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  1. Oh dear Jim your totally off the mark on this one im afraid. Our celebrations were no greater or less than any time we have come back from being 3-1 down. And you know full well the Easy Easy chants at the end where only in response to yours. You must really be very bitter if your now picking holes in the way we celebrated. Sorry Jim we will try to keep the noise down next time.  
  2. So Jim are you suggesting the palace fans should not have celebrated coming back from 3-1 down? Get real mate! Yes of course a win would have been better but there are no fans in the bloody country who would not have celebrated that
  3. Never a truer word spoken Old Boy!! Fair play to you. I watched the incidents again last night and yes he did make the most of it, if it was Huckerby i would be annoyed but like someone pointed out earlier in the thread thats football! Making the most of a challenge in the box has always and will always happen and i''m 100% sure you guys have had and will have a penalty awarded that perhaps you shouldn''t. To say that penalty could have cost you you premiership survival is rediculous, as they say its a marathon not a sprint and you like us are in the bottom 3 as we have quite simply not performed over the whole season. Anyway i do wish you the best of luck for the rest of the season. And im sure we are all united in wishing Bolton the best of luck for tonights game  
  4. Lazy and very poor journalism, thats all it is. These guys don''t like a bottom side like palace having an England international its as simple as that. Its typical of the way the press are, constantly trying to bring down and criticise a successful professional. They will probably start on Ashton soon if he carries on the way his going. Their predictions that palace would be relegated by Christmas were all totally wrong and they really don''t like it. Quotes like that really don''t bother me at all. Simple fact is if Johnson keeps getting fouled in the box we will keep getting penalties and thats just fine by me.
  5. Yep your right susie i do disagree Ashton is an outstanding talent and one i would love to of seen at selhurst playing for the palace, him and AJ up front and we could of been looking at a place in europe The easy chants, well yeh at 1 nil up there were a few of our lot that did it but only a few. Not 3 thousand! And as for having Rob styles again on wednesday, i can''t work out whether or not im happy actually. He is the poorest ref i have seen all season but im hoping he will look back on his mistakes from saturday and give us 2/3 penalties to make up for it  
  6. Over the last two days i have never heard and read so much rubbish from one set of fans in my life. I have always had so much respect for your club and fans. I think Deliah is a top girl and before the start of the season i really wanted you to stay up (with us of course) I have read comments like Andy Johnson should never play for England again, His a disgrace and the palace fans should be ashamed of him etc etc. Lets look at the facts shall we. Im sure most of you have had a chance to watch the game and all of the incidents. Is there anyone who knows anything about football that can say palace should not have had ATLEAST 2 penalties in the first half?? The handball was clear cut and the guy Safri should have walked and Freedman was clearly fouled in the box. The ref had a poor game, Hughes should have seen red for his awful tackle. But time after time Huckerby was rewarded a free kick for challenges similar to those that AJ was not given penalties for. It works both ways!!! Yes the penalty decision was poor, and i agree he dived but there was contact. Maybe you need to start questioning your defenders? the ball was going out of play so why the need for the challenge? I have heard people calling for video evidence saying it may be the difference between you staying up or going down. What absolute B******s!! If video evidence was in place you would have been down to ten and we would have been 2 or 3 - 1 up at half time!! And as for your EASY EASY EASY chants.................... well need i say anymore
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