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  1. For what it is worth, a great squad signing as we have lost Drury, Whitbread and will probably ship out Barnett. We need cover and to get this you cannot buy everyone at £4m to sit on a bench at Norwich.I hope this is the scenario and look forward to our major signings, with this quality as our back up. Think this, Wilbraham, Lappin, Martin was our squad cover last summer, now Whittaker is the quality of our back up. Stronger and stronger all over the squad.Just my opinion though,,,,,
  2. FWIW, The Moose, from Talksport, probably 70-30 in his ''What I hear'' predictions, seems very confident today Holt is joining West ham this week, via his Twitter feed.Now, if that fee is close to £5m, take it, take it quick, thank him for his fantastic service for three years and go find a younger model, add some of the transfer pot if necessary. Not sure who, that''s why Hughton is paid mega bucks.
  3. Off in Vegas now with Vaughan...Tap him up James boy, don''t tackle him if you have a kick about though, else we won''t see you til next April....
  4. Hi St John  Cooper,Totally off subject, just moved to Dubai, are you a member of Dubai Canaries?
  5. Fair enough. look forward to your reply in 6 hours.....
  6. In order, mine would be, remember, these are ''Ideal'';Di MatteoHughtonHoddleMalkyCurbishley
  7. Never hear of him, but hadn''t heard of Check Tiotte this time last year either!!!!Would be great if he turned out this way.......
  8. Fourth Official ‏@4th_Official Villa job- Your guesses are as good as ours, seemed like Ole Gunnar was the number 1 target for a while, Lambet turned it down. Expand Reply Retweet Favorite
  9. Would this be the same Paul Lambert I saw at 1.30pm driving on the bypass by Colney?
  10. ....So says Pilks on Twitter....Now, maybe standard end of season protocol, but could be....He says, putting tin hat on and exiting stage left......I''m sure there are the usual "People in the know" on here, so sit back and enjoy..
  11. Please can anybody attending post on here later or even during the event to let us know any gossip, only Sheff Utd on TV..........
  12. Pongo this could be the worst possible thing you could do if you want Lambert.He is his own man and likes control from top to bottom, I have some contacts inside the club, as my son is in the youth set up at a certain level and Lambert has a say in everything and control over most, including kit design......Also, he has in his own team an Ops guy, Gary Karsa.Sounds to me like Benitez, wasn''t Comolli at Anfield with him?
  13. Everton won 1-0, Pat Van Den Hauwe with the goal, felt like 10,000 scousers in the City that day..............
  14. Mick Channon, Keith Bertschin. Jimmy Neighbour, Colin Suggett.......
  15. Ok, some constructive views on Elliott Ward re Saturday.Lambert clearly wanted to play 3 at the back, I assume to accomodate Fox, Wes and Howson in the centre and to play with more width. To do this, Martin and Whitbread are best equipped to play the sides of a 3, Zak, left footed, Martin as you also may need to play as a full back.Therefore, Ward, I think would have been told hos role and what was expected of him, i.e. collect the ball off Rudy, play into midfield. Now, I would question whether that is the best use of Wards ability, but Lambert is a master of getting the best from players and Ward has clearly followed his Managers brief. Did he execute it? Not as well as others could. But, he was asked to play that way.Why would anyone think Ward would be trying to play this style when his previous 50 odd appearances have been as a good old fashioned centre half.Praise Lambert for trying something different and for Ward for trying to execute these plans. It didn''t work as well as they wanted therefore, change to flat back 4 at half time, end of....
  16. Lets hope Delia hasn''t hosted a beach BBQ then............I wonder if the Norwich WAGS are all great cooks.
  17. Also, a couple of new players and many returning from injury, it may seem a prime time to pull them altogether and galvanise them for the final push, as we know the financial implications of finishing higher up the league.
  18. Right sided centre back usually played up front, nickname Dixie.....Left sided central midfield was from youth team, nickname Clanger.One striker scored goal of the season v Southampton.....Can''t get other striker............
  19. Yep can see your point Broadstairs, although I think psychologically Vaughan needs to start a game.The Naughton news this morning, whilst great throws my team selection, I would now go with Ward and Martin, Barnett on bench, Kyle at RB.  
  20. Apologies Board police if there is already a thread....                                 RuddyMartin          Ward               Barnett             Drury                                 Fox          Bennett                                  Pilks                                 Hoolahan                    Morison           VaughanSubs; Steer, Lappin, Johnson, Crofts, Holt, Jackson, Surman, although Wilbraham will be there somewhere.....Great squad when you consider a) the bench back up and b) Whitbread, Ayala, Bennett, Tierney and Naughton to add to that back 4, Howson to the midfield
  21. Thanks will have a look.I used to love the Radio 2 music, take a listen......http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NiIt5lF1TUWould be great if Anglia could produce a DVD of the 70''s football, at Carrow Road, such great games etched i n the history of this club and they wee the only way of watching the games, unlike the media available now.
  22. Ah, Peter Jones.....I remember the programmes used to start in midweek just after 8 and games kicked off at 7.30, so you had no idea until this time what had happened in the first half hour!!!Great two games against Chelsea, I''m sure one of them featured on either Sportsnight/MidweekSports Special, would be great to see some footage. I also remember two games against Man Utd in the semi the following year, these were both on TV and the year after we went out to Wolves in the semi, again on TV, suer it was the grate Gerry Harrison commentating on this one..Slim chance but anyone seen any clips anywhere?
  23. Don''t think they can afford that.How refreshing to have a debate on here where it does not descend into personal abuse. Thanks Darren for being, er, human....I stopped posting regularly as I was fed up with every time an opinion was expressed you received post after post of churlish remarks and comments as if you know nothing about the subject, naming no names, Morty.So apologies if I came across as Sharp, badoom tish!!!!!!
  24. It''s all opinions Darren.I don''t agree that Rhodes and Hooper are better and, in fact are less proven that Sharp, refer to Smooths post.I also think £3m is less of a gamble and he will hit the ground running far quicker than Hooper, who has been quoted in various media at £7m and is playing his football in a league nowhere near the pace of the Prem and Rhodes, who is plying his trade in League 1.As i said, opinions, yours is they are better....
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