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  1. 6 minutes ago, WD40 said:

    That was Pearson again wasn’t it? An absolute disgrace of a footballer, but Woodgate seemed proud. They’re all complicit and I’ll be keenly looking for their demise until each and everyone retires. 

    That was Pearson and he was only feet away from the referee, who had a clear view. The replay was even more damming. 

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  2. For many years the Tories were known as the party for law and order, and safe with the finances,  and I always thought the Labour party stood for fairness, and whilst I still feel that the overarching message from Labour is fairness, the Tories are morally bankrupt. The long list from Nevermind sums them up and it is well evidenced. I believe they are working to a plan, and sadly it seems to be working. I have friends who have voted Tory  all their lives, and I am shocked at how they try to defend the corruption and incompetence, especially when they say 'would it be any better under Labour' I just do not understand how people cannot see what is going on. 

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  3. 7 minutes ago, paul moy said:

    The refusal to buy EU goods will not bankrupt our economy BUT it will move supply of goods to other areas, mainly from the UK as it rebalances  and gives more business to UK companies, existing and new as we develop outside of the EUSSR. We are already seeing biotech companies such as AZ and Novavax avoiding the EU as they behave agressively towards innocent business in raiding factories and denying exports for legitimate orders. .

    Goods that we cannot supply in the UK will be imported from outside of the EU  ASAP. 

    In a thread that contains more than its fair share of hairbrain ideas, this takes the biscuit. Do you really think stopping trade with the EU would not harm us? I give you parts for the car industry as a starter for 10. 

  4. 2 minutes ago, TheGunnShow said:

    I don't think that's unreasonable, and I voted Remain. A decision of such magnitude will not reveal everything right away and there will be some degree of shock and adjustment as the transitions are made.

    However, I'd also say that the true benefits AND drawbacks will be revealed in that time.

    Brexit was sold to the masses on the premise of immediate benefits, and in my book, 10 years is not immediate. I have yet to see 1 immediate benefit, but if anyone would like to give some examples, feel free. 

  5. 1 hour ago, A Load of Squit said:

    This is the best Macron story today.


    Exclusive: Royals recruited to help fight post-Brexit rivalry with Emmanuel Macron

    You can just see Her Maj fronting a trade stall promoting green energy.

    "Hellaire, would one like to purchase one of one's wind turbines, my son says they're onederful".


    I love the link, we used to complain they came over here stealing our jobs, and now we are complaining they are staying in their own country and stealing our investments, them foreigners can't do anything right in our eyes. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, Herman said:

    Julie Birchall is in the news today. 😀

    One hell of a grovelling apology.

    On 13 December 2020 I made defamatory statements about , which I sincerely regret and retract and have undertaken not to repeat. I have agreed to pay substantial damages to Ash Sarkar and her legal costs. Here is my full and wholehearted apology. Please retweet
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  7. Good evening Eddie and all. Thanks for all the suggestions, it is a great bunch of offerings, so much so, that if ok with Eddie, I have sent £20 to do 3 accumulators.

    The first is for Saturday and all are home wins.

    Wolfsburg vs Shalke

    Bromley vs Barnet

    Queen of the South vs Alloa

    Lincoln vs Rochdale

    Linfield vs Carrick Rangers

    Salzburg vs Admira

    Sunday/Monday and all home wins

    Bayer Leverkusen vs Arminia Bielefeld

    Leicester vs Sheffield United

    Sunderland vs Tranmere

    Fenerbache vs Genclerbirligi

    PSG vs Nantes

    Barcelona vs Huesca

    As a few have suggested away wins, I thought we could have a bash. I apologise in advance to Pockthorpe for not going with his away bet, I found it a bit too scary!

    All away wins

    Werder Bremen vs Bayern Munich

    Kings Lynn vs Sutton

    Fulham vs Manchester City (my choice)

    Getafe vs Athletico Madrid

    Pec Zwolle vs Ajax

    Bnei Yehuda vs Maccabi Haifa.

    For the Norwich bet I would suggest BTTS - No

    Lets hope this keeps us interested for the whole weekend.

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