Nutty, here goes. Norwich half time and Norwich full time - £1.00 Draw half time and Norwich full time £1.00 BTTS - No - £1.00 Norwich win, under 10 corners and under 4 cards - £1.00 Josh Martin to score - £1.00 Steiperman to score - £1.00 Over 2.5 goals and Hanley to score - £1.00 Norwich win 1-0 - £1.00 Vrancic to score - £1.00 Coventry win - £1.00 (bit of insurance) Placheta is a popular choice for scoring and I feel this could be a very good pick. Nutty I have sent you an extra tenner, so can we lump it all on him to score any time. Thanks everyone for all your help.
  19. Thanks for the opportunity at having a bash at the Norwich game, and very kind of Nutty to describe my dreadful early picks as a 'slow start'. For Diane, I would like to suggest Dortmund to beat FC Koln. I will make my choices for the Norwich game Friday evening , so all help appreciated. I quite fancy a pound on an accumulator, if some one can come up with something.
  20. What’s that got to do with the price of PPE?
  21. What a pathetic answer. You are rapidly heading towards rock bottom.
  22. Belgium for me please. Club Brugge to beat Kortrijk. For Norwich BTTS - No. Very best of luck.
  23. Brazil to beat Venezuela. BTTS - Austria Bundesliga Women. SV Horn vs SKv Altenmarkt. They have both conceded 26 goals in 8 games. Very best of luck.
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