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  1. wickham matured into a man very quickly and is a decent player but is not as technically gifted or as good a finisher as Super Chris and wickham will find it harder to improve on what he has already done Reputation and his young age has a lot to do with the recognition he is receiving but this has happened on numerous occasions before and I think you could be looking at another John Stead
  2. im going for a barnstorming 4-3 last minute winner surman, holt,c martin and croftsotb
  3. you don''t need to abuse beckford,  he is shit anyway
  4. not with no goalkeepers and only 14 in squad bearing in mind boateng will go as well
  5. best place to park would be on the south common which is a massive field near to the ground. I doubt it will be that busy tonight but you can also park on the side streets near to the ground.
  6. I will be going as you would expect from my user name.Lincoln played Celtic on Saturday and the Celtic fans were burning the George Cross and singing IRA songs which ended up with the Lincoln fans giving them a bit of a kicking.Hoping and expecting toniight to be a lot less eventful.
  7. above subs are green, fox linighan,fleck and sutton lol
  8. Slight Change as too lightweight in Midfield                                                                          Woods                                                                                                                                                             subs  Green , Fox, Linighan, Fleck, Sutton                  Culverhouse                                                                  Bowen                                               Watson                   Bruce                                          Barham                                Crook                  Townsend                Hux                                                                                             Bellamy                                                                          Drinkell      
  9. Born in1978 WoodsCulverhouseWatson BruceBowenHuckerbyCrookBellamyBarhamDrinkellFleckSubs Townsend FoxLinighanGreenChannon
  10. 1. Norwich2  Reading3. Bristol City4. Hull5. Forest6. Prestonotbc
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