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  1. Not bothered anymore cheers for your input AJ
  2. Is anybody kind enough to let me use their login details for tonight just to see the Pre-Fulham stuff as I am getting excited now!
  3. I had cod and chips tonight also. Gutted about the Holt news, but suppose none of us are as gutted as my lovely piece of cod tonight
  4. I''m in the same boat, cannot get any signal at CR so can''t go on twitter at half time. There are 3 NCFC wifi spots that show up on my blackberry but all require a password.
  5. [quote user="drurys testamonials mark 15"]Disagree with the OP. Morison can''t score if the ball doesn''t come his way. [/quote] He is allowed to go seek the ball though. Movement is vital at any level of football.
  6. One word to sum up the Da Silva twins - tenacious.
  7. [IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/28mjl1u.jpg[/IMG]
  8. Sorry I tried copying and pasting a photo but that''s the last link I copied, ignore that!
  9. Is there anyone who has a season ticket in the jarrold who would be willing to swap seats for one game? I have an Under 21 ticket in the city stand front row near the corner flag. Its good as I get to see the players up close and the atmosphere is good (right next to snake pit) but my view of the general game is not as good as it would be higher up. When buying my ticket I sacrificed view for atmosphere/close up to players etc. Now we are safe and ''have nothing to play for'' I fancied getting a good view of the game as it should be an absolute cracker! I''ve tried putting a picture up of my view don''t know if it will work! Anyway text me on 07909113507 if anyone would be up for a one off swap, thanks! http://t.co/HEwNvu0g
  10. he was at White Hart Lane on Monday and on talksport gave us endless praise labelling us as the best promoted side. He said we are able to mix it up, very direct, high pressure, ball on the deck, route 1, narrow, wide, the lot. He also said we had a plan B and also rubbished the theory we''re just a nice club, he said people should take us more seriously. On top of that the Grant Holt Twitter loving today as posted by the OP!
  11. It filled me with pride when I saw Howson and Johnson harrying (if thats the right word) Modric and Van Der Vaart. Two premiership so called ''nobodies'' dispossessing international stars one ex real Madrid, the other reportedly worth £80m! Oh and Ryan Bennett winning every header against ex Real Madrid man Adebayor. And finally a 250k full back from League 1 doing a job on possibly the best Left Mid in the world. What a game and what a performance from every single player.
  12. Goals on Sunday actually analyse the games rather than just talking about it like MOTD do.
  13. Bates has got more of a chance of finding the loch ness monster! Unless Fotheringham is getting fed up of Cyprus..
  14. There was a last ditch tackle he made on Jelavic which he timed to perfection. His anticipation, timing and judgement have impressed me in his two games so far. Still young aswell, what a signing. There are much worse strikers than Jelavic in the league. Will watch closely to see how he deals with Adebayor/Saha/Defoe on Monday. Exciting times!
  15. Lee Dixon is the best pundit. Insightful and balances his analysis out fairly for all teams, talks a lot of sense too. He doesn''t have his skull wedged half way up his ass either
  16. I''m currently waiting for my signed Wilbrahamovic programme from Saturday to arrive. Happy to see he is getting the recognition he deserves. As said above, don''t underestimate what he brings to the dressing room, some people think it''s all down to the quality of players. You can see why he is popular in the dressing room when he replies to a tweet asking what the best part of his game is. He replied: Speed and tricks!
  17. I bloody miss him I do. Miss his determination and passion
  18. Largey you''re saying calm down but you''ve just stated he''ll become a future England player?
  19. That''s a bit unfair BW Bennett was outstanding. Posh fans also reckon he''ll play for the senior national side
  20. I too was embarrassed by the crowds reaction to the Ruddy Ward argument. We''re supposed to support our players not call them a c***, telling them to get off the pitch and taking sides. Some people around me treat players as if they are ex-scummers. Support the team for Gods sake
  21. 1. Wigan (Away): First game back in the premier league and my first ever premier league game. More cameras, advertisements, and little things like premier league theme tune when the players line up really made the day feel as though we''ve arrived in the ''big time''. Aswell as new kit and players after the summer break made it exciting in my opinion. 2. Liverpool (Away): Great performance, great stadium and club to turn up to and to prove we''re not just here for the ride. Holt goal will live long in the memory Kop end and all.. 3. Chelsea (Home/away): My dislike for Terry and of a lower level of hatred, Cole fired me up for the game with Holt and Pilkington causing half of our nations ''best'' back four all kinds of problems. First clean sheet and great effort from all in yellow. Away a little mention too as it was the first away game I felt ''wow, this is the premier league'' e.g. Drogba, Torres, Lampard, Terry etc. players I''m used to just seeing on tv. Holt goal also made me hug a randomer which was pure class. 4. Man Utd (Away): First visit ever to Old Trafford and was fond of United when I was younger (no adult steered me towards NCFC) so had a personal feel to the day. Overwhelmingly huge. Massive club and was absolutely gutted we had nothing to show for our excellent performance. We were the better side. 5. Newcastle (Home): Convincing win over a big club who are really impressing this season. Was another statement of intent to establish ourselves in this league. 4 goals are a treat against any prem team. Exciting game also with NUFC equalising twice (if I''m correct). Others: Man City away - all the money and everything against our boys in yellow, glad we had a goal to celebrate but it was also a day to enjoy watching the oppositions individual talent. Bolton away - First away win in God knows how many years, nice ground, early in the season so was thriving on the premed league buzz. Stoke home - From Tranmere Rovers at home not too long ago, to a premier league fixture at carrow road. We were back.
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