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  1. I don''t think i''d put a £10m price tag on him. No disrespect. Drop a zero perhaps, and some more
  2. [quote user="TheGoogler"]Eastwood and Holt up front with Bennett, Wes, Lansbury and Crofts supplying the ammo? Yes please![/quote] I had reservations about Eastwood. But when you put it like that it does sound brutal haha
  3. Thought this may be of interest: http://www.teamtalk.com/norwich-city/6700182/TEAMtalk-s-Top-10-Championship-stars   Mr R.Martin himself featuring at number 5. Chuffed he''s signed a new contract. I all honesty I saw him against Scunthorpe at the beginning of the season and did nothing but criticise him. Oh how wrong I was. Russell, as our recently departed Mr Gray would say..........."Take a bow son!"
  4. Whats the deal on here about train tickets that are no longer required? Are we not allowed to post these?
  5. Or it should be:   “You are our Lambert, Our only Lambert, You make us Haaapppppy, where skies are grey, You’ll never know lad, how much we love you, Please don’t take, our Lambert, away!”
  6. Staying. But I do smell a rat (Possibly an Ipswich fan however) I think there has to be a motive to avoiding the subject. I think he''s trying to make the board sweat to get more funds
  7. You probably hate them after todays even. I know I do. But if you''re interested, here''s a link to their message boards http://boards.footymad.net/forum.php?tno=104&
  8. It says on that link he''s an Actor. I pressumed you meant the ex Bolton Manager. Confused?
  9. I think Lambert needs to issue a statement - Pronto! We''re doing well in the table and could do without a setback of all this! C''mon PL, lets hear from ya!
  10. [quote user="barclayendstand"][quote user="Canary1902"] In an article about Notts Forest[/quote] There is no such team as "Notts Forest". There is Notts County and Nottinghamham Forest. [/quote]   Yeah, If you''re going to try and be clever, be clever and spell it right. Otherwise your point goes unnoticed whilst we all wonder who the hell Nottinghamham Forest are.
  11. Hoolahan for £350k. Give it a rest. Lambert isn''t stupid. As for Morison, as much as I''d want him at City, if it was at the expense of Mr Holt, I can''t say I would be overly happy
  12. [quote user="Canary1902"]With regards to the Nottingham Forest race comment, I''m pretty sure I read yesterday that Norwich are recieving £3m to spend in january?[/quote] Actually forget that comment, I read it on a Rumours website. It''s probably tosh
  13. With regards to the Nottingham Forest race comment, I''m pretty sure I read yesterday that Norwich are recieving £3m to spend in january?
  14. In an article about Notts Forest today in the Daily Mail it says: "However, Forest could be pipped by Norwich to £1.5m Millwall striker Steve Morison" Anyone know anything about this?
  15. I love how I sent this "RANT" thread up to stop rumours, yet its now been used to tell ones that are "Genuine Rumours". I really should have thought ahead
  16. Right thats: Holt to Arsenal Martin to REAL MADRID? Ward to Celtic Lappin to Celtic Lambert to Blackburn Hoolahan to Midds   Thats what I have read on here in the last 6 minutes. Getting pretty silly now isn''t is. With regards to Lambert, I understand its a worry when an average Premiership club is managerless, but there''s no need to assume he''s going to abandon ship. "LAMBERT''S GOING TO CELTIC".......He didn''t "LAMBERT''S GOING TO ASTON VILLA".......He didn''t "LAMBERT''S GOING TO NEWCASTLE".......He didn''t Just stop it. Rant Over  
  17. Where the hell do people get this tosh? Whats next? "BARCELONA ARE KEEPING TABS ON NOTTS COUNTY''S LEE HUGHES". C''mon people, change the station
  18. Sports Desk Pete! RESPECT! That is brilliant. Added as Wallpaper. I did have the Holt one on, but there''s a little bit too much security guard in it lol
  19. MSK Zilina. I was actually at this match as my mate is a Blues fan. Can''t say it was my best experience of watching a team in Yellow and Green. And I had to resist the urge (surrounded by Chelsea fans) to shout YELLLLLL-ARRRMMYYYY!!!!
  20. Personally I would have been less annoyed if that had happened at QPR, or Cardiff. But to let a team that aren''t having a great run steal 2 points from us from in the 94th minute is a bit disappointing. On the flip side look at it this way. They were happy with a Home Draw, we were annoyed at an Away Draw. So that kind of shows what sort of place we are in mentally at the moment
  21. I''m going with a few people. Keep your eye on the Lions fan on the left in the upper tier. They don''t actually watch ANYTHING thats happening on the field, they just abuse the away fans. Saaaaaaaad!  
  22. Hmmmm kinda going off the point here guys. But hey-ho, its a discussion I guess. Not being one to get into arguements, all I will say is everyone is entitled to their opinion. I personally believe its about progress, and moving upward throw the ranks. Yeah you could get relegated first season but not many teams get the chance to play in the Prem. On the other side of the coin I certainly do agree that the Prem has wrecked football. Full of overpaid ego''s that quite frankly I don''t have the time of day for. But I think it is teams like that (Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal) that make the smaller teams true football clubs. After all, they are the teams that are popular for actually playing footie, and not which pair of pants they are modelling this week, or which prositute they are having it away with. Pro''s and cons for both. I''m with moving up, and promotion. But I certainly wouldn''t argue with the people who don''t want that, as there are many negatives. My only issue with staying in the Championship is what is your aim? Avoid Relegation? Discuss people!! [H]
  23. Email them the link to Pink Un Downloads lol. There''s some good ones from Bristol
  24. Season ticket holder. Nearly every match. And he hates Liverpool. I''m with you, i''d rather see my team win. But then again, as shown in the post before yours, not everybody wants us to keep winning, because then we''d be promoted, which lots of people i''ve spoke to lately don''t want to happen
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