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  1. Who''d have thought it? Overpaid prima-donna playing at home for one of the big teams throws toys out of the pram because the tyre-fitter and his friends won''t stand aside and let him have a few gentle tap-ins. No surpises there then.     Torres, you great big flappy wizards-sleeve of a c*** you are so s*** you should be playing for 1p5wich.
  2. I have a ''Super'' member...................
  3. Why would anyone give a flying f*** whether she was swigging special brew and offering random strangers out. She was drunk; big friggin deal
  4. [quote user="Mr. Chops"]Mark Fotheringham passed it sideways 17 times for Famagusta. [/quote] .......and 15 of those times it went to an opponent
  5. So Norwich have discovered their scoring boots and last night saw the most entertaining game so far. The reason? Forum regular Duncan Edwards chose last night to miss his first game of the season. If we want to give the team the maximum level of support and possibly save the club a few quid on new players, there is only one realistic solution - ban Edwards! 
  6. Can''t beat a bit of ''My old man said be an Ipswich fan'' for generating a bit of atmosphere
  7. [quote user="BroadstairsR"] None, but I would enjoy having a small go at Alan Brazil if ever I were to meet him socially. His anti-City bias whenever he gets the chance has always annoyed me a lot. [/quote] I remember seeing the obese ex-publican in the parade ring at Yarmouth Racecouse when the entire crowd started singing ''you fat b***ard'' at him. Priceless.    Has to be said the in his heyday, Scumwich had probably the most hideous collection of child-scaring gargoyles to set foot on a football pitch. Brazil,Mariner,Osman.Butcher,Mills,Paul Cooper and the world''s leading Gollum lookee-likeee Eric Gates. Vile.       
  8. [quote user="Epic Beard Man"]So you want a wall paper with lyrics on it? Why don''t you try making it yourself with windows paint. If you can''t manage it I could always ask my 4 year old granddaughter if she could do it for you.[/quote] Are you really the most miserable person ever to walk the earth or just plain mental? 
  9. [quote user="CT"]Who do we hate more? D''urso or this referee?[/quote] At this stage D''Urso. He has a track record over many years of screwing us over. I think he''s a binner as well  
  10. [quote user="Hissing Sid"]At Tranmere he gave the kind of inept refereeing performance that Andy D''Urso could only dream about! And so we meet again...deep joy!![/quote]   Spot on. Until the Tranmere game, I thought Andy D''urso was the most disgraceful referee to ever draw breath. This guys display of advanced f***wittery took the field of refereeing incompetence to a whole new level 
  11. Why would anyone give a flying f*** who else posts on here?
  12. [quote user="AndyJR"][quote user="Sports Desk Pete"]Hopkins Homes now building on the site and will be called Scholar''s Quarter with 113 houses/flats and seven offices. Let''s hope it''s not too chalky underneath.... [/quote] Just what Norwich needs, more unaffordable housing.  Bravo council. [/quote] Maybe the city council will give the homes to the old folks they kicked out of that sheltered housing scheme that the council employees moved into 
  13. However much it was it was way too much. What was the chairman thinking of charging that amount? 
  14. Bottom line is if the prices really are too expensive then attendances will drop off and the club will have to react. The fact that we had 24000ish people there on saturday for a game which a large number of posters on here claim was too expensive suggests that maybe the club haven''t got things so wrong after all
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