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  1. Towards the end of the Chelsea game he pulled up holding his left hamstring. I am surprised he did not pull out of the squad. We need a fit Pilkington this season.
  2. I would of course extend this to the plastic element as well. That was a really enjoyable read until you chipped in with your inane and pointless comment.
  3. I sat behind him at the Watford game and for the first 70 minutes he had a face like thunder and was clearly unimpressed. I do not think there is anything wrong with that, but I think he was as frustrated as many of us with the way we have been playing, particularly away from home. Maybe the Stoke result was a weight off his shoulders as well, and he tweeted whilst caught up in the emotion, and relief at the win.
  4. I can never understand why the subs are not part of the team talk at half time. Surely if they are to come on in the second half, they should be aware of change of tactics etc. I know that Villa subs were out as well, but it seemed to be structured (crossing the ball etc), where we seem to have a bit of a knock about.
  5. I have a friend who works for the company that sponsors Watford, and myself and a friend have the full package including seats in the directors box. Having watched the game at Spurs,and todays debacle, I am tempted to get steaming drunk and tear into McNally. If anyone has a question, I am more than willing to deliver it.
  6. After the interview in which he was asked '' do you not have your penalty taker sorted before the game'' and he replied '' we don''t get many penalties'' I have to say go. There is no leadership and that is obviously feeding through to the players.
  7. We seemed to have moved away again from my upcoming directors box experience. As Delia will be there, I wondered if anyone had any views on how she has run the club?
  8. Just to bring it back on track. I am going to the Watford game and am being treated by their sponsors. Dinner, Directors box and half team cheese board!! The last time I went to Watford was on a freezing wet Tuesday night when we drew 2-2 and I am hoping for a better ambience this time.
  9. I took the Indian Pacific train from Adelaide to Perth and we stopped in Kalgoorlie to see the super pit. I went into the mining town to find a bar and when I walked in I saw a man at the bar wearing a Norwich Shirt. It turned out he had studied at the UEA, loved the team and supported them ever since. He was some sort of mining engineer.
  10. I find my lounge most acceptable, although the free half time bovril has on occasions not been properly stirred. We do sometimes get oikes from the stands trying to blag their way in, but they are swiftly removed by the immaculately turned out staff that protect us from these types.
  11. Holt has always made the odd rash tackle. I wince sometimes when he loses the ball and charges across the pitch in a desperate attempt to get it back. That is the sort of player he is, and that has not changed. There is no way that I buy into the ''deliberately trying to get sent off''. That is just a cheap shot and one that a player of Holt''s stature does not deserve. He should never be made a scapegoat at this club. His contribution over the years has been immense and should not be forgotten. He still has a part to play and I hope that the detractors do not force him out of the club. Pack animal mentally is certainly alive and well on this thread.
  12. I thought the appointment of Hughton was a good move and I do feel that our defence is so much better, but is has come at a cost and i do accept that. I, like everyone else hope that we get over the line, but is he capable of moving us onto the next stage? I know that we will strengthen the attack/midfield but at what cost. The defence is so good because we have 2 defensive midfielders who do a great job of breaking up the play , but are not great in the creative department. If we sacrifice one of these for a playmaker, there must be a knock on effect. Premier teams are adapting a different type of football and having watched Southampton, it seems to be working. It does not matter who we buy, we must have a system to break down defences and that cannot be done at a pedestrian pace. I hope that Hughton has a plan for the incoming players and a change of style, because if the idea is just to keep slogging away, at some stage it will not work and that is what is happening to Stoke. I accept that just because everyone else is doing it does not make it right, but on the other hand it does not mean it is wrong and deserves consideration
  13. Why do you and Wiz write such utter rubbish on this forum; it is so tiresome. I would hope that you could put your hands to better use.
  14. I would rather he was rested as he must be knackered from picking the ball out of the back of net!
  15. After the black Gillingham player went down in the area and a penalty was given a number of people were shouting f****** nigg***. The usual black bast*** chant was in force. I challenged 2 people behind me and they did shut up
  16. I have been to a number of away games over the years and was promted to write in after the Gillingham away game last year when I thought a number of the fans were a disgrace. Most upsetting were the racist chants which showed what narrow minded and insular some Norwich fans can be. Most of the other away games last season were not much better although thankfully the racist chanting had dried up. I think some of the younger supporters and unfortunatley a small number of older fans, think they have something to prove and it makes them look hard when they abuse the other fans and stewards. I also feel certain that should these ''hard men'' come up against a number of opposition fans who did want a fight, they would fill their pants before running in the direction of their mothers. I am of the opinion that when you enter the ground you know what the rules are and if you don''t like them, don''t go.
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