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  1. Bethnal shared this on twitter, and I found it to be a most interesting read, so thought I would share it. https://statsbomb.com/2021/05/norwich-city-championship-champions-in-2020-21/
  2. My Bochum pick appeared in both the blokes and the girls, does that mean I have a foot in both camps?
  3. My £1 a point comes to £97. I shall round it up to £100, and it’s on its way.
  4. I thought Great Britain were at home, and also there must be a second leg.
  5. UKIP has taken up residence in the Tory party.
  6. German 2nd Division on Sunday, and Bochum to beat Jahn Regensburg. Dowell is 300-1 for a hat trick, and as he managed 2 last week, it may be worth 50p? Very best of luck.
  7. Being able to watch every game this season has helped me so much to get through these awful times. It has filled me with joy, and I thank Farke and the team for this. I have never felt so much love for this club as I do now.
  8. Hull City to beat Wigan please. Norwich winning after 15 minutes at 9/2 seems reasonable. The very best of luck.
  9. Zenit St Petersburg (top) to beat FC Rotor Volgograd(2nd bottom) For the Norwich bet, I think we will both be quick out of the blocks, and there could be a goal in minutes 1-15 for either side at 19/10 Very best of luck.
  10. That was Pearson and he was only feet away from the referee, who had a clear view. The replay was even more damming.
  11. Nothing to see here then, move on!!
  12. Another trip to Germany this weeks and Sunday's match in the second division. Bochum(top) home win over Hannover 96 (11th) For the Norwich game - over 2.5 goals, under 10 corners and under 4 cards at 9/2 with William Hill. As ever, very best of luck.
  13. I am sure he did, although Sullivan was involved in one of the deals of the century for the Olympic Stadium. This debacle was presided over by the Mayor of London. The following is an interesting read. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/football/2016/apr/14/west-ham-deal-century-olympic-stadium
  14. The Police already have sufficient powers and I cannot remember when they could not carry out their duties due to insufficient powers. In my mind this is more flag sha..ing, with the added advantage of eroding our rights as a nation.
  15. In an effort to continue my winning run of one, I suggest Cove Rangers to beat Dumbarton. Second top vs second bottom. Difficult to find value for the Norwich bet, but if lightning strikes twice, Norwich over 2.5 goals in the first half at 12/1.
  16. On behalf of Swindon’s corner, can I please throw in the towel! He is clearly suffering from repeated blows to the head.
  17. For many years the Tories were known as the party for law and order, and safe with the finances, and I always thought the Labour party stood for fairness, and whilst I still feel that the overarching message from Labour is fairness, the Tories are morally bankrupt. The long list from Nevermind sums them up and it is well evidenced. I believe they are working to a plan, and sadly it seems to be working. I have friends who have voted Tory all their lives, and I am shocked at how they try to defend the corruption and incompetence, especially when they say 'would it be any better under Labour' I just do not understand how people cannot see what is going on.
  18. dj11

    Paul Ritter RIP

    That is a real shame, he was a great actor, and his role in Friday Night Dinner, never failed to make me laugh.
  19. In a thread that contains more than its fair share of hairbrain ideas, this takes the biscuit. Do you really think stopping trade with the EU would not harm us? I give you parts for the car industry as a starter for 10.
  20. Brexit was sold to the masses on the premise of immediate benefits, and in my book, 10 years is not immediate. I have yet to see 1 immediate benefit, but if anyone would like to give some examples, feel free.
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