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  1. My wife is waiting for a signed contract from Poland for a five figure payment, and no companies are delivering to the U.K. and have not for the last week. There are obviously ways around it, but at some stage she needs the signed hard copy. We are becoming a Banana Republic, and the blame fairy and squarely, rests with those who voted Brexit and the charlatans who promised the unachievable. Rees Mogg stating in Parliament that ‘the fish are happy’ is f...ing insulting. How a right minded person can vote for that moron, I have no idea. He doesn’t give a flying about anyone bar himself and his chums. I have blocked most of the apologists on here, but the snippets that get through, are full of bluster or outright lies. I would like to say I feel better after that rant, but unfortunately I do not.
  2. Dortmund to beat Mainz please. For the Norwich game, each team over 1 card at 3-1 William Hill. I think it will be a very physical game. Very best of luck.
  3. That is actually very useful and it’s great news that I can still bring back Spanish ham from Mallorca. I am somewhat surprised at our laissez faire ( sorry about the use of the French language), attitude to bringing in food products from the EU compared to our European friends. Could it be that we trust their standards more than they trust ours? I suppose that now we have taken back control of our borders, we can do what we like.
  4. I have spent a lot of time in the Netherlands, and the Dutch are among my favourite Europeans. They never forget what was done for them during the Second World War, and we should never forget what they did for us during the plague.
  5. I flew from Norwich airport to Amsterdam a number of times in 1971/2 to see my brother who worked there. I was searched a few times and had an apple and a pork pie confiscated with a telling off. At the time we had swine fever and they were very touchy about any meat products. As we are now not in the club, it just reverts back, and I respect the Dutch enforcing these laws. I assume we will do the same.
  6. It’s how it was before we joined the Common Market, don’t you remember?
  7. Johnson said we can have our cake and eat it. We can, but before we eat it, we have to fill out a load of forms, and by the time they are completed, it might be off, and then we chuck it into the pile of rotting fish.
  8. The problem was, and still is, Brexiteers do not understand the difference between a single market and an FTA.
  9. PSG to beat Brest. BTTS for the Norwich game. Very best of luck.
  10. That was a disgraceful post, and should be banned for blatant lies. I blocked Jools and Swindo a long time ago, but have now blocked RTB and chucked in Moy for good measure.
  11. Do you really believe this?
  12. Unless Pence then pardons the ex president? This was briefly discussed on CNN last night.
  13. If true, this cannot be right.
  14. I spoke to a friend who is a vaccinator at a London hospital. Pfizer were very strict on how it should be handled, stored and administered. They are not even allowed to know the location of the main storage area in the hospital, as they are really concerned it may be stolen. They had all their PPE stolen during the pandemic. Despite his experience, it took him a week to become a vaccinator. The good news is, the Oxford Astra is as tough as old boots, and he reckons anyone with experience of injections ( pharmacists, vets etc ) could give it. He has written to Hancock, making these suggestions. I was really hoping that we would be like a coiled spring and having everything in place for the moment the vaccines were ready. There should have been a competent minister in charge from August/September, after all, if Pinkun posters were aware it was coming, surely the government should have had an inkling? I do not hide my feelings on the ineptitude and corruption of this government, but I really, really wanted them to be world beating ( or at least professional)in their roll out of the vaccine programme. So far, I am very disappointed. I feel like shouting from the rooftops ‘Get a f...ing grip.
  15. Zahawi has obviously spent his time in hiding to work out what to say so that it’s not his fault when it goes wrong. ‘It is an ambitious plan. The prime minister is right to set an ambitious target. The NHS has a very clear plan and I am confident that we can meet it," he told BBC Breakfast. He just needed to change we can meet it, for they can meet it, and he would have covered hands and space.
  16. That is one of my all time favourites, and it still occasionally comes up in conversation.
  17. I am reading The Silk Roads and around 52 BC slate letters were sent home from Roman soldiers stationed in Britain attesting ‘this province was a byword for grim and fruitless isolation’. It’s been a hell of a journey to get back to where we started.
  18. He was was a fantastic player, but my lasting memory was when he punched out the Northampton forward, and just kept walking towards the tunnel, with the referee running after him, to send him off.
  19. Perhaps if we had a minister in charge of the vaccine programme, he could update us!
  20. That would definitely toughen him up, no gloves , scarves or even coats up north. He would probably be made to play for the skins team when training.
  21. Cantwell and Buendia are our 2 most skilful players and try to beat players, thereby creating space for others. There is risk attached if they lose the ball, but more often than they succeed. We are very lucky to have such talent in the team, and I so enjoy their creativity. It will be a sad day when Cantwell or Buendia leave, and we will be poorer for it.
  22. Newport top to beat Southend bottom. for Norwich over 10 corners, 2 goals and 3 bookings. Very best of luck.
  23. It is 842 per 100k in my London borough, and it is not the worst by a long way. Bike rides and Tesco deliveries until the vaccine arrives.
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