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  1. I think this is getting out of hand haha. Personally I''d word it like this..... You could offer me Mourinho tomorrow for Lambert, and I''d say NO. Seriously!
  2. I know he kisses it when he scores, as he has his wife and kids name on it. But what does it actually say? I have him lifting the trophy up on my desktop wallpaper. And I can make out: JAY & ELICA. Odd question but its bugging me
  3. Probably already been discussed in previous posts but I just read that apparently the Daily Mirror today said that Lambert is now linked to West Ham after a bust up with the board at Norwich anyone shine a light on this?
  4. With Cardiff playing before us, who has the advantage do we think? If Cardiff win, they put us under massive pressure to go back 2nd. If they lose, would the pressure be greater knowing that a win would see us promoted?
  5. IS IT FAIR that you play at 17:15 on saturday and we play at 19:45. That means you get an extra hours rest before the last game of the season
  6. I admire your confidence Diesel haha. In Lambert we trust. I seriously can''t believe that if Cardiff lose, and we win, thats it. League one seems a distant memory. (Especially considering last season we were playing Stockport, and they are now out of the Football League)
  7. I don''t know whether to worry about this or not? They beat us 2-0 at home earlier in the season, and at the moment are pretty unpredictable. We were up against a defensive Derby today, who let in 4 goals on saturday, so if we can win that, its a good sign. But there is just something about this fixture thats leaving me nervous?
  8. STOP. Everyone STOP! I wrote this post whilst watching the FLS, and all of Claridge''s comment were afterwards when they did a sum up of the race for second. Admittedly, he praised us But as I say, I wrote this before
  9. I''m slowly starting to find it painful to watch a Billy Davies. I''m worried he''s knocked Warnock off the idiot perch
  10. Have viewers of the Football League show complained about how much coverage we get do you think? Our derby day win was just shown in about 20 secs if that. And last we Manish started talking about us, and then suddenly stopped, as if the producers had told him to change the subject? Just an observation
  11. I''ve been trying to find the lyrics for a chant and want to confirm the one I''ve found it right: When I was just, a little boy, My momma brought me, a little toy, An Ipswich Fan, upon a string, So what did I do kicked his ****ing head in, kicked his ****ing head in kicked his ****ing head in, So what did I do I kicked his ****ing head in Correct or not correct?
  12. I was only nervous because I thought the 4-1 would be on their minds. Obviously it was on ours more haha. Brilliant. If Leeds & QPR both win tomorrow, I''m getting the City badge tattooed on my backside
  13. Clearly hammered haha, but she has good reason to be. OTBC!
  14. I''ll be watching on Sky tonight (sobs), but I''m confident that the Yellow & Green Faithful will raise the roof and help us get that result. Late goals have to be on the cards, so don''t stop making noise until that whistle blows guys. I''ll be making noise at home which will hopefully be heard at the Kingdom (Carrow Road) Almost there City - Keep the green flag flying high!! OTBC!
  15. Yet another post I wish i''d not bothered starting. Ok, I was wrong. Post Over
  16. Thats why I said unless City, Cardiff and Swansea slip up dramatically. They are still 5 points behind at the moment. It''s the Welsh we need to keep our eye on, at least for now
  17. A few remaining fixtures I''ve looked at: Cardiff v QPR, Millwall v Swansea, Preston v Cardiff. I think its fair to say that unless City, Cardiff and Swansea all slip up dramatically, its basically a 3 horse race for 2nd. These fixtures could be massive for us if the results go our way. Cardiff v QPR will be a tough game, which will more than likely be a draw. Preston have discovered abit of a spark lately as we saw when they turned over Swansea, so that game may not be as black & white as it looks on paper. As for Swansea, they face the Lions on the 2nd to last game of the season, which I seriously think they won''t take any point from. So much so, I''m actually going to that game. We have come so far these last 2 years, and we can''t presume that a loss and a draw is "a blip" IN LAMBERT WE TRUST!
  18. To the theme of Country Road: Pachecoooooo, Take us hooooome, To the place, we belong To the top flight, to play the big four Take us hooooome, Pachecooo
  19. Long for a chant. But I have set is as my Facebook Status anyway haha. Although I amended it to "Take US dancing tonight, WE wanna hit that high" I think at games: Take us up Dani Pacheco, Don''t leave us hanging on like a yo-yo, Take us up Dani Pacheco, Take us dancing tonight". Would just about do it
  20. I''ve only read this initial post on this so I don''t know whats been said beyond, but I really do agree. I''m a massive England fan and follow them as much as the next Englishman. But everything that I hate about the Premier League (the acting, the shirtless models, the glamour) is everything that the England squad is. Wales however, are made up from players from Norwich, Millwall, Swansea, Leicester, Coventry, Bristol City. And only a select few Prem players Lets face it, this weekend is Premiership v Championship, and I know who I''ll be cheering for. C''mon Crofty!
  21. Personally I think it is the next 3 results or so that will shape our season. Like last season, the teams around up appear to be running out of steam, and like last term, we need to capitalise on that. A good set of points out of Bristol, Hull & Scunthorpe could give us a massive advantage, and also room if we happen to drop points in the tricky last few games. We just need to not underestimate Scunthorpe (like Donny & Preston), and show the "Leicester Spirit" against Bristol & Hull
  22. You''d think Canaries.co.uk would know that we won 3-2 last night and not 3-1. Apparently not
  23. I haven''t been online for a few days so forgive me if this has already been discussed Does anyone else agree that Lambert should attempt to sign Henri on a permanent basis, especially with the boost of cash we have just received?
  24. Although it hurts to have the unbeaten run destroyed, I do feel highly optimistic about some of the fixtures we have left: Doncaster, Preston & Scunthorpe all at home should be 9 points. The only upcoming concerns are really Swansea away, and a home visit from a currently in form Forest (as we know)
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