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  1. Either they''ve done a real good job keeping it quiet or its Adams as he would be around he place regardless. Hopefully the first for me.
  2. Originally ithink McNally said 3 season in a row in the prem for expansion. New interview he has recently done now he is now saying 2/3 years drom now. I''m happy with his justication, i would rather have a better team too. Cant get the link to work as on iphone - goto you tube and type in ''the future of carrow road'' Thanks OTBC
  3. Just saw Andy Marshall got released from villa. Was amazed he''s still about- must have been 3rd or 4th choice. He''s 38 according to wikipedia.
  4. They didnt do it! Went straight into the song :) no cheesey encouraging each stand to sing.
  5. [quote user="Dubai Mark"]...and the two chaps carrying the board with golden goal numbers on (I think it was the golden goal?). For me the stands will always be their traditional names and I have never liked the corner of the Main Stand and Barclay End being called the Snakepit........can anyone nail exactly when the Snakepit was created, and by whom?.....and why? [/quote] Did see this but not sure it''s right, not very interesting reason if it is!..........Tell us something we don’t know about your club? We have a corner infill stand called the ‘Snakepit’ after a duffer in the City stand complained to the local paper about the disruption and noise that the new stand now represented to his Saturday snooze. Even the club now refers to it as the Snakepit which always makes me laugh when they do the birthday announcements. “Happy birthday Tom, who sits in the Snakepit.” Sounds like something you’d hear before the Christians got fed to the cats. I did see this though re why the barclay got it''s name:The stand is named after Captain Evelyn Barclay, a former vice-president of the club
  6. Was talking to mate of mine today about the youngest player for Norwich which I said was Jarvis but then he reminded me it was Kris Renton. What ever happened to him? Never heard anything else about him after he left? Slipped into lower leagues like the majority of our ex academy players I guess?
  7. I sit in the River end/N&P ( I know it''s quiet before you start!), has anyone else noticed that when the announcer goes round the ground before ''on the ball city'' song he calls the whole stand the family end?! I know there is a family section but have I missed something and its been renamed?!? Surely he must realise with the giant N&P across the top if the stand. It will always be the river end to me though! I know it''s a silly thing but bugs me!
  8. He''s still there, just doesn''t shout it anymore.
  9. Too much i would say. That would break our transfer record, cant see them doing that for a full back.
  10. Obviously doesn''t want to achieve anything in his career. He''s exactly the type of player Lambert is always saying about when trying to get people in on loan. He''d rather just sit on his arse and not be remembered for anything. Great story to tell the gran kids- they''ll be proud.He''s just greedy and lazy.
  11. I think defence should be the next priority, especially cover for R.Martin.
  12. If he does go back can we get another loan player in? I know the loan windows closed but how does the emergency loan work?
  13. Think he will always be an off the bench player at this level. Great impact sub to have for the last 20 min of the game when full backs are tiring.
  14. Wes or martin. I reckon smith would smash them in if he was on the pitch.
  15. The whole channel has had a re-style as they are launching it in HD and taking it off freeview. They are also now showing it in widescreen which they previously didn''t, if its off the edge of your TV or stretched so thats it''s to small to read you''ll its most likely because your TV is trying to show it in widecreen when you dont have a widesreen TV (or its not set-up correctly in the settings). So if your TV isn''t wide screen change the display setting back to normal. We changed ours and its fine now.
  16. Hopefully Jackson, get the pressure off him before people start counting how many games he hasn''t scored on
  17. How can Norwich charge £50 to reprint a lost season ticket!? I''m sure a few years ago it was only around the £5 mark, then it went up to £20 and now £50! Where i work it costs us £2 to reprint cards which are virtually the same as the season tickets. I know there are admin costs etc but £50 seems a bit excessive doesn''t it?! Guess its just a way to make money, they know the fans will have to do it as they would loose a lot more money if they didn''t. Bit like car clampers, they charge an excessivce amount as they know people need their cars and would loose a lot more they didn''t get their car back!
  18. I''ll watch them what ever league we''re in. Well done to those who renewed and showed some loyalty to the club, rather than those who leave and come back when it gets good again......
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