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  1. [quote user="Making Plans"]M&S, House Of Fraser, Toys R Us, Maplin, Carpetright, Homebase, Mothercare, Tesco, Asda, Debenhams etc etc etc, have all found out to their considerable cost that if you don''t give the customer what they want, at a fair price, then you are only going to go in one direction.The highest ticket prices in the Champs, coupled with poor performances & results, can only lead to a gradual but steady decline in attendances, reduced finances, selling the family silver and employing cheap Managers & players.We are already skint, the Academy is being proped up with public money, we have already sold off nearly every player who was worth anything, we already have a budget Manager, who is out of his depth, and a squad full of no more than average Champioship players who are not going to produce the results that the majority of supporters expect.Don''t take the support we have at Norwich for granted.[/quote]
  2. [quote user="Ben"]Or in reality, an owner who has consistently took money outBe it in interest, transfer fees handed over to other ME companies, or simply snaffling your training ground. Strange that this ''investor'' has let your pitch deteriorate so badly.That might explain why poorman road is not only half empty but is in such a sorry state.ps have you found the money to remove that tree growing out of your roof yet ?[/quote] Ahhhh yes - that owner that’s taking out money every season when in reality he’s pumping in 6m a season to cover the loses? He’s a terrible bloke isn’t he? Where does all your additional income go exactly? It doesn’t appear to be spent on your first team? With 30m+ in player sales and yet we’ve STILL spent more money than you to this stage and we’re still bringing in 2-3 more players whereas you’re attempting to sell another one. Makes no sense really does it?
  3. [quote user="lake district canary"][quote user="King Keano"][quote user="CANARYKING"]Total number of home fans yesterday. So we have to lose 10,000 to get to that level.[/quote] You had 25k for the West Brom game including the away support, not 26k. I suspect there was 1-2k WBA fans? Already lowering numbers. That was your first home game as well, perhaps even less over the next week? Can you imagine when those numbers dwindle further the trouble you’ll be in without an owner ready to put money in?[/quote]Average attendace last season was 25,785. Attendance against West Brom.....25,114. Hardly anything at all and that during the summer holiday period when people are away. [/quote] So not 26k then?
  4. [quote user="CANARYKING"]Total number of home fans yesterday. So we have to lose 10,000 to get to that level.[/quote] You had 25k for the West Brom game including the away support, not 26k. I suspect there was 1-2k WBA fans? Already lowering numbers. That was your first home game as well, perhaps even less over the next week? Can you imagine when those numbers dwindle further the trouble you’ll be in without an owner ready to put money in?
  5. [quote user="Ben"][quote user="kick it off"]Holty had been picked up by Forest though, Calderwood just played him out of position.Nolan has bounced around the League 2/non league borderline for most of his career. He only stepped up to league 1 level two years ago, and his stats don''t exactly jump off the page before Shrewsbury. Can''t say I''m especially worried about this one, although the scummers have been so deprived of any decent players being signed in the last decade that you would think they''d just signed Messi. The level of hype there is ludicrous. They''re still scraping the bargain bin but because they have more new faces than usual they seem to think every single one of them will be a cut above Championship level and they''ll romp away with the league.[/quote]the ironic thing is that the paupers are now doing the very thing that halfwits like King Binno was squeaking about on here.They are certainly moving on their higher earners - and replacing them with lower league ''hopefuls''. Nothing wrong with that, if you have the coaching staff to help them develop.However the difference does appear that the players on Hurst''s shopping list seem to be those who he has worked with in the lower leagues. No great problem, as he can do no worse than the hapless Jewell who took in all manner of hopeless cases and failing players. But it does point to a small scouting set up, as well as a threadbare youth system.So the lesson here my young farm hands is to keep an eye on your neighbours - as from kids for a quid, ST''s paid over the season to working within your means you have eventually followed us.Who knows you might even remove that bush growing on your stand - orwait for it........................................... get a crowd over 20,000 when it is not us playingor is that too much to expect ?[/quote] The only thing ironic about this is you calling us the paupers when we’ve outspent you this summer AND will still spend more in the next few weeks in the loan market. Yes, Waghorn has gone and we’re all disappointed about that, but unlike you when you’ve sold players this summer, we’ve invested that in the squad as a whole & we’ve probably got more strength in depth all over the pitch than we’ve ever had (CB aside) - especially when we get all our midfield fit again. In terms of the players we’ve signed, there is no guarantee if they will step up of course. However, I’d much rather sign a player like Jackson than spend out on a loan fee/wages for a striker like Rhodes who hasn’t scored goals for what 3 years now & even if he does do well, he’s not going to be at Norwich next season as you wouldn’t be able to afford him!
  6. [quote user="Ben"][quote user="kick it off"]Not to mention their "best in the division" keeper who agreed a contract then refused to sign it as he was hoping for a better offer made a peach of a howler for their first today[/quote]A case of ''flapper'' Marshall.Watch Blackburn''s second. Hapless defending with their No 4 ball watching as were all the defenders, completely unaware of where the two Blackburn players were.As to selling on the cheap, a player is only worth what another club will pay for him. Unfortunately the dimwitted farmhands had been looking up the A140 too much and have worked themselves into a lather of stupidity and were talking of £10m-£12m.Lets hope they are not in the position where they have to clear their higher waged players off the books and replace them with lower league players. What would King Binno say about that.[/quote] I’m still waiting for you to spend the 30m you’ve received in transfer fee’s this summer? Where has it all gone?!
  7. [quote user="Mr Benn"]Oh dearpoor king binno, never the brightestonly a couple of weeks ago you were squeaking about how we had a £20m shortfall, as to £8m I very much doubt, and Evans moving the money over to another group of his companies is hardly what we would call ''reinvesting''asset stripping more like[/quote] Yeah, but you told me that there was no 20m shortfall. So where’s the rest gone? Surely you’ll be splashing the cash sooner or later?
  8. [quote user="Mr Benn"]appears Evans will have a few more quid in his pocket as Waghorn looks to be off(expect King Binno to be along soon to explain)[/quote] Suspect he will be off for around 8m which will be reinvested. Shame as he’s been excellent. Still wondering when you’ll be spending your money. Bought in 30m+ now and spent 4-5m? Where the rest of it? I didn’t think you needed to sell anyone...
  9. [quote user="TIL 1010"]Can i just point out to you King Keano that jealousy is an ugly emotion.[/quote] I’m not the slightest bit jealous. He’s been sh!te for 3 years now....can’t see that changing with the way you play! Only have to look at Oliveira to see what happens with your playing style!
  10. Alan Nixon, Sun reporter has suggested that you’re paying his wages in full plus a 1m fee. He’s been sh!te for the last 3 years - not sure that playing up front alone with no service is likely to change that.
  11. Rumour has it you’re paying his wages of 40k a week in full plus a 1m loan fee. All of that for a play that’s scored 14 goals in his last 75 league appearances. Mental!
  12. I actually think he’d be a terrible signing for you lot and that’s not me being bitter. He’s shown over the last couple of years that physicality he’s not at the same level he was 2-3 years back which is also reflected in his poor goal scoring return. Blackburn and Sheff Wed fans have stated how he’s incapable of playing as a lone striker (I can’t see Farke changing his system for you next season?) You’d assume you’d be paying fairly decent money for him as well. Not convinced he’s at all what you need! But, if it happens, time will tell!
  13. [quote user="BroadstairsR"]This diminutive man dwarfed by a row of microphones, and slightly nervous in his presentation, has today won over the the ITFC faithfull in one short press conference by mentioning their "istry" (always a winner with them,) the blossoming youth on the books (as ever) and the need for new wingers (without a transfer kitty apparently.) To a man they are like children with a new toy at Christmas .... dim just ''aint the word? The scars of McCarthyism must run deep. However, I think I would prefer to enter the new season with our Daniel at the helm (of our club,) and saying that, whilst not being as traumatic as a wisdom tooth extraction, was not quite as easy as I would have hoped one year since.[/quote]
  14. [quote user="Rich T The Biscuit"]When was the last time you had a player worth that much, actually let’s rephrase that, when was the last time you had a team worth what we’ll get for Maddison. Your record sale of a player was £8m, bags of talent at Poorman Road then I guess.[/quote] Sorry, but when was the last time that your club was anything more than a participant?
  15. [quote user="hogesar"]Hi King Keano. Absolutely love seeing your username by the way; but it should serve as a reminder that whenever you lot start gloating it tends to go badly wrong.This 20m gap that exists...even if that were 100% accurate, we''re getting at least that for Maddison. You told us Murphy wasn''t worth anything last time we spoke. Now he''s going for £11 million. More than you''d get for half your squad put together. Just let that sink in.[/quote] I don’t know about us being dim, but do you really think you’ll be getting 11m up front for Murphy? Or more realistically a deal that involves a number of top ups? Similar to that of Maddison you’d assume. Either way, your skint.
  16. [quote user="KeiranShikari"]I do love this ''cheap foreigner'' line they''re always using. Most of them would walk into their side. [/quote] Would they really? You finished below us last season remember - that despite us being completely injury ravaged from game 1
  17. Not really Dim? It’s fairly simple, you’re absolutely skint and NEED to sell these players to ensure you survive next season and fill this 20m gap in your finances that exists. These players will be replaced by cheap Germans/Spanish 2nd or even 3rd tier players. Can you just imagine how poor you’ll be next season without Maddison!?
  18. [quote user="king canary"]"But Waghorn, the player with the 2nd most goals/assists last season behind Reid at Bristol, is probably worth 7-8m? More than the other lot you listed combined." Oh come on, you can''t honestly believe that? Waghorn- 27 goals in 101 Championship appearances. Oliveria- 28 goals in 91 Championship appearances. Nelson is also younger and a full Portugese international. So I''d expect those two to fetch similar fees if sold. Josh Murphy grabbed 7 league goals from midfield aged 23 and was recently linked with Leicester and Palace. Tim Klose is a full Swiss international. Ivo Pinto is a Portugese international. The idea that Waghorn, off the back of one good season, is worth more than these players combined is laughable.[/quote] Is Oliveira/Pinto going to the WC? Is Klose even going? Klose is getting on now and only has 1 year left on his contract? Are they really “internationals” or just players that have previously played for their national sides. Who knows. The point was, Maddison aside, you’ve got about as many saleable assets as what we have, despite what you all may think.
  19. [quote user="Mr Ben"]I believe they have an option of another year, but is significant that he has so far not signed an extension to the current contract.Whether Hurst pursues MM''s policy of signing injury prone players (they are cheaper) will have to be seen, but at the moment they struggle to field a decent 11 given how many have left.[/quote] I suspect Bart will be sold if we get the 5m we’re after. Again though, that injury prone squad full of untalented youth players STILL finished above your team of cheap Germans....
  20. I didn’t mention Maddison in that bracket. He’s obviously an exceptional talent. But Waghorn, the player with the 2nd most goals/assists last season behind Reid at Bristol, is probably worth 7-8m? More than the other lot you listed combined. Well quite, but despite doing that, we STILL finished above you despite being injury ravaged! You’re now having to sell your best player just to ensure you survive another season and can afford Cat 1. Let’s hope you keep producing these players as if the well goes dry....
  21. Getting relegated to L1 would suggest there’s problems. We’re unfortunately in a very competitive division these days where a lot of clubs have big money or parachute payments. You’re in exactly the same boat as us now so I’m sure you’ll find out!
  22. Pitch is being relayed. I’m not really sure what the rest of that babble actually meant? We’ve also provided more minutes to under 21 players than every other club in the division last season other than Forest I believe it was? The academy is producing players again with a number of players playing in England youth teams. So it’s fair to say the academy is churning out players. The players you’ve listed aren’t really worth a lot in reality are they? If you want me to list a load of players worth a few million each I’m fairly certain I can. Waghorn alone has to be worth more than that lot combined?
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