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  1. Just watched the game again on iplayer and had the chance to appreciate fully how much in control we really were. We must have missed four or five good opportunities to turn it into a complete rout. I remember reading scum forums just after the Gunn debacle and how we would never get to play them again.  They have done nothing under Captain Combover and need to start from scratch again. If Marcus Evans pulls the financial plug on them they are in complete s**t. Why would he continue to want his name attached to the sponsorship of abject failure? 
  2. A full-house to watch us completely outclass their team and their fans in every way. The BBC European footage was inevitable but it is a historical reference to times which for them are quite literally dead and buried. We out-fought and out-thought them and they will be stinging from that for some time. We are a bigger club now and all but their most deluded fans must now accept that fact.  
  3. Fear is not a tool which any manager should use. Keane cannot get away from the hard man image and because he is so thick doesnt want to.
  4. Surely the result of the most eager anticipated derby in years will have a great impact on the final decision Marcus Evans makes in respect of Roy Keane. With rumours of just ''three matches to turn it around'' it will make for compulsive viewing for fans and neutrals alike. With journalists starting to smell blood it will be interesting if Keane selects a side less likely to lose rather than one which he believes could win.   Roll on next Sunday and lets hope we can help bring the curtain down on Keane''s tenure.   OTBC  
  5. What a great opportunity to put four or five past the halfwits up the road. Keane''s last game could be a drubbing by the boys in yellow and green. What a lovely thought!!!
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