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  1. Shouldn''t it include some information on the raison d''etre/goals of NCISA in a fairly prominent position? Something about being a talking shop for egomaniacs and angry nuters which actually accomplishes bugger all would suffice. The "About us" section is actually a history (yawnnn) of NCISA.
  2. So, what happened to storming the barricades of the evil £50 season ticket reprint fee? Same old NCISA, nothing. Usual egomaniacs/senior jumped up nobodies, who like the sound of their own voice and to think they "know secrets" (Jackson not signed yet is in this morning''s EDP)  invited along for a cosy little chat and if they''re well behaved McNally will roll them over and tickle their bellies. Well done!
  3. This is the second time Russell has exercised an option to walk away from the club and the second time he''s going to bitterly regret it. Most he can hope for is to be picked up by some League One no-marks. The guy is a Jonah - his leaving guarantees sucees, happened when he left us first time and when he left Stoke. Cheerio, you won''t be missed.
  4. I most certainly didn''t - is there anything more tragically egotistical than writing a blog?
  5. Mehhhhhh! He was never all that - he was Southampton''s Glenn Roeder!
  6. Matthew Ball''s dad is that old ginger mincer Alan. Ryan Oakley''s old man used to have a mean wedge, now a total slaphead - "Don''t you want me baby!".
  7. He does have nice hair, though. We''ll miss the hair.
  8. I don''t think PL rates him. Shame because I think he has a bit of class about him, comfortable on the ball and looks to pass out rather than hoof. With Whitbread and ward first choice pairing and Micky Der Kaiser Nelson  providing agricultural backup, chances may be limited for Jens.
  9. Stand up if you''re in Row 1 !!! I''ll miss Row A, but you have to move forward - about 3 feet forward.
  10. "We''re all going on a Eurovision tour / You''re all going on a first division tour"
  11. In the good old days your GW/City/Main Stand season ticket included a free programme for each game, presented to you as you walked through the revolutionary turnstileless gates by a club toadie.
  12. I used to respect he lemur until he touched me inappropriately...
  13. Don''t forget whoever sanctioned the purchase of the green golf buggy for the transportation of the morbidly obese/bone idle...
  14. Steve Walsh. A true professional who embodied in full the truw ethos of the club.
  15. I recently managed to just scrape through my 10 yards front crawl and was wondering if there are Norwich supporters groups based around the Lakenham outdoor simming pool?
  16. Yellow Hammer, you''re right. I think you should organise a meeting at St Andrews Hall of like-minded angry nutters to agree that something MUST be done and then march as a pitchfork-wielding mob to the old windmill on the hill behind Carrow Road.
  17. These games just aren''t the same since the Drum and Monkey stopped serving Babycham, my favourite pre-match tipple
  18. He''s got to EARN my respect. I will boo his name when the team is read out AND turn my back. If we could all do this it would give John a REAL motivation to try hard.
  19. Thanks Col, that''s deep-fried-mars-bar-tastic to know!
  20. Indeed, perhaps we should all stick to endless inane polls of favourite colour (puce) oe best celebrity ever (Googie Withers)
  21. Who could forget that legendary day at Bramhall Lane? Anyway, I''ve heard of a ocuple more players who''ve been released and are looking for clubs. A young lad called Dean Coney whom, I''m assured is a goal machine and headed for great thing and Spanish gent by the monicker of Victor Segura. Don''t know much about Victor but he could be worth a punt.
  22. I''ve just seen that Ulf the Wolf is a free agent after being released by Lokomotiv Jerkov. What do people think about resigning the legend? Could he provide the back-up for Horse and Martin we desperately need?
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