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  1. Is that a bit like alternative facts? Or should that be on the Trump thread?
  2. I have written to the speaker ( Lindsay Hoyle ), on 2 occasions complaining at Johnson not answering the question, or telling lies. I was told to take it up with Johnson!! As far as I am concerned Hoyle is complicit with the Tories, and his independence, is a joke. Hansard should also be a fact checker, and should not only highlight the lies, but the liars should be held to account in the chamber.
  3. You don’t need a vaccine to block Swindon Canary.
  4. Is there something about having come through the youth ranks, a club have to pay a fee, even if he is out of contract. This may just be lockdown hallucinations of course!!
  5. Thank you Nutty, I really look forward to doing the picks on 13/3. Wierzburger vs Hamburger SV. Away win on Sunday. As LDC tends to be a glass overflowing type of guy, I suggest a Pukki hat trick. As ever, very best of luck
  6. Did someone post a link to a charity on here to contribute to vaccines world wide. Having had my jab, I thought it would be a good thing to participate.
  7. And please leave your credit card details.
  8. It’s just the ERG giving us the benefit of their wisdom now that they have made such a success of Brexit.
  9. So it is thought at best, we can produce a third of our needs in an effort to keep foreign car manufacturers in the U.K. When you consider how much Australia and Chile produce, we will never be world beating, and having read the article in The Times, which included 'Last month The Times reported that the Brexit deal agreed with the EU meant that the UK would be forced to build its own battery “gigafactories” in order to avoid damaging tariffs', it would appear to be more damage limitation.
  10. Struggling to find a positive in this one.
  11. Would that make him a Space Cadet?
  12. Sevilla to beat SD Huesca. Each team over 1 corner in each half at 11/4 with William Hill. As ever, the very best of luck.
  13. That’s a world beating amount of positives.
  14. And that was, or at least should have been indisputable. The European financial centres, have been preparing for 4 years to take a chunk out of our financial services sector, and they have not even been secretive about it. My European friends think we have taken leave of our senses, and that is a difficult one to defend. From the start they said the UK needs the EU, more than vice versa, and I wonder who will be proved to be right. Astonishingly so, they like the Brits, and that is why they wanted us to remain.
  15. I am 65 and live in London (with a GSOH), oh sorry, wrong forum, but I had my jab 2nd February, but could have had it on 31 January, so it feels like we are ripping through them in East London. no pun intended!
  16. The problem I see, is that the Tories will never admit they were wrong, and it will take a change of government, which I fear is not a forgone conclusion. I also cannot see the countries within the EU wanting to give up their gains.
  17. I really think you live in a fantasy world, and I don't believe for a second that you have experienced health systems in many countries, including third world. You remind me of Geoff Maltby from the Benidorm series.
  18. Not sure why you all bother to keep punching Swindon. If this was a boxing match, the fight would have been stopped, or he would have been in intensive care.
  19. Lyon to beat Strasbourg please. Pukki to score first at 4-1 on William Hill seems worth a punt. Good luck all
  20. Bayern to beat Hoffenheim please. For Norwich BTTS No. best of luck.
  21. three hundred thousand, and thirty four, nine hundred and seventy four thousand reasons it should be Priti Patel.
  22. 13 minutes ago, SwindonCanary said: My uncle who lives of fishing is doing the same as usual at the moment, it has not come to a holt. I am sorry, but this reply clearly shows that he is a troll, and I am surprised you still converse with him. If everyone ignored his over the top comments, he would go away. I think you should all try it.
  23. Johnson has always made promises with no intention of keeping them, and not just in politics. I believe he still plans to break the rules he signed up to, but because the EU don’t trust him, especially after threatening to break the law over the WA, they did him up like a kipper( pun intended), and that makes it very difficult for him.
  24. It is if you say it often enough!
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