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  1. Who the hell emailed in saying that we should drop the diamond formation at this level? Surely we must play to our strengths AKA Wes, who gets the ball through?
  2. [quote user="Brendo "] How about the same question, but now? Contenders have to be : Bellamy Crouch Green dunno who else? [/quote] He don''t need Green we got Ruddy! He''ll have a good season I guarantee it
  3. Hmmmm. My lunch times get pretty boring. This site keeps me going. How about we all go for a big game of Ker-Plunk and forget all about this silly mess?
  4. A life without the Canaries is NOT a life haha. But if I had to choose..............Millwall. I go to the odd home game with my brother in law who follows them. Gotta hand it to them, the atmosphere is booming. (Not as much as Carrow Road obviously)
  5. Hucks! Back to the original point. Good read on the website haha. I stand by my comment inviting you for a beer. Although, its my invite so I suppose i''m paying. Do you like tap water at all?
  6. Good work! And thanks by the way. I put the picture of the "One Minute Applause" as my Desktop Wallpaper in my office. I read about the lad that we had the Applause for in the matchday programme. Proper sad story
  7. I''m gutted. I''m actually from Doncaster and all my family live there, so obviously it was the game I was looking out for. Sods law it landed on the one week i''m away for my wedding anniversary.[:@] Gutted. I enjoyed it last time too. Even though, as previouslyb stated, their goal was a gift. I went to Scunthorpe this saturday instead so it worked out well. Anyway in answer to your question, I think you''ll be alright. We took quite a crowd there last time but we didn''t fill it, and the fact its a midweek game, I don''t think you''ll have a problem
  8. [quote user="I am an Apple"]It seems to me like people are complaining that we are actually spending big... [/quote] Course not. He''ll be worth every penny once he finds his feet. Simo Jackson will be worth the 600k I''m sure. I''m glad to see figures next to new signings rather than FREE, FREE, FREE
  9. Yeah I just looked. He went to Barnsley in May. He''s captain there though. My apologies Duke Of Norfolk. We seem to have gone off the point here haha[:-*]
  10. [quote user="Excited Canary"]Yeah he cost us that much, but they owed us money on the Shacks deal so it was more like 600k[Y] [/quote]   They got the bad end of the deal there then. They ferried Shacks out on loan to Donny after about 3 months
  11. That would explain all the OH HUCKERBBBBBY chants. Not that we shouldn''t do that anyway. The guy is clearly a legend! And if it IS him reading this...............Beer Dazza?[B]
  12. I just wanted to post this thread in the hope that a wave a guilt is now sweeping over the individuals who were on Ruddy''s back after just the Everton & Watford games. Fair enough, we dominated against Scunthorpe on saturday but he still made some vital saves when it was needed. I hope people now understand that a new player needs time to gel with the squad, and I hope he continues to impress.  
  13. Dammit. I wish i''d have seen this post before the match. I would have done it
  14. Well if we''re asking PL for favours.... Ere! LAMBO!.......Get Huckers on the bloody left wing, he''ll skin the lot of um!
  15. I find it really sad that people automatically assume that because we have a good player we''re going to lose them. I''m not knocking you for creating this post, I just mean its disappointing that our image is now getting good players and just selling them off for other clubs to benefit. Few Examples: Rob Green Dean Ashton Rob Earnshaw Lee Croft Makes me angry!
  16. Hmmmm. I find it highly annoying that people are saying "Don''t hail Crofts for doing well in ONE match", but yet they''re quite happy to say that Ruddy is terrible for having ONE bad match. The mind boggles
  17. I''ve not read all the replies on this post yet so forgive me if I repeat anything thats been said Don''t you think it''s a bit harsh to slate a keeper for letting in 3 goals, when he clearly had NO DEFENCE in 2 of them? Its a team game, you could have Petr Cech in the net, if you don''t have the defence there to help you you''re a sitting duck. I admit there were one or two bad points (Like the parry away straight to their striker, who made a god awful header and sent it wide) but I do think its too early to call him terrible. Blame the defence, where were they for goals 2 & 3?
  18. Same here guys. Ordered it LAST wednesday which was 28th Still no Preview!
  19. And also confuses Watford as to whether he''d be playing or not, so don''t complain
  20. Haha good going Granty Boy! I was just about to find the odds for him to get first goal, odds would have been through the roof considering the circumstances
  21. I work for the court service. Really tempted to see if there''s anything I can do to speed things along haha. Hopefully the guy calling on the cases and choosing the order is not a watford fan. Of course chances are he''ll be a shrewsbury fan, and hate Grant with a passion, so will try and keep him there all day Always the optimist Fingers crossed
  22. I seem to recall us losing 2-1 to MK Dons in September last year too. After going 1-0 ahead. Add that to the fact we''ve not won our opening game since 2002 Lucks gotta change sometime right?
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