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  1. I personally think he will turn to the 1-10 formation, some say we may be vunerable at the back though.
  2. Just remember that Lambet did''nt have much chance to bring in his own players last season. If he can work sucesfully around players that may not be too his liking he can surely do even better with players of his own this season ! Have faith.
  3. [quote user="grantroederdisaster"]Bertrand allegedly cost £700K for the seasons loan, wasn''t that good in most of his performances and it seemed we had to play him despite regular below par form! The likes of the CB Pearce, Keiron Gibbs (one of the worst players I''ve ever seen in a Norwich shirt and yes I know hes played for Arsenal since but that won''t alter his p iss poor games for Norwich!), the young winger from Reading, Koroma from Portsmouth and others I can''t rmember were examples of loans signed just for the sake of it just cause they were from Premiership clubs. None of them were good enough or wanted to be at Norwich and quite often part of the deal was we had to play them! Fraser Forster last sseaon was an example of a loan siging that make sense from all sides. We needed a keepr, Forster needed 1st team experienc and wanted to be at the club! [/quote] agreed.
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