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  1. Am I the only person thats losing sleep over our remaining fixtures? 4 points is now required to hit 40, but preferably we''d like more for it to be guarenteed. As we showed yesterday, we have to step up against the small teams, as games such as Wolves and Blackburn now don''t look s appealling. Then there''s the big teams, where we perform we but are unlucky; such as remaining teams Arsenal, Liverpool, Man City, Spurs. I personally am now worrying that our only chance of getting those points is against the likes of Newcastle, Fulham, Everton, Villa. Of course, we''ve come so far and it is great that we are in a good position, but still, there''s 10 games to go and anything can happen. Thoughts?
  2. What about - To the tune of Baby Give It Up (the same as the Hoolahan chant) "NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NAAA, KRISPY KRISPY KREME, KRISPY KREME.........KRISPY KRISPY KREME!!"
  3. Tierney is the picture of why I love Lambert''s "Shopping" style so much. Sheer Brilliance. Without a doubt one of our best performers this season. *Theatrical dive aside*
  5. Ruddy Naughton..........Barnett.........Ward.......Tierney Bennett........Crofts.........Surman Hoolahan Holt........Morison Subs: Rudd, Martin, Pilkington, Fox, Martin, Vaughan
  6. I hurts like hell to say that we are proving our critics right, and mainly because we shouldn''t be. Our performances have done enough for us to be at least 10th - 13th right now, but why are we now sat right where everyone (the people who said we wouldn''t get in the prem) said. Personally I think the problems lie in the following areas, please feel free to agree or disagree: 1) Richie De Laet. Had some good performances but has made far too many errors at this level. Wigan Penalty. Chelsea''s 2nd Goal. WBA Goal. All down to him. 2) Tempo. We need to speed it up. We''re spending far too much time on the ball, and getting closed down far too quickly. 3) Attack. WE F**CKING LOVE GRANT HOLT, and personally I love Chrissy. But the 2 together just don''t have enough pace to make a full impact. We need to start giving Morison some starts, instead of him warming the bench. ....... I will say however that I do have praise for our team. I think in our opening four games we have been hard done by. 4 penalties in 4 games is ridiculous, and the one against WBA was sickening. Especially when you look at the state of Vaughan''s mouth afterwards. We have to prove our critics wrong, otherwise the team spirit and morale that we have come to rely on so much will fizzle out. OTBC!
  7. Hmmm. Not sure about my own name - "PROMOTION 2", perhaps? haha
  8. Ok. I may be being ridiculous and sounding abit like a woman, but who the HELL do I get on the back of my new shirt? I usually don''t get a name printed, but thought i''d make an exception with it being the PL season. And as its the PL season, I was going to get Morison; PL shirt, PL badges, PL signing in PL lettering. I posted a thread about this a few days ago (squad numbers) but now I have doubt :( Do I go for a new player (eg Morison), a star player (Holt/Hoolahan), a less popular shirt printed player (R.Martin), or none at all? I have even considered getting Lambert on it. This is, without a shadow of a doubt, the hardest decision of my life - FACT! THOUGHTS?
  9. I was reading my Old Farm Derby book this morning and it triggered Lee Croft in my archive of NCFC memories. Just read his profile on Wikipedia. Move to derby when we got relegated. Loaned to Huddersfield. Went back to Derby, and now about to be loaned out again. Quite a sad story considering our relegation season (from Championship) he was one of our stars. He must be gutted now
  10. I agree. I don''t usually get names. But I figured, Premier League Shirt has to have Premier League Badges and Premier League signing in Premier League Lettering haha
  11. Anyone know when the squad numbers are submitted at all? I want to get Morison on my new shirt but have to wait for his number before ordering :-(
  12. I recall a player we got from Man Utd. Alex Notman was it? Cost around £250k. Had to retire age 23 after an Ipswich player took a free kick and the ball struck his ankle. Nasty!
  13. £8m for Snodgrass?? Don''t get me wrong, Lambert has always bought from below the leagues rather than buying the big names from above. But surely he is not considering splashing this much on one player. Is he?
  14. Rob H! The man himself. Should I be honoured? Lol To be fair, I don''t mind the latest results not being in there. I know what happened last season, and I''ll know what happens in the future as it happens. But its the old stuff that we know little about, and it makes you appreciate how far we have come Only a quarter of the way through. "The Modern Era" definately next on the list
  15. As said by others, I have to break tradition and get the PREM font Think I''ll go for Stevie when his number is confirmed
  16. Thought I''d share this with anyone who''s interested: I came across this book recently online and ended up going in Waterstones to buy it It tell you the whole history of the Norwich/Ipswich derby and the rivalry between them Up to page 50 and really enjoying it Most places you see it online or Waterstones it''s £15, but it seems to be quite rare, so selling it on shouldn''t be hard The only downside is the current ounce of respect I have for Ipswich after reading their story of starting out. I''m hopeful it will pass Seriously though, highly recommended https://m.waterstones.com/BookDetails.aspx?bookId=7931608
  17. This deal seems to be taking forever. BBC Football says there was a press conference to confirm it at 15:30 today. Anyone know if this is true?
  18. Another link on this subject for Y''alllllll   http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/3604813/Millwall-striker-Steve-Morison-slaps-in-transfer-request-to-force-Norwich-move.html
  19. Obviously I meant - NOT to expect fantasy signings. Quite a fatal typo really
  20. Lambert has told Norwich now to expect ''Fantasy'' signings "We will try and get players in but regarding the likes of Michael Owen and people like that, there is absolutely no way that can happen. "That''s just pure fantasy football, people looking at Playstations or whatever they are." Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/3603266/Paul-Lambert-warns-fans-about-fantasy-signings.html#ixzz1NYXmOhnj
  21. I took my wife to the City v Cardiff match in January. I may have grabbed her boob when Norfolk Cafu slotted home in the 92nd   Does that count?
  22. Don''t write him off too soon. He''s shown he can jump from conference to League One and he one of the top players. There is no reason why he can''t jump even higher. Take James McCarthy for example, in The Sun this morning saying that bids for him are going to be between £10-£20m. Wigan only bought him for £1m from Hamilton Accies Obviously each player is different, but Morrison, as stated is a bit of a pitbull. He''s strong on the ball and is a team player. My only critisism is the last few games I watched him play at Millwall were poor, but maybe his heart isn''t in it there anymore
  23. Ahhh yes. It is FAY. I can see it now
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