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  1. I am 65 and live in London (with a GSOH), oh sorry, wrong forum, but I had my jab 2nd February, but could have had it on 31 January, so it feels like we are ripping through them in East London. 
    no pun intended!

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  2. 55 minutes ago, Yellow Fever said:

    I was thinking it would take ten years for us to look to 'rejoin' the SM in some manner rather like Norway - but given the tale of unending woe already I think it may be rather faster than that.


    The problem I see, is that the Tories will never admit they were wrong, and it will take a change of government, which I fear is not a forgone conclusion. I also cannot see the countries within the EU wanting to give up their gains. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Rock The Boat said:

    Yes, having experienced the health systems in many countries, including third world, I would put the NHS at the bottom of the list from a user pont of view. 

    Some areas like research or teaching are excellent, in other areas such as care and outcomes they are abysmal. 

    It's actually dangerous even to enter a hospital in the UK

    I really think you live in a fantasy world, and I don't believe for a second that you have experienced health systems in many countries, including third world. You remind me of Geoff Maltby from the Benidorm series.

  4. 13 minutes ago, SwindonCanary said:

    My uncle who lives of fishing is doing the same as usual at the moment, it has not come to a holt.


    I am sorry, but this reply clearly shows that he is a troll, and I am surprised you still converse with him. If everyone ignored his over the top comments, he would go away. I think you should all try it.

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  5. Johnson has always made promises with no intention of keeping them, and not just in politics. I believe he still plans to break the rules he signed up to, but because the EU don’t trust him, especially after threatening to break the law over the WA, they did him up like a kipper( pun intended), and that makes it very difficult for him. 

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  6. My wife is waiting for a signed contract from Poland for a five figure payment, and no companies are delivering to the U.K. and have not for the last week. There are obviously ways around it, but at some stage she needs the signed hard copy. We are becoming a Banana Republic, and the blame fairy and squarely, rests with those who voted Brexit and the charlatans who promised the unachievable. Rees Mogg stating in Parliament that ‘the fish are happy’ is f...ing insulting. How a right minded person can vote for that moron, I have no idea. He doesn’t give a flying about anyone bar himself and his chums. I have blocked most of the apologists on here, but the snippets that get through, are full of bluster or outright lies. 

    I would like to say I feel better after that rant, but unfortunately I do not. 

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  7. 12 minutes ago, horsefly said:

    Some helpful advice on what you now can't take to europe. Rule Britannia!!!


    That is actually very useful and it’s great news that I can still bring back Spanish ham from Mallorca. I am somewhat surprised at our laissez faire ( sorry about the use of the French language), attitude to bringing in food products from the EU compared to our European friends. Could it be that we trust their standards more than they trust ours? I suppose that now we have taken back control of our borders, we can do what we like. 

  8. I have spent a lot of time in the Netherlands, and the Dutch are among my favourite Europeans. 
    They never forget what was done for them during the Second World War, and we should never forget what they did for us during the plague. 

  9. I flew from Norwich airport to Amsterdam a number of times in 1971/2 to see my brother who worked there. I was searched a few times and had an apple and a pork pie confiscated with a telling off. At the time we had swine fever and they were very touchy about any meat products. As we are now not in the club, it just reverts back, and I respect the Dutch enforcing these laws. I assume we will do the same. 

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  10. Johnson said we can have our cake and eat it. We can, but before we eat it, we have to fill out a load of forms, and by the time they are completed, it might be off, and then we chuck it into the pile of rotting fish. 

  11. 1 hour ago, Herman said:

    Well done to all those that saw trump and his supporters for what they were. Four odd years ago. 

    RTB. You're a blatant liar and I hope you get kicked off this forum for good. Scumbag. 

    That was a disgraceful post, and should be banned for blatant lies. I blocked Jools and Swindo a long time ago, but have now blocked RTB and chucked in Moy for good measure. 

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  12. 46 minutes ago, Rock The Boat said:

    Nancy Pelosi's son-in-law captured on camera wearing buffalo horns as one of the protesters inside the Capitol building. 

    The same guy photographed earlier wearing buffalo horns at an antifa rally. 

    The Democrats deception and theft of the election is now complete. 

    The only thing standing in the way of a far left coup is a wobbly 74 year old man who has no idea what day it is. 

    Seattle, Portland and San Fransisco are just a glimpse of what is about to be unleashed on the American people. 

    Do you really believe this?

  13. 28 minutes ago, Yellow Fever said:

    Pence looked Presidential in his TV appearance. 

    I suspect it's now odds on that Pence and the cabinet will enact the 25th - that way they they least control the process and leave office with a shred of respectability.  

    Unless Pence then pardons the ex president? This was briefly discussed on CNN last night.

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