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  1. Hmmm - that would be the same Youseff "I can''t play because I''m tired" Safri?
  2. Spillane - "can cover several positions". Jack of all trades, master of none. Didn''t make the grade, cheerio. We''ll never play you again!
  3. My memory may be fading, but I remember Kevin Bond as being fircone useless!
  4. Personally, I think the jury''s still out on him. I will, of course, boo him until he EARNS my respect.
  5. Robert Ullatorne''s backpass, the bobble, Gunny''s swing at thin air.....  
  6. ?? Perhaps it''s the ''tache. Is it a big Magnum job? Does it make a statement about your, ahem,  "alternative lifestyle" choices?
  7. Ruddy looks a bit thick in the pictures I''ve seen of him. I can foresee lots of occaisions of him standing with a perplexed look on his dim face with the ball nested in the back of the net.
  8. Super, super Jan Super, super Jan Super, super Jan Super Jan Molby What a strike at St Andrews in the League Cup and an ex-con to boot!
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