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  1. [quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="CT"]I''ll be in Norwich, more specifically Carrow Road so no...[/quote] Completely pointless post. [/quote]   Yeah I was just about to say. Why bother Wasting the time typing?   Cheers Jim and...Ermm Wandsworth. I''ll be there just after 5 I should think. Be wearing my home shirt. Not that that really helps if everyone is wearing yellow haha
  2. Spoken to a few people already about meeting some fans in London I''ve been down at The Old Lion on friday night if anyone will be there?
  3. I don''t know why but a phrase from The Dark Knight just came into my head: "You can die a hero, or you can live long enough to see yourself become the villain"  
  4. Its about progressing. You strive to get out of league one, you win it. Then you strive to get out of the championship, then strive to stay IN the premier league. When you go up you''re open to more players, more opportunities. What good is it to (stealing a previous quote) rot away in The Championship. If everyone did that then there would be no football. No challenge. Someone previously just said that the "teenager" fans think its all about promotion. But I believe its about teamwork, about status, about being able to say we are a Premier League team and we fought bloody hard to get here after being knocked down so much in the last 5 years. And most of all, to be able to face Chelsea, Utd, Spurs, and know that we''ve earned the right to play against those team, whether we win or not. And whats the worse that can happen? We get relegated? Back to The Championship? No need to worry about that, as most people are suggesting we stay there anyway?
  5. I partly agree. Only the part about The Championship being the best league. I like the way its all smaller teams trying to get into the big time, and for me that makes it the most exciting, as the Prem is so predictable. However I think to not want to try and get into the PL is obsurd. What if Birmingham had had that mentality season before last? They did fantastic last season, pretty such is was a top half finish or thereabouts. Pushing for the playoffs IS what we need to do, but to reach them, and then not do our best to get into the PL would be ridiculous. The only think I wouldn''t want is for us to turn into West Brom, who will inevitably get relegated, as they go up and down like a yo yo. To sum up - CITY FOR THE PREM! OLE OLEEEEE OLE OLE, GOING UP UP UP!!!!
  6. You''re right to be honest, I''ll say no more on the matter. Again, Kinda gone off the original point I was making about meeting people in london
  7. You get to actually watch any football? I imagine its pretty hard to do with your head stuck up your ass. A LOCAL ASS FOR LOCAL HEADS!! Run along mate, mummy''s calling you. Your last bus to Ipswich is in 6 minutes. Make sure you look both ways before crossing that ring road now!
  8. DON''T VENTURE OUT THE RING ROAD!!!!! A Local Ringroad for Local People!!!
  9. They kept your original "BUGGERS" quote in The Star
  10. Just been reading it today in The Star. Caption is "CRITTER HITS THE FAN".
  11. Definately take you up on that Willmeister. Like I said i''m on Facebook the usual so I can always PM you my name and you can look me up if you are on there. If not, we''ll have to make arrangements to meet up at some point.
  12. Nice one Willmeister, Give me a message when you get here and we can arrange to go to a few games (home & away) if you fancy it. I''m going to be at that the Capital Canaries meeting on the 6th to see if I can run into a few people. They''ve got the Watford game showing in there afterward so should be a decent night. Hopefully we''ll be top of the league after the first match. Bumpkin - I''m afraid I''m not going to the Watford match, as it would have been a delight to meet with you. I am however travelling 170 miles from London to Scunthorpe for the first away match of the season. Will you be there? Or is venturing out of Norfolk against your "Staying Local" rule!?    
  13. Bumpkin - If you''re so against Laaaaardaaarnnnn, why you taawwkkking like you is innn daaa ghetttttoooo. Sod off back to Ipswich!
  14. Yeah I definately will mate. I''ll probably just stick my home shirt on, not that that will help if everyone is wearing it. You on Facebook at all? I can always message you on here anyway nearer the time if you are definately going
  15. Back on the original point - Contact me London Canaries!! I need beer, football and laughs
  16. Cheers Spencer. Sounds spot on to be honest. I usually go to the London games even if it means going on my own. Went to Millwall on my own last season. Definately be interested in meeting up. Anything you want to know just ask. I have the "Good Old Facebook" if you wanted to contact me through there also. Thanks
  17. Cheers for that lol. I was born in 85''. 1902 being the year the club was formed
  18. Thats right from the email I just read. The Old Red Lion is the Offside Bar''s "Sister Bar" apparently. I''ll probably nip down there for the Watford game. Neck a couple of pints for dutch courage before I attempt to speak to people. God, I feel like I''m back to my pulling days.
  19. Yeah they have a meeting coming up soon. Think I might go along and show my face, so whats what
  20. Hopefully yeah. You go to any games Jim Kent?
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