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  1. I think we should look at the recent actim stats he is placed 27th in the championship not bad for a defender, also how many defenders in this league have 3 goals without the misses he had.Think that when we play as a team he shows that he has the ability to go on to better things and also this is his first full season in the championship.
  2. When and if you go the games actually watch what shacks does with the ball, the long diaganal ball nearly always finds the player orherwise it goes short to drury or when we have a player in midfield very rare though it goes that way,but next time actualy watch the game.Also doc he gets it wright 80% of the time when he has  a pass on???????? As someone else said in another post its an 11 man game not just 2.
  3. Lets take last nights game, Derby defence was fully supported by a midfield 4 that got back and defended as a unit if they had our midfield defenders then we know the result.Watching the first derby gaol last night showed that we do not track any runners and he had the freedom of the midfield to advance and score.When we attacked hucks was always closed down before he got to the defenders not by the defenders.We still have no linkage play or players creative  enough to create only individuals who go it alone.Docs and shacks are good enough for this league but until we defend as a team we will always see the same results.  
  4. Can not agree with some marks, shacks for example i think one pass cut. 2 passes one to thorne and one to hucks was excellent.I thought that doc and shacks were excellent last night in the first half.Colin needs a player with pace in front of him not croft.They end up so predictable when playing together.Also the left hand side with robinson gave drury and shacks another outlet that hucks never does, so a much more balanced area on the pitch instaed of no midfield link and having to give 60 yd passes to hucks.
  5. Go to the games home and away as I have done so far this season again and just watch what goes on in the game, like yesterday the back four were under pressure from the first min to the last as evey one can see with no midfield, as per every game no one holding play up front.If we had terry or ferdinand there it would make no difference with the lack of cover from the midfield.I saw shakc cover I do not no how manny times agian and agian along with drury and colin.I think that if these players were in a side with quality you would see the potential that some of the players do have.So next time WATCH what goes on first. Lets judge grants team and some of the players in the new year, if these new players come to join us as grant wants and chadwick,croft are once again available lets see then.
  6. Another mess worthy will not be pleased with and the papers involved lets see if one of them will be dropped after the event my bet will be safri.Worthy to show true colours again lets see if shacks is back after last weeks falling out and what team he will play against burnley?
  7. Have had the chance to meet to some of the palyers at colney recently after there training and met some on signings with my little son in shop before, and i think shacks was a quite type of person did not come across cocky at all.Seems very strange that when shacks is not playing docs perforemance goes down hill very quickly perhaps we do not give certain players credit for what they do in 90 mins.
  8. Not at all. would be graet if 10 out of 10 was the case then we be winning each week. Just trying to look for reasons why the last couple games shacks form has dipped?If we look at last two games coventry and southend the whole shape of the team has changed, the only game I have not seen was torquay so can not comment and so far performannces from most other games except  coventry and possibly southend has been very good.
  9. Lets look at this player started with very good games at leeds,preston,luton, and excellent at derby.Barnsley was guilty of slackness just like team that had thought they had one the game before it started.Coventry terrible tackel first 2 mins nearly sent off thats a lot to cope with, did he get support from staff at half time? Southend ,was he possibly still suffering from cheek bone problem for which acording to worthington i believe he was sent for x ray sunday ,only looking for reasons?.We are allways ready to get on players backs without looking at the reasons.After tueday which many of us could not believed happened lets start again, and support the team.
  10. I thought the back four were ok last night, the first goal went over docs head and shacks had to come across and cover if you saw doc after the goal he went up to shacks and was saying sorry for not dropping deaper.Doc was great last night, and i think that if we have a back four with just one midfielder covering in the last 25 mins as was the case last night the reults will speak for them selfs no matter how they play.The first few games this season we got it right 2 banks of four and we hard to beat, last night was the opposite.Football is a team game when we do not play as a team last night was the result.Many times last night you could see no options for any pass from back four no target man up front we all know the reasons but until the club do something the team will struggle. Gall   6 Colin 6 Drury6 shacks 6 Doc 7 Dichson 6 safri 6 Hughes 7 Croft 6 earnshaw 7 Mcveugh 6 The subs 5
  11. after going to all games except wednesday I think that hucks has pushed for mom in one game not all poor against derby and i also think that shacks has put in commanding performannces in couple of games along with colin.In fact the back four are starting to look good as a unit with each performing very well,i think its fair that after last season they get some credit for turning things around and keeping clean sheets.
  12. Think that the back four were solid when the midfield starting playing in 2 half. Shacks passing was short and to the man other than a over hit pass in 1st half.\do not think he lost header in the game and allong with doc worked hard at keeping there shot levels down.we must remeber that the back four have not played less than 90 mins in all games including pre season and I think we look far stronger than we have for a few years.
  13. Same old story, as soon as we play reasonable opposition same old result.Took me until 9.30 to get home today and what for.Saw the reserves play monday and got 100% more enjoyment.Defending today was pathetic,the palace goals were poor,we could go on forever but what is the point.Give the doc, shacks to have as a partner not another loanee who cant be bovered and does not have the same ability as players we allready have.Until worthy goes players will not want to stay and come the summer we will loose any hope of getting a side to compete.
  14. you should have been at carrow rd last night and seen the performance of shacks he was back to old looking self never stopped giving orders around the pitch won all in the air very pacey looked in total control.Lets see him with docs and we will not be asking the question dav or reheman.On the performance of many  last night perhaps there is a future if youth is given a chance.
  15. Managed to go allong as was working locally.The young lads done extremely well and were well marshalled in defece by shacks,his throat must of been horse at the end with all the shouting and incouregement he was giving to the younger ones and shoutong when mistakes were made.He looked back to the levels he was at last season.People there were saying that 5 clubs have watched him in last 2 reserve games from championship and league 1 and want to take him on for the rest of season.So what is it that others see when worthy just stops our lads playing for norwich? Was good to see Ryan garvis back playing as well.
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