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  1. It would appear Lambert has knocked the loyalty trust out of you lot. Are we REALLY talking about Hughton leaving less than 24 hours after he walked in? Jesus.
  2. Mcleish leaves Birmingham, goes to Villa Hughton goes to Birmingham Mcleish leaves Villa Lambert leaves Norwich, goes to Villa Hughton leaves Birmingham, goes to Norwich.   Surely these 3 teams should just have a gentleman''s agreement by now when it comes to compensation that everything just gets waived  
  3. BBC Sport seem to think the Press Conference is 14:00. Looks like someone''s getting there early
  4. I''ve got it. Villa to play Tranmere in a pre-season friendly, and if Tranmere lose, Lambert with become their new manager
  5. Compensation has now been agreed in the form of 2 pieces of Cheese. Birmingham apparently wanted 3 pieces but McNally drove a hard bargain.
  6. HOLD THE PHONE! Does this mean we''re not getting Steve Bruce or Glenn Roeder? Arrrhhhhh Crap! Nevermind
  7. Hughton in. Cully Staying. Holt Staying. Holt Replacing Defoe at Euro''s. Splat The Cat becomes new goalkeeping coach.
  8. Who decides at this point though? We have no manager technically. At a push I''d agree with the relegation battling teams to get him. But I think £2-2.5m would be a reasonable price
  9. In terms of the strike itself, I''d say Morison''s volley against Blackburn at home
  10. I read at the start of last season that if we survived 2011-12 in the Premier League that the club would be looking at extending Carrow Road to 35,000, building up on the Geoffrey Watling City Stand. Wonder if this is still in the clubs plans. Certainly hope so. We''d still fill it I imagine.
  11. I managed to watch the Norwich/Chelsea FA Youth Cup game as it was screened on Chelsea TV, so I''d imagine Celtic TV would be a realistic hope
  12. Although the timing of this "Situation" is not doing Ad''s testimonial any favours, people seem to be overlooking the fact that the earlier this situation arises, the earlier it ends, no matter what the outcome. That way whether Holt goes or not, there is still plenty of time to repair the wounds of all this. To be honest though, Drury''s game is tomorrow, and Hotl meets with McNally today. In true Canaries fairytail fashion we will probably hear tonight that its all resolved and he''s signed a extended contract or something. And then Ad''s can get the recognition he deserves
  13. ''only to you I should imagine'' Quoting things for hours is fun, I spend lots of my time doing this
  14. Can''t see this happening. As much as I''d want great things for him if he should leave, this just seems too unrealistic. We all thought he''d make England and turns out he was miles off. Although thats down to Roy. Grrrrr
  15. I don''t have to prove myself to someone who is clearly bored and on this "Thread" for all the wrong reasons. But cheers for the advice. I''ll take your comments on board, you are clearly the life and sole of Norwich City Football Club. I wish I could be like you. Really I do. Thanks for the 30 minutes of entertainment Cheerio!
  16. You''re a disgrace to this football club. You display the character of a Man City fan. Up your own arse
  17. My point was. I have just been ready forums about. Holt. McNally. Lambert. Lack of clarification. Holt''s future. The club''s future. I''ve read all the forums. But as my post contained parts of all of these, I chose to create a new one, rather than post a different comment on every single one. Enough said I''ll leave it at that. I don''t come on here to argue, I come on here to exchange comments with the people who love what I love
  18. I''m sorry, would you like me to read every one of these thread of a friday night?: Holt signs for.... If this is true Is our club imploding Official statement Holt still wants to play in Drury''s game McNally ignoring situation Grant Holt the balance of power I love Grant Holt but if he goes Quit moaning and have a grown up conversation. I don''t come on here to take abuse from my own fans
  19. I love how us City fans can pull together at a time like this. If you don''t want to read a forum, don''t come on a forum site idiot
  20. As per my post...........LAMBERT............MCNALLY............GRANT! I am shocked and gutted at all this. But let us not forget that he is still a NCFC player, and he has played as massive part in where we are today. I just never thought i''d see the day when NCFC fans were on his back Holty, what HAVE you done?
  21. I know there''s been plenty of forums on here tonight about the situation. So many that I can''t even pick through them all. Fact of the matter is, NCFC need to speak up. We should be in a situation where we are celebrating a great season, and secondly, looking forward to the next. We are now in a situation where; A) We have a striker that no longer wants to be with us (go knows why). And we need to use summer to replace him if so, and; B) We have a manager who may move on in the not too distant future. NCFC need to do something to put the fan''s minds at ease. The last thing we need going into "second season syndrome" is lack of concentration from the manager, as he''s concentrating on the career of not only himself, but his club''s captain. David Fox''s Tweet earlier got it spot on.......''Was hoping for a quiet 2 months'' Weren''t we all Foxy, were''nt we all
  22. I''ll just repeat what everyone is Tweeting, Texting, Posting, Saying..... Downing??? Carroll??? Defoe??? and then of course Holt???? Johnson???? Chuffed for Ruddy. But the rest is a joke
  23. A pointless statistic perhaps, but I thought i''d bring it up as its kind of a massive achievement. Would be fantastic if we could keep it that way all season by not losing to Man City, Arsenal or Villa.
  24. As soon as QPR or Wigan lose a game, we''re safe basically. Worse case scenario then would be we lose EVERY SINGLE game, and Wigan and QPR win EVERY SINGLE game, which will never happen. Blackpool went down with 39 points, as since we''re now on 43 points with 5 games to go, no matter who its against, BRING ON THE CHAMPERS I say!
  25. A great point. And some other great points from everyone. I think I have the ''morning after a game hangover'', when I don''t look at the bigger picture. I can now see it clearly, thanks to the Yellow & Green Army! BEST FANS IN THE WORLD!
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